Lying in a Relationship

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Lying in a relationship is something that happens almost every day and we can’t deny that we all tell some kind of lies every day like “I am fine” or “It’s ok” or “Don’t worry” or something like that.

And it’s not a problem that if sometimes you just don’t want your partner to be more stressed about the other subject may be because he/she is in some stressful situation already. Or maybe sometimes you would think that your partner will be really angry and wouldn’t understand you properly or won’t even listen or even won’t realize the exact situation and there’s like 1000 of reasons you would think what will happen and after a while, that simple lie got bigger and bigger every day. An assumption is good and it’s OK to feel week about the situation but at some certain point you will start to feel guilty and the feeling of that guilt will going to hurt you and the behavior is going to change and that’s when the real problem starts…

Now, it’s not about all the lies in the relationship like you can give a sweet compliment about your partner’s gift which is actually boring or something like that which is pretty benefited for the relationship. But what are the lies that have to maintain the rules of “Honesty is the best policy”…

When you are in a relationship which is so involved in both emotionally and physically so you don’t want to tell lies and at some point you find out your ex-want to communicate with you about your broken relationship and you think you still have feelings or you find out that your partner has been seeing his/her ex…So these are lies you are hiding in yourself and thinking that it’s good to just avoid these matter from your partner. But there’s a big “NO” for that kind of situation of course.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that if you really love your partner you are not supposed to lie about some situation which you have to lie about instead share your weaknesses, the problems you are going through or what you are not comfortable with your partner so remember that sharing is caring and lying in a relationship is never okay.

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