How to Attract Women

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To attract many women this time I will not tell you the usual, a good shower, a good cut, confidence or learn to dress well as a seducer ; I will not do it because you can be a true manin all your faculties, but even if you have all this and more you can only conquer a single woman in your whole life, two, good or almost none.

So how do I attract more women? If you are a really handsome guy, with an excellent physique, you smell good and you also have a unique style, even if you have everything easy to conquer the girl you are interested in , irremediably nothing will help you if you do not have what is below I will mention you.

Yes, that’s right, for more money you have if you do not take it into account, your seduction game will only serve you once or a couple of times, as many instead of being attracted will wish they never stumbled on your way.

Remember how special your life is, you will always move in these circles, friendships, study or work , therefore, if you do not take care of them you will not be able to relate to women who want to enter your life, it will be limited, so if you want One, two or three will help you bring many more women to your game carefully follow the next steps to follow.

Steps to attract many women

How is that going to help a woman attract many more women to my love life? This is to create a kind of vicious circle that always works in your favor that of course all seducer must respect, since it will self-feed itself if you know how to take care of it and protect it very well.

1.- Finish your relations well

End a love relationship should not be a conflictual end in any way , because if it is said abandoned woman will hate you for the rest of your existence, creating a negative image about you as a potential partner for other women, demotivating and even creating enmities with people that you do not even know.

Thus; if you are not completely satisfied with any relationship and wish to end it, do not be cruel to any of them; If you do things well, you end a relationship and maintain a good relationship with an ex, although you should not necessarily become your best friend, she will remember you with a great memory, having left with you will be synonymous with “having fun in every way » How will you prove to have had a good experience with you?Well, having a good memory and most importantly, will talk about how well it happened to your side to other women who could potentially also interest you.

2.- Do not presume of your Conquests

Do not presume as an imbecile of your triumphs before men or women, however spectacular or popular your conquests may never be; since in doing it the other women will know that they can not trust you, either as a friend, a partner or even worse as a lover; an indiscreet man is the worst thing that a woman can desire , they love to feel wanted and to sleep with someone who meets their demands, but they will not be comfortable if someone tells right and left that she is an animal in bed, You can count them, but you can not.

By telling others about your sexual accomplishments, they will simply be afraid to have something with you, since doing so will be synonymous, then everyone will know about it, so be a discreet man. Remember that they will always hate to see others as easy and unselective.

3.- All women are important

You know very well that when you are interested in a woman you try to be more attentive or gentlemanly with that person, but why not be with the others? Being attentive to all the women around you will help you to awaken emotions in more than one woman, although it is not necessarily attraction. What you wake up will be positive emotions for the opposite sex, and as expected the girl or girls that interest you most likely they will begin to look at you with different eyes, since they will think unconsciously “if they are able to awaken those emotions in more than one woman”, they should have something good to offer me too.

Therefore, not only be a gallant only with the person that attracts you , but also you should be with the rest of women even if they do not seem at all attractive.

4.- Use the women who rejected you

Maybe some woman you liked so much sent you to the friendship zone , so accept it with great courage and instead of feeling like the most unfortunate man on earth, become your friend, but not in the sense of being your puppy lap or anything like that, so instead of letting him talk, be a friend in full rule without going over the ordinary, and of course without thinking that one day fall into your arms, go out with her to take something after school or from work, and includes some of her friends; Going out and being fun with a girl or girls will make you look like someone social and open, which will make some of that environment can see you as fun and interesting.

5.- Your ex will be your best friends

Having as best friends some lady with whom you shared the bedroom could bring you good benefits in your life as a seducer , since he will speak very well of you as a potential partner of any woman above all if your former partner is attractive, be your friend and have a good confidence with a woman of these characteristics, will make you attractive to the rest, since they will see you as a mature and confident guy with whom having a relationship would not be any problem.

Also, if you see that a worthwhile woman has had something with you, they will assume that it has been for something, that is, you are someone with a certain value, therefore the rest of the women will want to discover how much value you have to offer; this in summary is what is commonly said in terms of seduction “if you are attractive to a woman, you will also be attractive to others”

6.- Be friends with the most beautiful

Befriending the prettiest girl in your study or work center will increase your popularity, of course, having a relationship with her would exposonially, but remember you are still a beginner in this, so something like that will be proposed in some future later; becomes a real friend and I repeat it again without being your slave at all, being a friend of a woman with these characteristics will put you in the center of attention of other women and a certain respect to see that said girl shares a deal special with you , be your friend, be social and even sexual, but without pretending to seduce her, this will raise your status within your environment awakening some interest on the rest of the herd.

To this we must also add that most people tend to have friendships with similar people, either in taste or appearance; so very possibly such a beautiful friend can relate to a highly attractive female staff and these in turn with others, be a real friend and you will have a new group to put into practice your new seductive skills .

If you have understood everything right up to here, you will have realized that if you go around linking by linking, your game area will be reduced and limited, however if you keep these points you will have greater options; In other words, the women themselves will advertise you, to say the least .

As you may have noticed, a single relationship can open the doors to new potential relationships, take care of them since the women you know will always be your best public relations, as well as your most valued letters of introduction, and of course attract many more Women to your life has a great price in itself ; that is, having the courage to do it, to accept your fears and commit to being a little more social every fucking day . Salut!

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