Relationship Problems while Pregnant and Precise Solutions

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Pregnancy is the starting of a new era in a woman’s life. In the way of making a family, it is one of the stages of a relationship. When a human is born, not only a baby is born, but also a mother is born. But women face many kinds of problems in pregnancy. Some problems are physical and some are psychological or mental which affects the relationship with your husband/spouse. Today we will talk about one of the most important topics, and it is, relationship problems in pregnancy and solutions to them.

relationship problems while pregnant infographic
relationship problems while pregnant infographic

What Type of Common  Problems Do People Face?

Relationships between husband and wife are one of the sweetest relationships of the universe. Couples are so much dreamy about the time of their pregnancy. But usually, they forget or ignore the most important problems what they can face during pregnancy period. This problem can be termed as, “Unusual Behavior Problems”. The most interesting part of this problem is it can come from both of the sides. This problem can come from your husbands perspective and can affect you. On the other hand, these problems can come from your side and can affect your husband. But mostly it comes from the females. Here are some common Issues that men and women both face during their pregnancy:

pregnancy and relationship problems
pregnancy and relationship problems
  • Feeling Guilty: Both feel guilty about the pregnancy, both think that their significant other is not that interested to take a baby.
  • Interest about Sex: It has been seen that one big relationship problem while pregnant is sex, one becomes interested in having sex, but the other does not.
  • Stress: The Couple becomes more and more stressed about the baby’s future and also about money.
  • Anxiety: Both of you become anxious about being a parent.

Now, let’s divide this article into two parts, one is for men, another for women.

Relationship Problems while Pregnant for Women

Due to physical, financial and social changes women experience emotional changes during pregnancy. Abnormal emotions are a normal and necessary part of preparing to become a parent. Let’s list out some relationship problems in pregnancy that is only seen in women, that is the most important thing because only women have to undergo those physical changes that often affect their psychological behavior, the list is as follows:

  • Mood Swinging
  • Anxiety
  • Protectiveness about Her Child
  • Insecurity and Lack of Confidence
  • Feel Like being protected

Mood Swinging Problems During Pregnancy:

Ladies feel a lot moody during pregnancy. This is one of the important relationship problems while pregnant to be remembered. If you observe carefully, you will see that women become a little paranoid while they go through their menstruation cycle. As mood swing in the menstruation period is normal for them, mood-swinging while pregnant is also normal. They become short-tempered all on a sudden, start to doubt her partner and becomes paranoid.


anxiety during pregnancy
anxiety during pregnancy

Women feel too much anxiety and pressure at this time. This is one of the biggest relationship problems while pregnant. Women think they are not enough protected, their circumstances are not normal anymore.

Protectiveness about Her Child:

From the beginning of the evaluation human and other animals faced too much rush environment. Protecting their baby became a very natural instinct for them. May we advance too much but that animal instinct or behavior and memories of environmental risk still exist among us, because we are animals at the end of the day. So that naturally women become more protective in these situations. This is not unusual behavior. If you read the book “SAPIENS” then you will understand that.

Insecurity and Lack of Confidence:

Women really lack confidence while they are pregnant. They undergo a much physical change which a man does not face. They often think their husbands have changed he’s not interested anymore about you. They feel this from insecurity, and feeling insecure during pregnancy is quite normal. Feeling insecure is one of another huge relationship problems in pregnancy. Women usually blame their physical change for this. They start to think that these changes make them less attractive and their partner does not love them anymore. This is one of the common relationship problems during pregnancy.

Feel Like being Protected:

Women feel everybody is trying to protect her from doing everything, she thinks it as an attack to her independent life. She hates this and thinks this is totally unnecessary. But, to be honest, she actually should be taken care of at this time.

problems during pregnancy
problems during pregnancy

They do not understand that they are doing too much and what they are afraid of do not exist anymore. In this period women want to stay in their favorable environment like mother’s home or somewhere she can feel safe. In the Indian subcontinent, husbands do not usually try to understand this kind of situations. They should understand the fact and should handle smoothly.

Women would like to stay alone or separated at this time. They want to create a barrier around them. Cheerful people around them in this time can help to develop their confidence.

Relationship Problems in Pregnancy that a Man Face from His Spouse:

It may sound crazy, but the truth is, men also start behaving differently in this time. Every man should be regular with his spouse at this time. But due to some unknown reasons, men start to come home late/reduce communication with their spouses. You should keep it in mind that at this time your wife is feeling everything differently. Maybe you are a late comer always but your wife did not notice that. But due to that, you can not come home late now. Your wife will take it in another way. It’s not her fault. Nature made her like that. You have to understand that in this time the psychology of your wife should be different. She will get normal after birth. You should act like a responsible man at this time. Sometime she will do too much, I know but you should stay calm. I don’t care what you are facing throughout the day or hows going your life. If you took her responsibility during the marriage and she is going to be the mother of your child. She is carrying your child in her womb & taking the pain because she wants to bring your duplicate in this world. She is doing so much and will do so much in the future for this child. But you can not tolerate her rough behavior for only 10 months? You will not be a moron if you do not go to your friends hang out for 10 months.

However, these are the relationship problems which men face during her spouse is pregnant:

  • Need for Sex
  • Unable to Accept His Partner’s Relationship Issues During Pregnancy
  • Lack of Patience

Need for Sexual Intercourse:

Everybody has physical needs, men are no exception. And besides, men have an increased sex drive than women. So, it becomes hard for a man to control himself and he wants sex, first few weeks it is okay to have sex, after that, it is not a good choice to have sex with a pregnant woman, but as women become cautious and protective about her baby, she denies to have sex, it is also not good for her and her baby’s health. That is the time when a man begins to lose his honesty and loyalty in a relationship. Thus cheating on his spouse, lying in a relationship takes place. Men start to go out to see other girls who can meet their needs.

Unable to Accept His Partner’s Relationship Issues During Pregnancy

As women start to behave differently during pregnancy, very often men do not understand this issue. Thus they start to react to their wives, which is really harmful to women’s health and also for the child’s.

Lack of Patience

As men do not understand her wife’s psychological changes they start to lose their patience, come home late, try to avoid her spouse and so on, these are really confusing relationship problems in pregnancy to men.

Some Bastards still do exist

It is not guaranteed that all the men are thinking in the same way. If you are unlucky enough and choose the wrong man to get engaged then the upcoming situation is going to ruin your life.

There are some people who are really attracted to beauty and outlook only. If your spouse is one of them then definitely he is going to leave you at the time of your pregnancy. Do you know why? Not because you have a big belly and looks ugly. He is not able to take responsibility for a child. He may promise you several times that he is the responsible one but trust me if he is a beauty lover, he is going to be crushed when the responsibilities will come. So better choose the right man, does not matter he is handsome or not.

Some Women Culprits

Oh! no only the men are not the one who got furnished at the time of his spouse’s pregnancy. The women have a lot of factors to be disturbed other than that.

In this time women stay so anxious that some neighbor influences can crush your family. Some people face the ugly situations at the time of pregnancy and they give you some “FREE SUGGESTIONS” which is nothing but bullshit. If you listen to them then yourself is enough to ruin your relationship.

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