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Importance of Satisfying Sex in a Relationship

Many people might freak out only seeing the word “sex” and avoid this post, and also, for some people, the word “sex” might grab extra attention. This is because sex is still considered a taboo in many countries and many … Read More

Importance of Friendship in a Romantic Relationship

Every relationship started based on attraction and emotions. Being friends with your partner helps long term relationship than anything else. Professional phycologist says a close friendship is linked with both emotionally and sexually satisfying relationship. It leads to a better … Read More

commitments in relationship

Importance of Commitment in a Romantic Relationship

However, the latter frequently goes undetected or is taken for granted for a variety of reasons. Most people feel that a wedding or their ring is precisely what commitment means. Contrary to popular belief, with an engagement ring does not … Read More

ego problems in relationships

Harmful Effects of Ego Problems in Romantic Relationships

Gaining control of your ego problems in your romantic relationship is an important issue that you can do on your own. If you can not control your ego against your relationship, it might be harmful to your romantic relationship and … Read More

loyalty in a relationship

Importance of Loyalty and Honesty in a Relationship

Loyalty in a relationship is the strongest adhesive that can bind two souls together beyond comparison. Loyalty and trust are undeniably the core components of a healthy relationship, something which is quite rare these days, yet all of us dream … Read More

Lying in a Relationship

Lying in a relationship is something that happens almost every day and we can’t deny that we all tell some kind of lies every day like “I am fine” or “It’s ok” or “Don’t worry” or something like that. And … Read More

relationship problems after moving in together

Relationship Problems After Moving in Together and Solutions

When you start living with your partner, you’ll see each other in various ways. It’s tough to find that couples don’t conflict. We should keep in mind that everyone’s relationship is different, But often we can find some same problems. … Read More

Grief Stages of a Breakup for Guys and Girls

Some stages of a breakup are hard to avoid. If one was loyal in a relationship, these stages of a breakup are bound to take place and cause grief. Whether you’re male or female, such emotional stress is sure to … Read More