Relationship Problems After Moving in Together and Solutions

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When you start living with your partner, you’ll see each other in various ways. It’s tough to find that couples don’t conflict. We should keep in mind that everyone’s relationship is different, But often we can find some same problems. While we see some happy couples, we used to say God them for each other. Successful people learn how to manage their love life. If you are facing relationship problems after moving in together, then proceed with this article. By reading this, you may identify your questions and also can find out solutions.

When you are throwing a severe clash with your partner, you may think about an assassination. But you will be glad to know that you are not alone in this way. I see a person who fights every day about ordinary things, even after the eight-year relationship after marriage. It doesn’t matter how long you are living with him/her. It always matters how much you are conscious of your spouse. People expect respect from their beloved one. If he/she doesn’t give enough this, it hurts. Everyone expects self respect more than an aristocratic life. So if you are the one who is facing relationship problems after moving in together read this and find out your solutions.

List of relationship problems after moving in together and solutions

  • Communication problem
  • Lack of variety and interest
  • Fail to identify the exact problem
  • Over jealousy problem
  • Age difference
  • Keeping secrets from your partner
  • Duties of households
  • Issues from the third party
  • Chaos
  • Physical intimacy problem
  • Extramarital affair.
  • Selfishness
  • Crap
  • Respect
  • Financial Challenge

Communication Problem:

If you can’t communicate with your partner, there will make communication problem. It makes you lonely. Your loneliness creates distance between you and your spouse. When you can’t share things with your partner, you want to find an alternative. It will break your partner’s loyalty. So be conscious about it. There are some ways to reduce this communication problem.


  1. Never scream too much with him/her.
  2. Make a list of “should” and “shouldn’t.”
  3. Give him/her most priority.
  4. Have fun with your partner.

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Lack of Variety and interest: 

If you have relationship problems after moving in together and looking for solutions. You must face this lack of variety and interest problem. Here is also solutions for you. When you were dating, you feel special even selecting a dress. But after moving in together, you lost all of your excitement. Your excitements turn into your responsibility. You forget your anniversary date. Even, sometimes you can’t remember your partner’s birthday. You lead a boredom life

If you can make your special days more special, you’ll feel no more disgusted. It will help you to know your partner in a new way. There are some ways to find variety and interest.


  1. Help each other
  2. Make holiday plans.
  3. make holidays special
  4. Treat him/her like king/queen.
  5. Go a long drive.

Fail to Identify the Exact problem: 

Fail to identify the exact problem is one of the main issues of relationship problems after moving in together. It creates misunderstanding. If you always want to prove wrong your opposite person, there is a possibility of creating this. Firstly, you have to mark the main problem then you can react.


  1. Don’t allow the third person in your relationship
  2. Decide after discussing with your partner.
  3. Keep calm when the opposite person is angry.
  4. Never create pressure on your partner.

Over Jealousy Problem: 

It’s good when you are jealous of your partner. Possessiveness is sexiness. But if you are too much possessive, it may not be right for your partner. He/she may feel that you are destroying him/her freedom of life. Over jealousy comes from insecurities, unrealistic expectations, the desire of controlling partner, fear of losing a partner. Over jealousy is like a killer. We should be conscious when we feel our inner over jealousy problem.


  1. Try to understand your partner’s situation
  2. Feel his/her emotion
  3. Be positive.
  4. Ask when you feel it.
  5. Trust him/her

Age Difference: 

The age difference is a big issue in relationship problems after moving in together. We don’t want to give priority to the age difference. We used to say that when there is love, age is just a number. But it’s not right for all. There are issues of adjustment, priorities, timing, aging faster, understanding. Managing all of these is not easy for all.


  1. You have to accept the differences.
  2. You should focus on similarities.
  3. Use a sense of humor
  4. Focus on the advantages of age differences.
  5. Take time

Keeping Secrets from Your partner: 

Keeping secrets isn’t good for both of you. It creates distance between you and your partner. Keeping secrets is not allowed for them who have relationship problems after moving in together. It decreases the trust level.


  1. Never keep secrets from your partner
  2. Share everything with your spouse.
  3. Behave with him as your friend.

Duties of Household: 

Coming back from office with household duties is not romantic. When both of you are employed, one will go back with household duties and others one will plan to see watching movies. It’s not fair at all. Women do 90% household. It makes them an irritable person which affect their relationship too. Who have relationship problems after moving in together, they are also facing this problem.


  1. Split thing 50/50
  2. Help your spouse on household works
  3. Appreciate him/her.

Problems From the third party: 

Your partner may influence by the third party. It’s a big relationship problem after moving together. You may overreact or doubt your partner by controlling another person.


  1. You have to know about your third-party relationship.
  2. Take suggestions from an aged person.
  3. Make your own opinion.
  4. Think logically.
  5. Think deeply about your partner.


When you are living alone, you have control over your environment. You can leave your socks everywhere, never clean your washroom. But when you are making a space for your partner in your home, he/she may not like this chaos. She/he may feel irritated. You have to see your partner’s feelings too.


  1. Be organized.
  2. Don’t make anything a mess up.
  3. Give priority on your partner’s feelings.

Physical Intimacy Problem: 

Physical intimacy problem is one of the most significant relationship problems after moving in together. It happens from many reasons like your partner maybe mentally immature, timing problem, fear to be perfect, she/he may feel uneasy.


  1. Give enough time to your partner.
  2. First, touch his/her heart.
  3. you have to make sure that your intimacy problems in not harming your bonding
  4. Don’t always stay in an angry mood.
  5. Make sure that not only your body wants but also your mind.

Extra Marital Affair: 

After moving in together, maximum people lead a boredom life. They want to find variety and interest. They want to find someone else. In this case, before thinking about separation, you can take some steps.


  1. Try to remember your good times.
  2. Try to remember about goals where both of you wanted to reach.
  3. Try to fight against it.
  4. Ask your partner directly.


A selfish partner always has relationship problems after moving in together. He/she only thinks about him/her. A greedy partner never feels about their partner’s needs. There are some ways of dealing with your greedy partner.


  1. Make yourself the priority
  2. Think first about yourself.
  3. you can reconnect you with him /her
  4. Never deal with him in any matter what you can’t.


If you have relationship problems after moving in together, you should cut the crap first. You have to avoid criticism, anger, sarcasm, blaming, accusation. Because of these, your partner may lose trust, confidence day by day.


  1. Inspire him/her in every aspect of life.
  2. Try always to make him/her special.
  3. Stay always aside him/he
  4. Feel your partner proud for you


Respect is the keyword of a relationship. If you are facing relationship problems after moving in together, then there must be a lack of respect. Either you are not respecting your partner, or your partners do not recognize you. It affects your relationship a lot. Your partner will start to scold you, ignore you, don’t care for you. It may break your self-confidence.


  1. Value your partner’s feelings
  2. Treat your lover in that way where you want to be treated
  3. Compromise and sacrifice for your partner respectfully.

Financial Challenge: 

Money is a big issue of relationship problems after Moving in together. You are no more dependent on your parents. You are independent, and you have the responsibility of your partner. But sometimes there may come a financial challenge. Both of you have to face it patiently.


  1. Make a bank account
  2. Never hide your debit card
  3. Trust your partner.

Last words: 

Marriage or relationship after moving in together is not soo much natural. There are issues of adjustment, trust, confidence, managing, patience, respect, sacrifice, compromise. All things can’t be perfect. Your partner can’t perfect 100%. You have to accept the negative sides of your partner besides the positive sides. If you are facing relationship problems after moving in together, you will find your answers from the solutions mentioned above.

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