Love and Relationship Goals

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All about Relationship Goals

1. Incredible Ways to Reach Your Relationship Goals in Life

To maintain a relationship and achieve your desired goal of your relationship, you have to maintain some behaviors in your relationship, what you’re doing with people now, will definitely come back to you one day, same goes with your relationship, what you are doing with your mate will definitely come back to you one day, this is called, “The Karma”. Karma never shows mercy to anyone. Here are some basic expectations of a relationship that you should maintain to reach your relationship goals in life with your loved one. We will discuss the following topics to reach relationship goals later in separate articles. I am giving a short list so that it becomes easy for you to navigate to the topic you want to know about.

2. Relationship Problems and Solutions

Life is all about problems. Everybody has problems in their lives. And moreover, if you are in a relationship, you have more problems. Expectations, fighting, ego, break-ups, divorces and what not! But you know what? Problems are good for your life, problems make your life interesting, if you had no problems in your life or relationship, it would have become so boring. Problems are the ones which make our life interesting, thrilling. Problems make us understand the beauty of life. Anyways, in these sections, we will list the major problems and solutions in various stages of a relationship. You can click each one and read whichever you need to know about.

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The Passion Inside You, Needs to be Guided.

Relationship Goals to Set

While talking about ways to reach relationship goals, we have missed a big part. What relationship goal you are trying to achieve? What is the goal of your relationship? I mean, if you do not even know what your goal is, how will you be able to reach it? You have to set your aim first, thus you can implement which goal is easily reachable and which are not possible on your part, you should decide first. To maintain a happy romantic relation in life, you have to set these goals:

  • Marriage/Living Together
  • Happiness
  • Making Family
  • Having Somebody besides, for the whole Life.

Love and Relationship Goals is mainly a general category talking about relationship problems, issues, and solutions. All the topics which are related to love and relationships are included here. So, you will get all the topics about love and relationship goals in this archive. At the same time, all the topics are legit and genuine. So you can learn a lot from this blog and use it in your personal life.

Do We Really Need Relationships?

The need for relationships was suggested since the beginning of time in the writings of well-known authors such as William Shakespeare and Margaret Mitchell. They presented relationships as something that is worth even dying for in the name of true love, a sacrifice that is meant to give our lives a purpose.

What can be more beautiful than a genuine connection that raises us spiritually and is the only valuable treasure a man could ever get in his life?

Of course, it comes with a price. We can never know all there is to know about someone as no one will ever know all there is to know about us. So most of our relationships end up in disappointment.

Maybe humans are by nature too complicated to be fully understood. But this is the moment when we have to choose: either to approach the ones around us with suspicion or with an open mind that is armed with a great deal of candor and optimism.

We need relationships because without them we could never truly experience happiness or sadness.

Relationships are a kind of heaven that we lose and regain constantly, but always differently – a few people are meant to stay in our lives till the end.

As a conclusion the answer to Do we really need relationships? is complex yet impossible to provide? Actually we never really understand the importance of something until we lose it. Even if we invest feelings in one’s presence in our life, there will always come a time when we realize that all was in vain, when all the love, respect, and communication we gave, turn into nothing else but silence. It is painful but it is necessary.

Relationships are an adventure but at the same time a lesson that nourishes our soul, that breaks it into thousands of pieces.

Why do we need relationships?

I am sure that once in life, every single one of us asked himself – Why do I need relationships? , – maybe because we been disappointed by a loved one, or we can’t understand why do we need relationships, why do we need people? After all, we are born alone, and we die alone, right? Further, I will show some reasons why having healthy relationships is better than being alone.

It’s pretty simple actually. Humans need each other. Humans that cooperate are better off than other humans. Relationships are imperative in humans’ lives for many reasons such as: increasing the emotional status, learning how to be a good friend or mate, and this way having a good life. Being in a relationship and not beloved-loved one, but any kind of relationship, makes us feel included, wanted and also provides us the feeling of having someone u can count on.

During our lives we will experience three types of relationships:

  1. Family Relationships
  2. Friendships
  3. Love Relationships

1. Family relationships

We first learn to love and to care about relationships from our families. The family is defined as a domestic group of people with some degrees of kinship – whether through blood, marriage or adoption.

There is a statement, and it usually refers to that period spent with family before going to school. And to be completely honest, our life starts this way: at home with family. And this life is the one which helps us to develop as humans. At home, we learn to talk, to connect with the outside world and to develop ourselves as a unique being.

These are probably the people we are closest to and with whom we spend most of our time. Having a healthy relationship with your family members is both important and difficult.

“Family” includes your brothers-sisters, and parents, relatives who you may not meet with every day, such as your cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and stepparents. They always want your good, even if sometimes they get you as angry as they could hardly imagine. Even so, use your family’s presence to your advantage – communicate with each other, develop ways to value boundaries, and built trust and respect, because this is the main relationship you’ll ever have in life.

2. Friendships

After we get out of the “bubble” called family, we go into society, and here we met new people, new faces. Why do we need relationships, you may be asking… Well, let me tell you why.

One of the greatest gifts of life is friendship, and we all have received it. Don’t try to fool me! I know You have a best friend! Without them, our lives would be sad. Friendship is such a priceless type of relationship between two people who love each other and care about each other. Friends show their love whenever you are in trouble, not in happiness.

I know you had a bad day, but I also understand your friend called you and made you laugh. It is excellent, isn’t it? Your friend just made you smile. This is what we call – happiness – having a good friend you can count on. Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.

This kind of relationship develops us as a good person, helps us understand the teamwork, and also teaches us to put someone else first. Do you still doubt about this? I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who gave me a heart full of joy. Let’s face it; friends make life a lot funnier than not having them.

3. Love relationships

Love is one of the most heavenly emotions known to human beings. There comes a moment in life when you feel that you need something else. You need something more than just a friend, and something more than just your parents. You need something to care about, something to live for. And here is the starting of love. This is the moment when you feel from inside that you have grown up and all those butterflies are flying you feel in your stomach have nothing to do with the food you have just finished.

Suddenly, a new person appeared in your life, and you know it is an important one. Maybe it’s the chemist’s girl or the boy that leaves close to school, but you, my dear friend are… in love… Do not be scared since it is the most beautiful feeling one can ever experience. Here came the threshold of soul fulfillment. The old “just I” is gone and now you start to say “us.” There is no more one cup of coffee but two. There is no more than a feeling of lack, but the one to fulfill.

I now you mutter. Why do we need relationships? It is because you are just half a soul. You need another one to be entire. This is why you need relationships. This kind of relationships complete you, make you a great person, and due to them, you have a reason for happiness you have something to live for. You are complete.

Now, do you see why do we need relationships? Because they show us how to love and be loved as well as who we want to be in life and who we don’t. Having serious, trusting relationships allows us to be our true selves indeed. We must be open to meeting new people and having spiritual connections will help us grow our faith and be able to inspire others to open us to new possibilities.

Just be yourself, and the right people will be in your life for the right reasons.

The True Need for Relationships

As the first need of a relationship is the need for communication with people around us. If we do not know how or cannot communicate we will not develop our thinking any more. So, why do we need a relationship? Because relationships define people, they define who people really are. Since you know the person then you can establish a relationship with that person. Perhaps, having prejudices, you judged, criticized or even hated a person before knowing that person and being able to establish a relationship. After getting to know that person we can realize the positive and good things hidden in him/her.

For me, two kinds of relationships are most important: with my parents and with friends

Why do I need a relationship with my parents?
the true need for relationships

Because I need pieces of advice, support, encouragement, love, and understanding from them. I consider that not having a good relationship with your family makes you an incomplete person, that kind of person who seeks this need elsewhere.

Why do I need a relationship with my friends?
the true need for relationships

The second most important relationship is with my best friend. I discovered the need for a friendly relationship with her six years ago when I was in high school. For me, this friendly relationship is more important than somebody may think. Why this need for a friendly relationship? Because a great friendship is one of the most beautiful and pure feelings one can have.

I believe that this need of being in a relationship – whether a family one or a friendly one – is as vital as water in our lives. Having people close to us can really improve our process of getting mature and it also helps us feel protected and supported. Life without relationships would be boring and incomplete.

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