Major Stages of a Relationship & How to Deal with Them Step-by-Step

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If you search in google with “Phases of a Relationship” then Probably you will get millions of pages. Everyone is explaining different stages or phases of a relationship. That means there are millions of people who know about the relationship very well. If this is true, then why the percentage of the love marriage is 46.75%? Who will give us this answer? Ask them, why all of them are talking about the same points? Does not a relationship have any other stages or phages? Reading bullshit romantic novels and writing an article is a backdated idea. Today we will talk about the “phases of relationship” from our practical perspective.

Stages of Relationship

1. Attraction Phase:

In this phase, people do not know they are attracted to that particular person. If you do a survey, you will find that only 1% of those people know why they like him/her. Maximum do not know why they are attracted. They will try to explain this with a common term “Love at first sight”. But be sure that there is nothing called love at first sight in human psychology.

They are attracted to that person because of some temporary fascinations like beauty, hight, figure or smile. They will try to explain these temporary things as love. Moreover, they do not know what is called love. Love is something that is based on a person’s indestructive quality. Elements like beauty, hight, figure or smile are not indestructive. So if you see a person and feel that you are in love at first sight then please step back and think. It is not a crime to be in love with a person through his/her non-permanent quality or achievement. This can be a way but definitely, it can not make a relationship stable for the future. You have to find something indestructive in that person.

2. “Ego Issues” Phase:

The relationship does not start yet but the “Ego Issues” starts. This is a complicated situation about which probably you never thought. But yes this is among in the phases of a relationship.

You probably notice these types of dialogue:

“why I will call her? She should call me.” or “If he likes me then he will call, I do not have any need to call him”.  

This is the stage of ego. These ego issues are not much complicated but most of the relationships are destroyed in this stage.

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3. Romance phase:

This is the most described romantic phase among the Phases of Relationship. Two lovebirds fall in love with each other with/without reasons. It is nothing but a blessing from the creator. But we often make this relationship filthy. There are so many ways of how a relationship can be disgusted. We all know that and even realize that.

You can continue a relationship without God’s blessings but it won’t last for a long time. The value of a relationship is too much to some people and some of us do not care about it. We are used to with this “breakup” tradition. But do you know that still there are some communities among whom the relationship is the most precious gift?

Have you ever traveled to Asia? Especially the Indian Subcontinent? I had lived for many years and had seen these communities. There are some people like us who are very used to with “breakup” tradition. But the large portion of the population knows how to give a relationship value. I am so amazed by their mentality that if now anyone says me “Tell me about Phases of Relationship” then I say “At first know what is the relationship and if you want to know that you have to go to India/Bangladesh/Pakistan/China or even Russia.

4. Silent phase:

This is the most important part or phase for a relationship. People stay calm at this stage and try to ignore or overlook some unexpectable problems about their mate. But this is not good enough to make a relationship better. On the other hand, this is the stage where some relationship breaks.
If you think carefully about your relationship or someone else’s relationship then you will find this stage.

The boy says “Uh!! She is so good but does cheating sometimes in her copy. Disgusting!! But ok, what can I do?”

Or the girl says “everything is perfect about him but he smokes too much. Ok let’s see what happens”

Now you got the point? I am sure that you got it.

We are trying to compromise or adjust with his/her personality but we should not. We should talk about it with his/her and should solve it before going further.

5. Struggle Stage

After a sweet romantic long hangover definitely a couple is going to face this phase. This is the beginning of a new introduction to a relationship. In this stage, people used to struggle with their relationship. The main theme of this phase is “should I continue or not?” 

Most of the time people got the answer that “YES! I Should!”. Because they want to give a chance to their relationship to survive. But they do not try to solve the matter. Rather than they try to compromise which leads to a wrong ending.

6. Commitment Stage

We got everything and understood everything about our mate and we are happy. Now we want to continue this relationship and want to give it a future. The traditional name of this stage is “Living Relationship”.

7. Real Love Stage

I don’t know about the relationship where for at least once “physical intimacy” did not occur. So that we can say that sex is one of the phases of a relationship.

8. Doubt stage

Again the struggle stage came back with a new name. But this time more seriously. 76% relationships break off this stage and can not continue to marriage.

9. Trust re-establishment stage

This is the most strong and valuable phases of a relationship. Trust re-establishment only occurs if you are really honest and truthful. Thought the percentage of truthful men are 20% and women are 12%.

According to a survey conducted by CNN the most truthful men in case of relationships belongs to Asia. More specifically in Bangladesh. The percentage of truthful men in case of relationship in Bangladesh is 77% and women are only 3%.

10. Silent stage once again

This is not so serious but doubt in mind can come. Most of the time the trust re-establishment stage wins over this phase.

11. A mutual understanding stage

In this stage usually, couples do accept each other bad or non-preferable habits and attitude. But they also try to establish their partner’s preferences by self-assessment and development.

12. Marriage

Sometimes this stage can come just after the “real love Phase”. But it also can come in this portion of a relationship.

13. Extra Love stage

After these, all phages the next episode occurs. This episode covers the most important parts which are necessary to stabilize a marriage.

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