Priority in a Relationship – How Much Priority Your Relationship Deserves?

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What Does Priority Mean In a Relationship?

First of all, priority means something that you do or deal with first because it is more important or urgent than other things, something that considered more important the other matters.   

Many people ask that “Being priority” mean in a relationship is the opposite of “Convenience”, I’m not sure about being the opposite of convenience.

If my partner is a number one priority for me, I respect her/him desire or needs and wants whenever I consider my own while making any kind of decision.  Example-

I want to go to a supermarket, making my partner priority would mean I ask her/him if my plan affects her/him and ask her/him is something I can buy for her/him while I’m there.

If I get a job another city, making my partner priority means I would make no decision until I was able to discuss with my partner about the offer. We would make decisions regarding our cons and pros. Together we decide which best for our relationship.

If your partner thought “Being priority”  means convenience I’d say you don’t have a relationship at all.


6 Ways To Make Your Relationship a Priority

When you’re dealing with a problematic work, meetings, social work, deadlines, familial issue it can be tough to put an effort into your relationship. Despite, your busy schedule over your partner is one of the biggest response in a relationship, according to Lisa Brateman, a psychotherapist and relationship specialist in New York City.

A lot of people thought that they don’t give enough time their relationship the time in need. End the end their relationship fall apart. That’s why making your relationship a priority is the biggest challenge in any couples.

Heres my 6 ways to make your relationship a priority-

  1. Make Time For Each Other
  2. Communicate With Each Other
  3. Create Couple Routines
  4. Don’t Argue
  5. Respect Each Other
  6. Daily Check-In Each other

1. Make Time For Each Other

For those couples with a busy schedule, relationship experts say every now then makes time for each other. I’m not talking about constantly. Each day make some time to spend together. We’ll always make time for important things in our life so why not your relationship its also the most important priority in our life.

Try some 20 minutes walk on the beach or park with each other. Every week go to candlelight dinner with your partner. Take a break on your tight schedule and go on a vacation with your partner. And show priority in a relationship with each other.

2. Communicate With Each Other

Communicate is the key to a successful relationship. When you’re dealing with an overwhelming work let your partner knows what’s going on. If you need a time thing or space let your partner knows about it. If you are upset then tell your partner why you upset. Don’t hold any secret. If you keep secret to each other it will eventually harm your relationship.

Many relationship therapists say that communication is one of the biggest issues of the couple who see therapists. So if want to keep your relationship alive make yourself the priority in a relationship and keep communicating with each other.

3. Create Couple Routines

It’s common to become a distance from your partner when you feel like you don’t have any free time. That’s why it’s important to create a routine as a couple, establish by  Dr. Nikki Martinez, (relationship expert, psychologist, and life coach). Do something regularly that makes bond together. Such as wake up early to have a cup of coffee or breakfast together, 10 minutes chat before to bed, sSaturdaytarday night date night. Set the tone of how you two going to interact with each other. That’s the way to keep priority in a relationship.

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4. Don’t Argue

Argue is usually the next step in the escalating argument, “You complaining about this…, I didn’t do about that” type conversation. Yes, your complaining could be right but save them for the right moment. And this doesn’t mean you hold your thought forever, it can harmful in your relationship. You can make yourself a priority in a relationship. For now, focus on your partner’s concern. Bring that up to the argument when both of you’re calm and then discuss your complaint.

5. Respect Each Other

Respect is the main foundation of any relationships. It creates trust for each other. When you are in a relationship your main priority is to respect your partner decision. When your partner going throw some problem or your partner need some time alone then you need to be very sensitive. when the relationship suffering in an even small way you need to be your default mood. Respect its not about right or wrong it’s about how you treat each other in the way you need to be treated.

6. Daily Check-In Each other

Every relationship has a common complaint is, ” You never ask how I am doing!” Don’t just complain about that you should step up and change the pattern. You should ask your partner what you are doing rather than waiting for your partner to ask and getting resentful.

More important is Check in every day how your partner is doing, talk about him/her work, text him/her. That’s how your partner knows how you have given priority in your relationship.

If this seems too difficult too overwhelming consider couple counseling just to have a safe spot in your relationship.


How Much Priority Your Relationship Deserves?


Every relationship deserves pretty much priority. Priority can relationships healthy and joyful. You deserve to have someone who can understand you, loves you, and you need to feel supported but remember your partner should deserve the same level of love, support and attention. Let’s be honest relationship can be hard because you need to share life each other make room for each other it’s not that easy. Eventually, you need some time to figure it out. Once you figure that out your life become thrive and your relationship becomes flourish. In order to do that, you should give a pretty much priority in your relationship.

Let’s explore how much priority your relationship deserves.

Relationship Needed Trust

Trust is the main key in every successful relationship. If you want priority in your relationship you have to trust each other. You show your partner that you trust him/her.

Relationship Needed Work

The reality is every relationship need work. When you become closer with someone, enter into the relationship and fall love with your partner. As you continue to grow fonder and commit each other, each person begins to change. This change can be very difficult and challenging because it means you must learn how to adopt, accept and even grow a love that you never thought you would. But the key ingredients that any relationship needs is time. Every relationship needs work in order to survive your relationship. Every relationship requires your time. your energy and your priority in your relationship in order to get through those toughest part.

Show That You Value Your Partner

When you find your loved one and who cares about you its time your partner deserves your attention. Whether you waste your time with the phone or work if you are serious about your relationship you need to show that person how much priority in your relationship you have given them. So turn off your phone and say no to your drinking buddy and spend as much as time with your loved one.

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