10 Craziest and Romantic Ideas for Long Distance Relationship on Valentine’s Day

The most romantic month is about to come; lovers are looking for the means for them to celebrate Valentine’s Day extra special. But there you are sitting at the side of the room while thinking about how you can be able to bring the spark of the love month when your lover is 100 kilometers away from you. Do not fret though because this article will talk about the 10 craziest and romantic ideas for long distance relationship on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Have a Candlelit Dinner via Webcam – If you’ve been itching to try romantic ideas during Valentine’s Day but still can’t decide about what to do then having a candlelit dinner despite the distance is possible with none other than a webcam! Ask a friend or a relative of your girlfriend to order something nice from a good restaurant in her place. Instruct the person to deliver the food on your girl’s house. Of course, you will have to pay for it. But the idea here is that you can allow your girl to put a candle on her computer table while you do the same in your place.
  2. Take a City Trip – If your budget allows, a city trip is a nice idea for you to try. It can be out of the countries where the two of you live although you can also allow your girlfriend to stay at your place.
  3. Send Flowers – Many couriers nowadays will allow people to send flowers to their girls just by giving the specifics. This is a good way to bring back the romance without exerting a lot of effort.
  4. Chatting the whole Day – One problem among long-distance relationship is that there is that someone who can’t give the time needed by the other to feel his love and presence, consequently during heart’s day, take a time out from work and just open your computer the whole so both of you can spend this day together.
  5. Send Breakfast in Bed – It is possible for you to send breakfast online. This is a very good idea because your girl is bound to be very surprised by the treat. To add an exciting feel, don’t forget to also give red flowers.
  6. Plenty of Phone Calls – You can surprise your lover by giving plenty of phone calls during the day. Let us say, start the morning with a romantic song then call after 2 hours to tell 10 I Love You in different languages and so forth…
  7. Give Love Package – You can offer chocolates, candies, romantic CD, or even a teddy bear to your lover during the special day.
  8. Write a Poem – Although you will agree that your teacher in literature gave you a failed mark, this should not stop you from writing wonderful poetry to express your love to your lover.
  9. Give Gifts – A good girl should get a good price so if you think your girl is worthy of such then you might want to consider giving a Kindle Wireless Book Reader or any gift she’ll appreciate.
  10. Send a Letter – Write a letter to your girl expressing how much you love her. Because girls are so emotional, they will for sure adore your effort.

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