7 Secrets of a Healthy and Happy Relationship

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If you are reading this, you want to know what is the secret of a happy relationship? You may also desire to know how to have a happy relationship with your life partner? In this article, we will talk about the 7 secrets of a happy relationship and also know how to have a happy couple’s relationship.

Happiness is an Infatuation

long lasting relationship tips
long lasting relationship tips

Let me tell you a top secret. The one nobody talks about, and most of the people know it, but can not implement it to their lives. The thing is, actually, there is nothing called happiness or sadness in this world. They are relative. Relative in the sense that, if something brings you happiness that does not mean it will also bring happiness to another man’s life. If something makes you sad, that does not mean that it will bring sadness to other’s lives.

The middle point is, happiness is an infatuation, it varies person to person. People run all their life casing the happiness they want which does not even exist. But here is the surprise, it does not mean that you can not be happy because happiness does not exist, actually it exists inside you, you just need to find it inside you, and find the inner peace.

The Most Surprising Secret of Happiness

The most surprising secret to happiness to your life is that you have to manipulate yourself, make yourself believe that you are actually happy. You may think that a lot of money can bring you happiness or something you dream of can bring you happiness. This is actually wrong, a lot of money or the thing you dream of in your life cannot actually bring you happiness. It can not help you to find inner peace. These are all infatuations that you think that you will have tomorrow when you achieve your dream. But tomorrow never comes until it is too late.

So, you just have to make your heart a fool and convince yourself that you are happy and you will feel differently, and eventually, you will find out that you are happy with what you already have, That’s the main secret to finding happiness.

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Happiness and Secret of a Happy Relationship

goals for marriage
goals for marriage

As we now know a bit about happiness, let’s relate and implement it to our romantic couples relationship. The issue is, you can not be happy with a person until you think that you are actually happy with them. Nobody is perfect in this world. The Almighty/Allah/Creator/Nature whatever you believe in, he does not like perfect things, he does not create perfect people. Everybody has some good things and some bad things. If you are thinking that you are not happy with the person you are with right now, trust me, you will not be able to have happy couples relationship even if you leave the person and be with someone else. The new guy you will be with will also have some bad things that you will not like, goods and bads are relative just like happiness. The best thing you can do is to leave it upon your luck and see what your luck ends you up with. Because everybody will have problems that you do not like, you just have to accept them. So, depending on your luck, your luck always does what is best for you.

7 Secrets on How to Have a Happy Relationship

how to have a happy relationship
how to have a happy relationship

There are many more secrets than just to believe that you are happy. Actually, it varies from person to person. So the secrets of a happy relationship also differ from person to person. But there are some common factors that can make a happy couple’s relationship. Here are some suggestions so that you can understand how to have a happy relationship

  1. Avoiding Communication Gaps
  2. Having Faith
  3. Being Honest
  4. Supporting
  5. Having Some Space
  6. Having Respect
  7. Trying Not to Change Each Other

Here are the details about these secrets on how to have a healthy relationship with your soul mate:

Avoiding Communication Gaps

Always try to be connected to your loved one, do not make communication gaps. Communication gap is a killer of love. There is a saying that is:

Out of Sight, Out of Mind.

Many will tell you that it is not right, they will misguide you by telling that when there are love and soul to soul connection, there is no communication needed to be happy in paired life. Actually, this is a wrong concept. Only immature people think like this and this is not the reality, real life is crueler than that. When you communicate less with your loved one, both of you will get bored, a third person will enter your life as your love partner is out of your sight and thus it will an unhappy and unhealthy relationship which will eventually lead your relationship to a breakup or divorce.

Having Trust on One Another

Trust is the basement of a romantic relationship. If there is no trust, then I am afraid I must say that you do not actually love one another. You have to trust each other to have a healthy relationship, trust is one of the biggest factors that can control your relationship with your love partner. Having trust in each other is another of the secrets when you want to know how to have a happy relationship with your life partner.

Being Honest and Loyal to Your Relationship

Only having trust in each other is not enough. You have to be loyal to each other. Nobody can read your thoughts, we can only be loyal to a romantic relationship and expect that the other will be honest too. If any of you two is not loyal, then one day life will put you on a situation that will reveal the person who is not honest. Your trust will fall and break, and if the trust is broken in a romantic relationship, there is actually nothing left. If you are not loyal to each other, eventually it will lead to cheating on each other which will end you up to an unhappy relationship.

Supporting One Another When You are Having Trouble

Life itself is a problem which troubles you every moment and every day. People do not leave their partner just because they are in trouble. You have to face trouble together. Except for your parents only your life partner can help you, can support you whenever you are in trouble. You have to be beside each other, support each other mentally when you are in trouble. Supporting one another at the time of trouble is another secret of a happy relationship.

Giving Your Partner a Bit of a Space

Everybody should have their own personal space that they can use to get rid of maintaining the relationship. It might get boring to have the relationship going on and on and on for a long time, give your partner some space so that they do not think that you are being possessive to him/her. Being possessive is not a bad thing, in fact, it is kind of kinky to think that somebody in this world is being possessive about you. But excessive of anything is bad. Have a limit, do not cross the line, give your partner space to settle them in the relationship to maintain a happy relationship.

Respect your Partner So They Do Not Feel Cheap

Respecting each other in a romantic relationship is one of another secret of a happy relationship. If you want to have a healthy relationship, make sure that you have some respect for each other. If you do not respect your life partner, they will feel cheap inside, they will be unhappy with you which is not food for a healthy relationship. If your partner feels insecure just because you do not respect them, it can lead you to a breakup or divorce.

Do Not Try to Change Your Life Partner

This is one of the biggest relationship problems that are so common nowadays. People do not like some nature of their partner. Then they try to change him/her. This is a wrong thing to do if you want to maintain a romantic relationship. Trying to change your partner is not a wise thing to do if you want to maintain a healthy relationship. Why? because you liked and eventually loved the person because of what s/he was, if they changes one day you will feel that you did not actually love this person, they person you loved has been changed and you are forcing yourself to be with him/her. Trying not to change each other is one of the secrets of a happy relationship.

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