Long Distance Relationship Tips and Advice | Ideas to Keep It Warm and Alive

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Long Distance Relationship Advice

Maintaining a long term relationship can be difficult when you and your loved ones are in 2 different worlds. Below are 4 key main points to help you maintain your long distance relationship.

  1. Communicate with your Long Distance Relationship Partner
    Communication is one of the most important things in any relationship, and before your romantic relationship partner goes overseas, sit down with him/her and make a list of the various way of communications – as in, it’s by phone, email, instant messenger, or Skype. Conversing through a phone over voice calls used to be very popular, but extremely expensive as it becomes an international call when it is about a long distance relationship. With IDD rates falling, calls are becoming more affordable day by day – and you should obviously not miss a chat! Also, there are VOIP, instant messenger where you can view your partner through a webcam. Therefore, it’s very important to have a schedule where both of you agree to communicate. By sharing your daily happenings, it will forge a closer bond between you and your Significant Other.

It is, however, important to bear in mind that you should NEVER communicate for the sake of communicating. If communication boils down to a routine or an obligation, your relationship could be well headed towards a burn-out.

  1. Remember important dates
    Amidst the busy lifestyle, it’s always important to remember dates special to both of your- birthdays, anniversaries, festivals – send a sweet message, call, or you can even send a small but meaningful gift to delight your partner. At times, stick to traditional letter writing. Research has shown that letter writing amplifies the effort and thought put in by the letter writer – as more time is needed to write, decorate and mail the letter or card. Email just signals plain cold efficiencies – lacking the warmth and close to heart factor of the effects of cards and letters. Such intermittent surprises will bring in excitement into an otherwise lonely relationship.
  2. Physical, not virtual

Often, communicating virtually through the net or via the phone is insufficient, especially if the overseas stay span into years. Meeting at intervals throughout the LDR will enable both parties to catch up. A kiss and a hug – a physical affirmation of love will melt longing and loneliness. Planning for your next trip will inject excitement and create anticipation for the future.

  1. Managing Expectations

Physical separation, constant longing, and different time zones will cause a dent to the relationship to a certain effect. The great news is that you can minimize this by adjusting your expectation as well as that of your Significant Other. Recognize the fact that immediate response to phone calls or messages may not always happen. A long distance relationship is NOT a normal relationship. Besides time and devotion, you also need to inject practicality. Do not expect the other partner to engage in lengthy three-hours long phone calls every day. Communicate frequently with your partners to ensure that you are meeting each other’s expectations.

Keeping the Intimacy Intact

Out of sight, out of mind – now this is a nightmare for 2 people entangled in a long distance relationship. There’s a certain truth to this. Being apart makes you susceptible to cheating and eventually forgetting your commitment towards one another.

Saddening, isn’t it? But this doesn’t always have to be the case. There are ways to keep the intimacy intact, despite of the thousands of miles that keep you apart from one another. As of now that you’re apart, would constant communication suffice for keeping your intimacy alive and kicking?

Defying Different Time Zones

Okay, so you must be in Orlando, Florida and ready to work. And you wish to tell sweet nothings via a phone call to your loved one – who is currently in Ankara, Turkey and may already be fast asleep after a hectic day at work.

Later on that night, you’re in bed and want to have a naughty time via cyberspace, but your loved one needs to shower, have a quick breakfast and rush to work.

Different time zones – a sure way to crush your hots! Well, you can leave some teasing in his or her inbox, and just check it out as soon as you can the next day. Besides, wouldn’t it be kinda nice to look forward to a naughty reply from miles away? The element of surprise sure is very exciting!

Surprises for Special Occasions

Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays – now more than ever, there’s simply no reason for you to surprise your loved one from across the globe with a surprise gift. Thanks to the internet, now there are online sites wherein you can purchase stuff and have it delivered to the recipient as well – be it a greeting card, a bouquet of flowers, gadget, and practically anything that you can think of!

During Valentine’s Day, one way of spicing things up, though oceans away, is by sending sexy and raunchy gifts! It can be a sexy underwear, Kama Sutra book, sensual oils or naughty ornamental figurines – anything that will set the occasion ablaze.

Doing the Same Things Together

You may not be physically there for one another, but doing the same thing is just like doing the real thing together. Is there a new romantic flick coming? Then agree on both seeing the film, and discuss it when the two of you can talk on the phone or chat online.

Or you can agree on eating out at a common international restaurant chain, order the very same dish and chat on the phone or text while eating.

Knowing that your loved one is doing the very same thing that you’re doing is just as good as doing it side by side. The two of you feeling kinda naughty and want to share a really, really intimate moment? No problem – that’s what webcams are also for!

Never Fail to Get in Touch

No matter how you do it, utilize all forms of getting in touch with one another to keep the intimacy intact. Write, write, write! Chat, chat, chat! Make the most out of every time, treasure it, and look forward to that day the two of you could finally meet. Besides, it’s one advantage you and your loved one got over others – being apart simply makes your desire towards one another burning each time!

Ideas To Keep Long Distance Relationship Alive

It’s really frustrating when you are oceans apart from your precious partner. It may even become depressing when you wanted to talk to him/her but you can’t reach him/her when you want to go to the movies together but cant, when you want to hold her/his hand and whisper something but she/he is just too far away. Yes, it is not easy. But who said it should be so hard either? Many couples have undergone this distance dilemma and survived it. It even made them better. You can also do it.

Below are some activities and ideas to help you cope up with the distance. You can try one or all of it to successfully manage the separation.

Call each other every day. Constant communication is vital in keeping the relationship happy. It doesn’t mean that you have to call him/her every hour but make sure you call at least twice a day to know what’s happening. Talk about how the day went, what went right and what went wrong. Make sure that you are ready to hear that the other one has to say. A two-way communication is best to comfort both of you. Do not expect that every call will be answered. There are times that your partner will be busy and can’t answer your call. You must be ready for this when it happens. Trust is still the main ingredient in a long distance relationship.

Even if you are far away from each other, do things together that will remind you of how you did when you were still together. Watch a TV show or a movie at the same time and talk about it afterward. Set up a video conference and talk about how you loved it .its like talking face to face.

You can also gaze at stars when night falls. Watch your favorite star at night. This is a romantic thing to do especially when you’re miles apart.

Send gifts to each other, his/her favorite cake, card or flower. This will remind her/him that she/he is not forgotten and you think about her/him every time. Notes that say how you feel will still melt the heart. If you received something from your partner, make sure you return the favor. Treasure the gifts being sent to you and you will also be cherished.

Why not play a game together? There are so many games that connect you online. Massively multiplayer games are flocking the World Wide Web, if you like playing games, then this is perfect for the both of you. You can interact with one another in the game. Hook up a headset and connect via chat, play as you talk and strengthen your bond.
Take pictures of yourself and send it to your partner every day. This will update him/her about how you look, refreshing your image in his/her memory.

Setup a website or an online business together, take turns in updating it or divide the tasks at hand. You will be in charge of the content and she/he will be in charge of marketing, something like that. This will prepare you for your married life in the future.

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