NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill Review

The Commercial 1750 model of NordicTrack has all the features to be included in the highest range of the family of best treadmills for home.

So you can get the most out of it and squeeze your performance to the maximum in each of the training sessions, it has three fans. Two are integrated into the console and the other remaining fan a little lower, in a comfort bracket that the brand has incorporated. Also, in this accessory tray, you can leave your phone, your towel, or any other object you want to have on hand during your workouts.

In addition to keeping you cool and focused for longer thanks to the presence of these three fans, you will be able to enjoy your favorite music at the same time, given the MP3 compatibility and the integrated speakers, or any multimedia content, since you can place your tablet in the stand that also incorporates. Options that will undoubtedly make easier the ascents and descents of land that this machine allows to perform.

Quick Overview

  • Semi-professional use.
  • Continuous power of 3.8 HP (peaks of 6 HP).
  • Maximum user weight 135 kg.
  • Up to 15% inclination (and -3% decline).
  • Measures 190 cm x 170 cm x 93 cm.
  • Folding.
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Custody System

The cushioning system of the Commercial 1750 could be said to be on and off. And it is possible to eliminate the damping if what we want is to achieve a more real race sensation and re-activate it to reduce the impact of the exercise. It is estimated that the Runners Flex technology, the cushioning incorporated in this model, reduces the impact on our joints by 30%.

Running Surface

The running surface is made of high durability materials, and its dimensions, 152 cm long and 55 cm wide, will allow adaptation to any user. All the training options are possible in this broad and robust surface.


Thanks to the system Space Saver can fold the machine when we made our session, with the assistance patented EasyLift Assist in about ten seconds will be ready to save. Besides, a piston facilitates the reopening of the belt, also quickly and easily.



The engine of the Commercial 1750 has a power of 6 CV in peak and of 3.8 CV in continuous. Besides, of course, given its power, being able to perform on any terrain, it does so in silence and without heating the least. And it incorporates a quiet self-cooling system, which through the use of an axial fan, reduces engine noise and at the same time cooling internal components. As if this were not enough, the technology used is of a quality superior to electrical standards, so that the prolongation of the useful life of the engine is more than guaranteed.


The speed, taking into account the characteristics of the engine that we have just commented, it will not be any problem. We can reach 22 km / h and regulate this effort by pressing a simple critical thanks to the 1-Touch Speed ​​Control system.


And this is another of the great attributes of the NordicTrack Commercial 1750. Thanks to its revolutionary system, not only will we be able to enjoy different levels of inclination, but also of declination. You will observe how your heart rate accelerates and slows down and how you work different muscle groups, which will allow you to tone up your entire body. The inclination can oscillate between 0 and 15% and the declination, up to -3 %, and you can control your training easily with the buttons 1-Touch Incline and 1-Touch Decline.


The HD 7 ” screen, touch, full color, almost as if the display of our electronic tablet was, in addition to allowing us to browse the Internet, we will show all the information we need to know when we are doing our training. Specifically:

  • Distance.
  • Speed.
  • Weather.
  • Calories
  • Inclination.
  • Pulsations.

chest band, Polar, is included. Or, if you prefer, place your hands on the sensors that are located on the handlebar and the EKG system will take care of measuring your heart rate.

Likewise, you will have a heart rate test in this model, in addition to 38 other predetermined programs, based on intensity, speed, inclination, and those specially designed to burn calories.

Interactive System

Finally, I also highlight the possibility of having the iFit Live wireless technology.

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Specifications of NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill

Race Surface (Width x Length):55 x 152 Cm
Amortiguacion system:
Maximum Weight User:135
Continuous Motor Power:3.8
Peak Motor Power:6
Maximum speed:22
Number of Programs:38
Interactive Software:iFit
Heart Rate Measurement:Yes
Chest Band:Yes
Measurements (Length x Width x Height):190 x 93 x 170 Cm
Folding system:Spacesaver
Folding Measurements (Length x Width x Height):178 x 90 x 97 Cm
Wheels Transportation:Yes
Bottle holder:Do not

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