Long Distance Relationship

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It is a human prerogative to be loved, or at the very least to have or be significant to another person’s life, which is why at some point in time we all need to experience an interpersonal relationship. While there are no specific blueprints, rules, and regulations on how to start a relationship, there are many factors that dictate the outcome of it.

Being people, most of these factors are as diverse and as complicated as people themselves. Things such as ethnicity, culture, common interests, future plans, etc, are just some of the things that can be named on top of the list.

Relationships that start off as Long Distance Relationship

Some people, for these reasons, are unable to find a partner that suits their tastes in their present environment. But in today’s modern era, loveless bachelors can now turn to the internet to find a solution for their romantic woes. In the last decade, online dating sites have grown, at the very least, at an exponential rate.

Online dating sites have come to bridge the gap among people who, not only geographical y but in a cultural sense as well, are literally worlds apart. Human connectivity at a personal level is greatly underrated in terms of its power to bridge gaps in thought, sensibilities, and beliefs. But online dating sites have practically made multi-million dollar business using this as a foundation.

This form of relationship can be classified as a relationship that starts off as a long distance relationship. Online dating sites give may be able to give you a very convenient form of communication with a person from the other side of the globe; but it is inevitable, if you wish the relationship to progress, that you must one day meet each other face to face. This brings us to what modern day internet jargon would refer to as the eyeball. Since internet viewing uses a webcam, the term is derived from the traditional way of viewing a person, with your eyeballs.

The eyeball, the internet jargon not your actual eyeball, is undermined pretty much in the same way as blind dates are viewed as inferior to an actual normal date; which is a date that you set in real life. And with that in mind, you can’t help but feel slightly… desperate. But if there is one thing that “eyeballing” can rely on, it’s the power of destiny— now I’m not an expert on love or the internet, but I’m certain that the phrase “love at first sight” was coined long before the internet was even a dream in the history of human thought. Online dating sites may be seen as nerdy, unfashionable, and by some people as weird, but the magic of love can take form anywhere. At least that’s what online dating sites are banking on.

Relationships that turn into Long Distance Relationship

The inverse of these online/long distance relationships is when two people from the same environment start out as couples than for circumstances that happen in life, they are forced to live apart with great distances between them. Once again modern day technology rides to the rescue.

In the olden days, people would have to make do with the mail, which was only as good as the service that delivered them. Nowadays communication takes place at speeds much faster than the blink of your eye. And we’re not talking Morse code and operator assisted telephone calls; we’re talking about webcams, microphones, instant messages, and the recently popular social networking service. Now, lovers thrown to separate ends of the earth can send messages, talk and view each other, as conveniently as one snaps a finger. And furthermore, the equipment needed for this modern day amenity does not cost an arm and a leg.

It may sound a little simplistic, but all you really need to connect yourself to everyone else in the civilized world is a computer and broadband access. If it’s that easy to connect to the rest of the world, then utilizing this medium to connect with the love-of-your-life should be a walk in the park.

These two kinds of long-distance relationships are similar to each other in terms of distance and making use of the internet to close the gap created by this distance. On one hand, there are people who use the internet to meet new people and hope to start the flames of love and passion; while on the other there are people who use the internet to try and keep these flames alive.

But as I have implied earlier, there is no substitute for actually being in each other’s presence, no matter how modern and convenient the alternative is. The internet, therefore, is only a tool and as such, should be viewed only as serving specific purposes; not as a surrogate for a healthy, meaningful relationship. One thing that online relationships have in common with traditional relationships is, and I’m no expert on love and the internet: it’s up to the people involved in a relationship to make the relationship work.

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Being in a long distance relationship is not a taboo topic anymore

More and more people manage to find love online and a large number of them even end up married. But how do we know when we are ready to get into this type of relationship, how to approach it properly and is it worth the effort? These are three good questions that are going to be answered in this article.

I come from a very traditionalist family, and as a result, I was always being told that long distance relationships narrow your perspective.

Nothing more false!

I’m sure you will agree with me when I say that interacting with someone from a different city or country only broadens your knowledge about culture, customs, and life in general. A long distance relationship can be seen as a way of seeing the world through different eyes.

Maybe not being close to the loved one is just a way of paying the piper for having the chance to learn from your partner. There is no doubt that social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Skype only make long distance relationships easier. Due to technology, you can see and talk with your partner daily. Even though not being able to cuddle with the loved one is tough, these social networks are definitely a great substitute.

If a long distance relationship can happily last, it is not only a sign of love but also a proof of the strength of character. Needless to say, the best part about long distance relationships is the reunion. There is something so soothing about knowing that one day you’ll be able to hold your loved one tight in your arms.

As I grew up, I realized that long distance relationships allow both your emotions and knowledge bloom. So, are long distance relationships worth it?

Yes! As long as you respect and love each other, this type of relationships only pushes you to become a better version of yourself while still making you feel loved and appreciated.

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