Best Mattress for Overweight Couple in 2022

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Are you facing a problem in choosing a mattress that is suitable according to your weight?

Are you unable to find a comfortable bed mattress for you or your wife?

Or do you think that your weight isn’t allowing you to choose the mattress you wish to have? 

If you find these questions related, so here we are present with perfect solutions. So, it is true that your mattress should depend upon your weight only. There are quite a few people present here who would know about it but still end up in various issues while choosing the mattress depending upon their weight.

So, let us inform you that your purchase depends on your weight and the weight of your couple. Hence, you have to consider what kind and features you want to make your nights more comfortable than earlier. You might be excited to hear that many brands are offering great mattresses for overweight couples. But it depends upon you, which kind of mattress you choose at the end of the day. So, to help you with your best decision, we have come up with the best thoughts, after all. 

Buying Guide for the Best Mattress for Overweight Couple in 2022

Purchasing a mattress is not an easy task. It requires a considerable amount of effort. People compare the bedding of different companies and choose the best out of all. While others are highly considerate about their spending too. So, having a look at the following points will help you to make the best decision.


The central feature to be considered in a mattress depends upon the type you are willing to purchase. Some of the available mattresses aren’t dependent upon the weight factor, so any person can buy them. However, we must know the available mattresses in the market. Hence, let’s have a look at them. 

  • Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress is also known as called viscoelastic foam mattress. This kind can easily adjust to your body curves. The great advantage of the best memory foam mattress is that it keeps a person warm while sleeping and relieves their body from pain. You and your bae can easily relax and get the best nap with this available mattress. 

  • Innerspring Bedding Mattress

In this mattress, the coils are present in two ways. One of them is connected, the other is independently wrapped. In the connected design, the bed has a bouncy feel. When one sleeps in this type of bedding, the person does feel the movement of the partner. In the case of individually wrapped coil functions independently from one another. Therefore, you won’t feel your babe’s bounces while you both are sleeping together. 

  • Hybrid Mattress

This type is the best example of how the sleep industry has combined both memory foam and innerspring features to offer the best product. It is based on the partner’s sleeper-less motion at night, which results in more restful sleep. 

The best latex mattress is now affordable to purchase. It provides a support system similar to memory foam and also a solution to those people who have back problems. 

  • Adjustable Air Mattress

It is used to improve the camping experience. The best air mattress for fat people comes with bought air technology into the bedroom and provides a customized sleep experience to the desired firmness. So, you can now experience the most comfortable sleep with your loved one in the bed. 


There is cut-throat competition going on in the market. So, there are companies that would be offering mattresses at a lower cost. Due to this, companies provide low-quality products that can be harmful to your health in the future. So, it’s evident for you to go for the excellent quality mattresses as they can work wonders for your health.

Therefore, you are supposed to consider the stuff before purchasing a matt irrespective of the price. It is because one uses bedding for 6 to 8 years. After all, you would be getting married soon and would never like to feel uncomfortable in front of your babe. Further, the mattress you are thinking of purchasing should be fit enough to add to your mood. Hence, in this case, we would suggest you go for a hyper-elastic gel polymer, which adds firmness to the mattress and reduces any pressure. 


Mattresses have many advantages as they play a vital role in our life. For instance, a good quality pallet reduces back pain and tackles snoring problems. The most comfortable mattress also reduces the stress level and also gives relaxation. The people who weigh more than average should purchase the bedding to provide them comfort in every way. 


The thickness varies from one matt to another. There are low profile and high-profile mattresses to be found in the market. The bedding that is 2 to 5 inches in height is a low-profile mattress. This thickness depends upon fold-away beds, crib mattresses, and air mattress for fat people.

If one person is less than 200 lbs, a 10 inches bed will be suitable in most cases. However, if your weight is above 200 kg, you must consider the one having 12 inches or more deep compression support. Therefore, your mattress’s thickness depends upon your weight and, yes, your partner’s weight too. 


Different body size requires numerous types of comfort. In other words, a person who is more than 200 lbs requires additional bedding as compared to one who is less than 200lbs. If a light person lies on a heavy-weighted person’s bed, the person may feel as if one is lying on a rock. Thus, it can create a problem for a couple that varies in size. However, many companies offer dual-sized firmness that works best for the couple that differs in weight and size. 


If a couple varies in size, they should prefer a dual-sized firm bedding that does not cause any discomfort. Otherwise, a light person will find the bedding as hard as a rock. If both the partners are substantially heavy, still there are many choices available in the market. 


One of the inconveniences that larger people have to face is that they get too hot during sleep, causing discomfort. The reason is that the bedding does not have enough space to breathe and cannot provide enough air circulation. Therefore, one must take into account the temperature regulation factor while purchasing the right bedding.

In most cases, foam material gets hot during sleep compared to latex mattress, innerspring, or hybrid material. Therefore, you are suggested to buy a premium quality than opting for cheaper products. Premium mattresses also provide a gel layer on the top. It gives an additional cooling layer so that one does not sweat or feel hot while resting.

Sometimes, light sleepers also face such a problem. For this reason, many brands introduced cooling beds to improve airflow circulation and regulates the temperature to provide comfort at night.


Firmness is the amount of resistance that pushes against the body while lying on the bedding. Firstly, one needs to determine the ideal sleeping position that will help to know the density level. If the firmness is not proper, you can experience back pain and allergy. If your weight is more than 230lbs, you can have an additional 1 or 2” sinkage. One person can compensate for that on a firmness by choosing around 8 out of 10. 


According to our study, body shape and size are the main factors that affect purchasing the mattress. However, your sleeping position can also play a vital role in choosing the best bedding. It is because the bodyweight distributes in different ways and requires comfort considerations. For the side sleepers, the whole-body weight is pressing into the mattress.

The plusher bedding is much better as it allows the pressure to sink in. The heavy-weighted folks may require a firmer bed as their body will not bottom out in the softer material. Some of the back sleepers have a preference for firm bedding that emphasizes support. But sometimes, the mattress firm adjustable beds may not be comfortable for the people who have pain issues. Thus, you must look for a mattress that supports your lumbar and spine alignment. 

Well, every individual indeed has a different sleeping position, and you sometimes cannot determine it. Thus, the ultimate solution is to buy bedding that is versatile enough to suit all types of posture to sleep.


The last thing where we come to is the budget. You are advised to set up a good account for the best quality mattress for heavy couples. After all, there are many brands offering mattresses, so there are chances that you can be fooled with a low-quality mattress at a low price. 

Thus, if you don’t wish such a situation to occur with you, be considerate while choosing the best quality. Keep in mind that the better-quality product will come at a reasonable price. 

Top Variants for the Best Mattress for Overweight Couple in 2022

Well, choosing the right mattress isn’t a cakewalk at all. You have to do adequate research to get your ideal mattress within your desired budget and qualities. Thus, we have come up with the top five variants, which can be your perfect mattress. All the mattresses we will be offering are of good quality and will be having versatile features. Hence, you can choose from the listed ones too. 

1. Sweetnight Queen Size Mattress– (Best mattress for heavy couples)

Best mattress for heavy couples Sweet night pallet provides a wide range of products starting from springs, pillows, toppers, and bedding. However, their mattress for heavy couples is the most popular product of all.

The mattress mentioned above is flappable with a unique four-layered and zoned foam design. It allows one to sleep on either side of the bed as it provides a comfort zone for a couple.

These best mattress for overweight couple UK comes with two inches of gel on the top of the bedding that keeps the temperature cool. Also, you would not feel hot while sleeping. It is one of the mattress’s useful features for a couple whose weight is more than average.

These queen size mattress also contains 5 inches of comfort foam, a pressure point that maintain the body balance. Besides, it has 3 inches of high-density support foam for durability. Another advantage is that the matt relieves a person of back pain as it has a soft surface that feels like floating on a cloud. So, it will help you to get rid of any of your backbone issues. 

So, what can be better and more comfortable than this excellent mattress available? 


  • The bedding is without any harmful substances such as mercury, formaldehyde, or any heavy materials. 
  • The cover is a breathable rayon cotton fabric that also prevents the growth of stain.
  • This best queen size mattress is easy to move through the hallways and the staircase.
  • It is durable and provides peace of mind.

Customers Feedback:

My wife and I were in the market for a queen mattress to replace our older spring mattress. We opted for memory foam to try something different. I thought it would be much firmer, but it is a nice medium firmness. the best mattress for overweight couple uk was well packaged,It decompressed in a few hours and was everything they said it would be. Great deal.We bought this mattress after staying at the hotel,Our hotel room had a great cool firm memory foam mattress. This one is definetly comparable to the mattress we slept on at the Hotel.
This bed doesn’t put pressure on my joints. It supports your body, and allows your muscles to relax. I love it!

2. Nod by Tuft & Needle Adaptive Foam Mattress– (Best foam mattress for heavy couples)

Best foam mattress for heavy couples Tuft and Needle offer pallets, beddings, and furniture stuff. The foam mattress for heavy couples provides the benefit of latex and memory foam without sinking in or sleeping hot.

The bed is to keep the person every day and to adjust the temperature accordingly. These best foam mattress for heavy people is so comfortable at such an affordable range and is assessable to everyone. The expertise designed the matt that has over six years of experience.

It is a superior quality product at a fair price. It has a durable material that lasts for a long and also provides comfort at the same time. This most durable mattress is designed for viewing sleeping patterns, comfort, and support of the overweighted couples, making it one of the best pallets for them. 


  • This company offers mattress couple different weight that conforms to higher standards.
  • It free from harmful substances, chemicals, or materials.
  • It has a hassle-free limited warranty.

Customers Feedback:

This best foam mattress for heavy people is everything you’ve hoped to find and more. It shipped incredibly quick, right to my door within 24 hours of placing my order. Assembly was a breeze, and we love the narrow profile of this specific T&N bed. The mattress is the perfect balance of firmness and support and its comfort level is beyond any other bed that we tried before deciding on this one. It stays cool throughout the night like we never thought possible. I never thought I would be one to rave about a mattress but this has literally made all of our waking moments better by letting our sleeping ones actually be restful!

3. Avenco  King Memory Foam Mattress– (Best mattress for heavy people)

Best mattress for heavy people Avenco company specializes in bedding accessories and sleeping products. The company makes an effort to provide the best customer care service to its customers.

It deals in all kinds of the mattress for heavy people that suit customer needs and comfort. Usually, the mattress they deal in is comfortable for couples weighing more than average. The bed comes with the gel infused foam so that the mattress stays cool all night.

These best mattress for couples adjusts the temperature so that one could sleep comfortably and without any disturbance. It is because of the double airflow wave shape layer that provides better ventilation. Further, it finds the pressure points and adjusts to the body according to it, making this king size memory foam mattress suitable for side sleepers and stomach sleepers.


  • It relieves the person of the backpain.
  • Two layers of memory foam create a sleeping mattress for an active and restful mind.
  • This best king size bed mattress does not harm the skin and cause allergy in any way.

Customers Feedback:

Comfortable!very good quality.nice thickness.i have back pains and some time sore from work this really helps me sleep better gets me better recover for tomorrow’s work .very easy to install little bit heavy but my wife couldn’t wait for me to come home she installed it herself!nice work my love!btw with this mattress I don’t feel I need any pillows.this amazing mattress will change it’s shape for you as soon as you laying on it !the top cover is removable and washable easy to clean I mean just take it out and put it in the laundry machine and it will dose it’s work lol!

This is a beautiful mattress. It came rolled up, of course, so we took it out of the box but left the plastic on to make sure it was clean and in good condition. The king size memory foam mattress was perfect so we placed it on the bed frame and used the provided letter opener to gently remove the plastic. It did have a slight factory smell but it wasn’t unpleasant. I’m glad we had a few weeks to air it out before company came. I recommend allowing it to off gas for a week for your comfort and safety. We really love this thing as it’s VERY sturdy and comfortable. I think it’s a perfect medium firmness for back, stomach, or side sleepers.

4. Olee Sleep Omega Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam Matteress– (Best pocket spring mattress)

Best pocket spring mattressThe product consists of one Omega Hybrid Memory Foam sleep mattress and this pocket spring mattress. Still, it does not include a pillow or a frame. It is made up of 5 layers that form a pocket spring.

The coil of the matt is 7.5 inches thick to maintain the firmness of the matt. This best pocket spring mattress UK also provides 1.5 inches soft memory foam that can handle one’s pressure.

Further, it comes beautifully designed white color, which adds to its comfort, lavishness and makes it appealing and attractive to look at.


  • This most durable foam mattress helps to support one’s back while asleep.
  • It has a high-density foam that helps to reduce the heat and keeps the temperature cool.
  • There is a 1-inch dura flex-foam that aims to provide elasticity and support.
  • There is a gel layer of this best hybrid mattress for couples, that enables one to sleep comfortably with no temperature issues.

Customers Feedback:

I needed a mattress for my boys for their new twin beds. First I ordered another mattress but when it came in it was way smaller than the twin bed. You can see that mattress in the picture above in the blue colored sheets. So I decided to order this mattress and I absolutely love it. This good mattress for fat people is the most comfortable mattress ever and for the price it is amazing. I’m going to reorder one for me and my fiance once we’re ready to get rid of our old mattress. You will not regret buying this. So far I have bought 2 of them and I love them!

I was skeptical as most people would be, I needed a new mattress but couldn’t afford to spend $700-$1500 like most places charge. I decided to give this mattress a shot- and I’m so glad I did. It’s really comfy, I don’t have back pain like I used to with my old mattress. I waited 2 months before writing a review to give it my honest opinion. It fluffed up nice and big in a matter of hours. It’s firm but soft at the same time and it’s perfect for me and my husband. I highly recommend this to anyone who is searching for a good mattress for cheap!!!

5. Sleep Innovations Shiloh Memory Foam Mattress– (Best king size mattress)

Best king size mattress Lastly, this brand provides various kinds of mattresses and foam pillows unique to the products offered by other companies. Therefore, the customers have great perception, especially towards the king size mattress provided by them.

They provide beddings that are suitable for a couple that weighs more than average. It usually comes in two sizes, that is, 12-inch mattress and 14-inch mattress. This most durable mattress is king size that is proper for a large bedroom and is perfect for a couple. It fits for the master bedroom.

It is designed for all kinds of body types and irrespective of one’s sleep position or pattern. The Shiloh material provides comfort to a person and freshens up a person. The channel foam helps to make this best mattress for heavy couples breathable. also helps to maintain the bedding temperature so that one does not feel hot while sleeping. Thus, making it comfortable for all overweight couples around. 


  • Once the packing is removed, it demands extra hours to decompress. 
  • It comes with a comfortable surface for one to sleep with ease and peacefully.
  • This good mattress for fat people has a two-layer design consisting of 2.5 inches premium memory foam and 9.5 inches long-lasting base foam.

Customers Feedback:

I have now had this mattress for over 3 years. It gets slept on every night; it is not in a guest bedroom. It still has it’s shape like it just came out of the box. No sinking or uneven places. Even the edges are still perfect. There was no odor or off-gassing from the start. The only drawback is that it can be a little hot after lying on it for a couple of hours. I find that if I sleep with only a sheet–no comforter or quilt–in the summer, it is perfect. I would not trade it for the world!!!

We purchased our Sleep Innovation mattress in July 2014 for about $400. The classic (lowest cost) Tempurpedic mattress is about $2200. Our best mattress for heavy couples is showing a bit of a bump in the middle but it is still amazing. And for the the price it is affordable to replace much more frequently than other options but we have not had to. We are purchasing a new one soon only because we are upgrading our guest room and this mattress is our first choice. And on a side note, the aches and pains we experienced on our prior pillow top mattress disappeared once we started sleeping on this one and it has been almost 6 years.

Mattress Buying Guide for Overweight Couple

Video Transcript:

Hi guys I’m Curtis ed this is the fat girl flow channel and I’m going to talk about beds for fat people today so this is something that I have talked about on my social media several times and you guys keep asking me to do a video about it and I’ve been putting it off for a few reasons first of all this is going to be about big mattresses and I wanted to make sure that I was giving you guys kind of the most comprehensive the most information I could possibly give you also we got our bed at the end of last year and I wanted to make sure that I hadn’t lost a lot of time to try out the bed before talking to you guys about it I say that because my experience with beds has been that I will really like them for two to three months.

And then around the six-month mark it will kind of start getting shitty and then it just kind of goes downhill from there I’m going to tell you guys about my experience with bed shopping and I’m going to try to answer a couple of questions that you guys have asked me frequently when I talk about big safe mattresses on Facebook to clarify this is not going to be a video where I am like jumping on my bed or showing you the bed but I am going to show you guys if little snips of me and Nate going to Cleveland to meet everyone from big fig and to do a little photoshoot with them if you go to the link in the description box down below that you will see that my husband.

And I am spokespeople for this bread we love them a lot we have modelled for them and we are featured on their site that’s being said this video is not paid for they did not ask me to do a video review is this solely something I wanted to do on my own because I am so impressed with the product and because I know how difficult it was for me so yeah let’s just jump in also I’m going to tell you a few very intimate details about my life and how I sleep and I hope you guys will not judge me for that because this is it I don’t know why I think that like sleeping and stuff is like very intimate and I talked to you about me and my husband and not like in a like graphic.

Way or anything but like I’m going to share some things with you guys I don’t usually share with people about my marriage and stuff so you know to be nice about this so when Nate I started dating he had very bad sleep apnea and snored very very loud and it was so loud and so disruptive he didn’t he doesn’t just snort he snores and flails and kicks and I mean he’s white real wild what are you sleeping we both had queen-size beds when we met and then that we decided to get a king when we moved in together and very quickly realized that we really couldn’t sleep in the same bed when his sleep apnea was untreated so he would end up sleeping in the guest room I would end up sleeping in our king bed.

And we had like a kind of crappy worn down king bed and I’m pretty sure was a hand-me-down or something so of course, we need sleep apnoea got treated we decided that we wanted to buy a nice new bed that we could share together that would be amazing and we moved into the house but we got married in and we’re doing all these big life things right and we’re really excited about it I need a very supportive bed Nate has always liked extremely soft beds so we kind of ran into a lot of issues with finding something that we could compromise on Nate has a lot of chronic pain.

Issues and I had an injury but I actually got in a yoga class my lower back is a little funky sometimes so my bed is really important it’s kind of where we go to adjust and to reset and to make sure everything is aligned at the end of the day because you know I work at a desk I also work on my couch a lot since I work at home so Nate I got what we thought was the perfect bed for us we decided on an innerspring mattress that was firm but not too firm that made mine both like we really liked it for about two months we paid full price for it we bought it from a legit place and within I think two or three months the impression that I had left on my side of the bed was nearly three inches deep and impressions or something that happens very naturally just so you guys know.

I used to sell mattresses so I’m like really familiar with mattresses and stuff but bed impressions are something that happens very naturally I mean you know you can’t expect to lay on something for eight hours a night and never see any kind of impression it happens it’s where your body’s most comfortable and a bed impression is fairly normal but you shouldn’t be able to like sea bed impressions really and in this mattress that we bought we had asked the salespeople you know do you think it will work for a collective six to seven hundred pound couple and they were like yeah yeah we’re fine it’s fine these mattresses are like tested they’re great Wow and here.

I was with this huge dent in my mattress so we called the company and they had like some kind of like 90-day sleep guarantee or something like that so we were allowed to go pick out a new bed when they came and got the bed we actually realized that two of the like slats in the Box Springs had also broken and nothing like catastrophic happened to our bed Nate and I are not like going at it like what so that means that like my body just broke the bed Naina’s.

Collective bodies just broke the bed and this like really isn’t something that I you know was in my brain a lot when I thought about like buying furniture I knew I needed something sturdy but I didn’t think that I was potentially going to spend three to four thousand dollars on a mattress that would break I really just that wasn’t in the realm of possibilities for me so it was really really heartbreaking and really shitty and it just sucked because boom $3,500 is a lot of money to spend on a mattress that doesn’t work out okay so this is where personal time comes in Nate sleep apnea has been treated but I have been sleeping so in our bed and been leaving impressions in our beds so much that I literally like cannot sleep in the same position on my bed every night I have to like move across the bed move diagonally it’s it’s like a thing I actually might get kind of emotional about it because it’s one of things like you don’t think you’re going to have to deal with as a fat person but here it is you have to deal with it anyway because the difficulty .

In sleeping with me and like he has to have a sleep apnea machine so if you can’t like to move the sleep apnea machine around the bed all night long or whatever so Nate sleeps in our guest room we’ve made both rooms kind of like an extension of our master bedroom we hang out in both rooms it actually is kind of a beautiful thing for our relationship because we both sleep really well we still like snuggle at night and stuff like that but we do we sleep in separate rooms so when we exchange the mattress we picked one that I really thought would work for me specifically because he hadn’t been sleeping on the mattress because I had been like wiggling around the mattress and all of that so it’s a Serta comfort it’s one of their higher ends.

Ones it is comfortable it’s fine it’s a comfortable bed we bought, of course, the box springs and the actual mattress and the box springs have already broken I believe I’ve now had this bed for a year when you exchange your bed you’re not allowed to like give a third bed but you get one exchange and that’s it the box springs on this bed have already broken and the memory foam material is so hot it is hot as hell so there’s the back story on our mattress situation so in enters big fig mattresses I got a call from them back in like October of 2016 I believe and they were like hey do you want to try these much so I was kind of like yeah okay well that sounds cool but you know I’m difficult to impress sometimes but they told me that they actually made the mattress for plus-sized people that they had done market research about people with larger frames bigger bodies.

And they actually made this mattress to hold people with higher weights if you’ve ever searched on the internet for a plus-size mattress you won’t find really any recommendations basically mattress companies don’t really take into account how much weight is going to on the bed and they test the beds for a weight between like 150 and 200 when you know I weigh twice that much so the big thing tells me what they’re doing and I’m like yeah okay you guys can send me a mattress my thought was that there’s no way this mattress was going to be as comfortable as my memory foam bed I’m not incredibly impressed with the memory foam bed but it’s like you know $4,000 bed I was sure that there was no way this bed they were sending me was going to be more comfortable.

Then this I just did not believe it so I was like yeah let’s get a queen-size I’ll give it to Nate Nate will get a slightly better bed and all be here with the best bed in the house right it turns out I made a huge mistake so we put the big fig mattress in the guest room morning it sleeps and I stuck with the king-size that is in my room hi I’m telling you guys this big fake mattress is the like most comfortable supportive mattress I have ever been on in my entire life at first I thought wow this is like really firm I can’t believe that Nate would actually like this when you first lay on it you think wow this is kind of firm as you get comfortable you realize that it’s not really firm it’s just like very cradling.

And it perfectly holds your body up and aligns everything so that you’re super comfortable Nate has had major improvements in his chronic pain since he got the mattress I take naps on the mattress when like my back hurts and stuff now anytime we take naps together anything like that we take it in that bed and honestly we are now just saving up so that we can get ourselves a second big mattress and actually get a king-size big thick mattress that will hold both of us so that maybe we can start sleeping together again I know that we don’t all really think about sleeping situations very much during the day especially when we’re like you know not thinking about sleeping.

But it is a really really big deal and I don’t think I ever really considered that and I might be able to sleep together in the same bed in a comfortable bed where I don’t have to like you know creep around the bed so that I don’t leave an impression or anything like that and now big thing exists and I think we might actually be able to go by this king-size bed and a share of bed together and it’s a really big deal and I know that I sound really silly but it’s like it’s very kind of emotional for me and I’m really really excited about it the mattress has held up beautifully you guys a heavy mattress you can tell it is made for bigger people it is probably I mean I’ve had several king-sized mattresses and it is far and away the heaviest mattress that I’ve ever had and they do deliver it they set it up they do all of that stuff so that you don’t have to do it but it is like a super sturdy mattress.

It is obviously made for plus-sized people but on top of all of that on top of the Comfort and everything it’s really affordable sometimes they have one or two hundred dollar coupons that they offer people and the company is just a dream I cannot tell you how body-positive and amazing the people who work for big are the people that work for a big fake are truly concerned for the plus-sized shopper they actually want to make sure that they are giving them a good product they see that plus-sized people are their target market and they are totally here for us I’m just into that and I know that this video is far less about the actual mattress and more about my experience sleeping as a fat person but I think it’s just really important to talk about that and to talk about how this experience is unique and there is a brand out there that understands the experience of sleeping.

When you’re plus size and that understands that there are things that are really important to people that they kind of take for granted like sleeping with their partner in a bed that is comfortable that certain people don’t actually have access to and that this company has identified that seeing it and decided to solve that problem it’s a big deal to me and I couldn’t figure out how to make this video because I didn’t want to just make a video about how I really like this mattress I wanted to talk to you guys about the issues I have had with finding furniture for plus-sized people that is functional and it won’t break because it can be kind of isolating when you’re you know going to the furniture store and saying to someone you know I weigh 400 pounds right is this bed going to hold me up and you see my partners they weigh 300 pounds can it also hold them up and with big fade you don’t have to ask those questions the answer is yes they thought about it I accept them like that so hopefull.

Mate and I will be buying a big fig in the king-size very soon because this whole sleep situation has been really weird for us and like not sleeping together is not necessarily a fun Sanga this video got really rambling and I’m sorry about that but basically I just wanted to tell you that this mattress is out there and that other people are probably going through the same things that you are going through when bed shopping and when trying to sleep with a partner in a bed as a plus-sized person.

And with experiencing chronic pain and how that is text or sleep we’re not all alone in this and when we can find brands and manufacturers who actually listen and meet our needs I want to make sure that I tell you guys about them so I’m going to end this video just with some clips of me and Nate going to Cleveland where big fig is located and working with them and modelling for them which was super fun Nate especially but that modelling was really fun he was kind of the life of the party at the shoot and he was just very excited to be modelling and to be with the company and they were wonderful to us and we love all of them so so much so yeah here’s our experience with big fig let go check out the link in the description box down below and I will see you soon please make sure you like comment and subscribe where are we Nate it’s a funhouse we’re going to dinner.

R with the big thing and we’re going to it makes isn’t fiction just got to the restaurant it is called the urban farmer and we are going to meet up with the rest of the big thing that apparently other models offer broadly here in the model Evan did you know he did this one I’m going to model that’ll be pretty fun what else you want to go yeah John what happened is Nick and Nate left his power cord for sleep apnea machine at home and they do not sleep well without sleep apnea machine as he flailed and he snores so loud I can’t sleep so we had to get a pull away but and they had to sleep in the bathroom and then I slept out here I mean I was about to happen I yeah I spent most of the time in the bathroom and you slept out here then we switch there’s not Laurie out of my dose every time we travel everything goes out are you doing cocoa are you excited hey do I have very like oh good no no blueberry look at you in your natural habitat.

FAQ’s on Best Mattress for Overweight Couple in 2022

Do mattresses have weight limits?

The mattresses do have weight limits. There are mainly two kinds of bedding: the first is for one sleeper and the second for the couple to sleep. Generally, the high-quality mattress supports people who weigh up to 200 pounds or 250 pounds. Those mattresses that are for two sleepers like queens and kings should be 250 pounds per side of the bed. In other words, for a couple, the weight limit should be a total of 500 pounds. The main reason is that different kind of bedding is for different weighted people. A lightweight person may find bedding as hard as a rock that is designed for heavy people. Therefore, one should choose matt according to one's weight.

What is a Ghost Bed Mattress?

The Ghost Bed mattress is a matt composed of three layers: polyfoam, latex foam, and memory foam. It is the combination of the three different layers of the mattress. The ghost bed mattress is generally 11 inches thick and also has a medium-firm feel. The ghost bed matt is useful for the sleepers who wake up when there is the partner's movement at night. The advantage is that one person can sleep peacefully at night without any disturbance. It is also useful for a person who suffers from sharp pressure points. After all, the couples have different weight and have different sleeping positions. But it is not suitable for the stomach sleepers that weigh more than 250 pounds as they may sink in.

Which is the best mattress for a side sleeper?

The bedding is keeping in view the sleeping patterns that people adopt. Most people prefer to sleep sideways as it has many health benefits. It relieves heartburn and also reduces sleeping apnea. It also reduces back pain and also to get rid of the snoring problem. Therefore, side sleepers should consider a king-size bed mattress to suit one's comfort. The matt should provide comfort and support to one's body. The bed should not put pressure on one's body.

What should you look for while purchasing a mattress?

There are many factors one should keep in mind while making a decision. There are different types of mattresses in the market, for instance, memory foam, latex, innerspring, and air adjusting mattresses. So, be considerate of which kind you have to purchase.

Then, the bedding thickness should be 10 inches if the weight is more than 200 pounds. In contrast, the consistency should be 12 inches if a person is hefty. Besides, one should also consider the budget within which the person should purchase.

Do memory foam mattresses have a weight limit?

Generally, all mattresses have a weight limit to suit one's comfort zone. The maximum of foam bedding does not have any weight limits. However, the box spring bed or the foundation does have a weight limit. Many of the springs have a limit of 300 pounds or around 450 pounds. The weight limit differs in each matt offered by various companies. Therefore, one should go through the details provided by the company.

Is this the best choice for heavier people?

Video Transcript:

Hi, this is Emily with sleep report and today I’m gonna be reviewing the big fake mattress which I have here in a king-size with the standard 5-inch Foundation as well as the big bed frames this video is gonna cover the White Glove delivery and setup process the overview of materials including what’s inside the bed the foundation and the bed frames the special features of the mattress including edge support durability and motion isolation varying sleep positions and finally my general impressions of the mattress over all the big fig is designed specifically for big and tall people however it’s a really great mattress even if you don’t happen to fall into one of these categories first up today we’re gonna discuss the White Glove delivery service to schedule appointment I was given a few days and once I had to decide a date.

I was given a four-hour window for which the team could show up 45 minutes prior to their arrival they gave me a courtesy call showed up right on time three guys brought my mattress in they set up the bed frame put the foundation on top and the mattress on top all within 10 minutes of showing up at my front door so unlike other mattresses, the big fake does not come compressed so when they were done it was ready to go they also as a perk took their trash with them we’re gonna talk about the materials used in the construction of the big fake mattress the bed frame itself is made from recycled railroad steel it can hold up to 2,000 pounds and the legs work individually so that it can level on uneven surfaces the foundation comes in a five-inch and a nine-inch I got mine in the 5 inches because I’m only 5/3 but the 9 inches can be very accommodating.

If you happen to fall into a tall category the foundation also features 18 2.5 inch wide wooden slats which allow it to provide more support and long-lasting durability as well as a double Center beam which adds to the overall effect as for the mattress itself it has a quilted hopper which is very sleek and smooth it’s infused with thermo gel cooling technology to help you stay cool and regulate temperature and it’s also a moisture activated so it kicks it up a notch if you start to overheat it all beneath that is a layer of perforated latex foam which helps add to breathability in the mattress followed by three layers of high-density polyfoam to increase comfort additionally.

There’s a layer of high-density poly foam surrounding the edges of the bed which allow you to sit on the edge without feeling like you’re going to slide off and finally the base has sixteen individually wrapped steel coils which help respond to your movement and create added support in the bed next we’re going to be discussing some of the special features of the big fake mattress starting with edge support as you can see I’m sitting on the edge here there’s very little compression near the side of the bed even when I scoot next to the edge I still don’t feel like.

I’m gonna slide off at all the edge support on this bed is amazing when I lay down near the edge you can see the same effect even when I get very close to the side little to no compression the next special feature we’re gonna discuss is the durability of the big fake mattress which makes it one of the major appeals for big and tall people the big mattress has a cover with sixteen individual Tufts across the surface which help prevent sagging and shifting of the material on top making the coverage seem more smooth and long-lasting sigfig also uses 50% denser foam as well as 50% more coils in the base to give it strength and lasting durability as I mentioned.

Before the stronger foundation and the stronger bed frame also add to the overall durability of the bed the big fit comes with a 20-year warranty and is made entirely in the United States of America next up we’re going to discuss a motion which can be very helpful if you sleep with a fidgety partner or you yourself for fidgety at night I’ve put a glass of water here on the side of the bed there’s little to no motion when I roll around even when I jump quite a bit next to this cup the water moves a little bit but no water spills and the cups in no danger of falling over as for sleep positions the big fake will accommodate you regardless of what position you sleep is starting with your stomach you can see here as I lie on the bed that its contouring.

And I feel like my hips and my shoulders are supported laying on your side you can see if the mattress provides some contour along the side and I also don’t feel like my shoulder is being compressed too much even when I tuck it underneath my body like this you sleep on your back your hips are also gonna be supported in the midsection where you hold the most weight and I’m experiencing a contour here as for me personally I sleep in all three positions I change position frequently throughout the night and I found that every morning I woke up feeling refreshed rested and I didn’t experience any hip or shoulder pain which is common on firm beds lastly.

I just want to give you a few of my general impressions from sleeping on the bed myself one of the first things I noticed was that there was no off-gassing smell maybe it’s because it wasn’t compressed and held in an airtight container for so long but either way it smelled great when I got here and I had no problems at all second I wanted to note that this bed sleeps really cool all of the things that they do to promote breathability and cooling throughout the night works very well My partner sleeps really hot and he had no problems on this bed slept super cool way cooler than a regular mattress the edge support on this bed is amazing I know I talked about it already.

But I still can’t believe it like the added foam in the edges does a whole world of difference lastly this the bed is a pretty firm which helps it cater to this big and tall community however if you do prefer a softer feeling bed it might not be the right one for you thanks for tuning in today I hope all this information really helps you determine whether the big fig is right for you and helps, you find a better night’s sleep.


It was the article for the best mattress for the overweight couple. If you refer to the buying guide we have shared, you can definitely purchase the best bedding for yourself.

The mattress is one such thing that can play an essential role in your nightlife with your partner or even for a good sleep. So, you should think wisely before deciding on one. Further, we would never wish that your weight become trouble in this purchase. Hence, we came with the best products for you and your love. 

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