Importance of Satisfying Sex in a Relationship

Many people might freak out only seeing the word “sex” and avoid this post, and also, for some people, the word “sex” might grab extra attention. This is because sex is still considered a taboo in many countries and many communities. But no matter whichever kind of human you are, you just can not avoid the importance of satisfying sex in a romantic relationship. Sex in a relationship is a pretty natural matter though, but still, people still do not feel comfortable talking about sex in public. But, sex is just another natural instinct of human beings just like eating and sleeping which a human can not live without. What do you think what will happen if you stop eating or stop sleeping? Things will get really wrong. Same goes for sex, a human has some needs and requirements when it is about sex, if you do not fulfill your requirements, it will go exactly like what it was going when you stopped eating or sleeping.

Love vs. Sex

You might have come along with the question in life a lot that, “What is Love?”. Many will tell you that love is nothing but sex, thus they compare “Sex” with “Making Love”.  And also there are people who will describe love in a different feeling that it comes from your heart through heaven. But when you consider it according to science and psychology, there are 2 different parts of Love and they are:

  1. Psychological or Mental Attraction
  2. Physical Attraction

The Psychological part is the part which you probably thought as “Love” all your life. But if you think scientifically, this is not loving. It is only a portion of love, only 50% of it. You see, love is not a legit feeling, it is more like a combined and mixed feeling which is made of both psychological and physical part. This is when we come about the physical part. Just like the psychological part, you might be thinking that the physical part is the part you knew your whole life as, “Sex”. But it is not legit sex. Yes, sex is apart of love, but that is only the other 50% of Love. SO, we can say, being in love is the combination of love (mental attraction) and sex (physical attraction)

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Which One is More Important for a Romantic Relationship?

When it is about a romantic relationship, both are equally important.

I am not saying that love and sex are not good feelings separately, they both have advantages and disadvantages. But when they are combined, the feeling is extraordinary! Nobody can make you understand the combined feeling of love and sex unless you do not experience it. If you have experienced this in your life, you are one of the lucky human beings.

In this article when we say the importance of sex in relationships, think as we are talking about neither love nor sex, we are talking about that combined feeling. Legit sex is not important for a romantic relationship, nor mental attraction is. We need the combination of these two feelings, that is really important for a romantic relationship, for a romantic couple.

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