Harmful Effects of Ego Problems in Romantic Relationships

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Gaining control of your ego problems in your romantic relationship is an important issue that you can do on your own. If you can not control your ego against your relationship, it might be harmful to your romantic relationship and end up proceeding to an unsuccessful, frustrating and depressing relationship.

Here are some Harmful effects of ego problems in a relationship that might end up to a breakup or divorce. We will discuss these effects thoroughly later in this article.

  • Depression and Frustration
  • Jealousy
  • Helplessness
  • Makes Your Partner Dishonest
  • Unhealthy competition, Pushing Your Loved One Away

Depression and Frustration


Ego Problems in relationships makes the relationship depressing and frustrating, it feels like your partner does not love you anymore. Feels like his/her ego is the only thing s/he cared about. This makes you feel broken inside, makes you depressed and frustrated about the relationship.


jealousy in relationship
in relationship

“Why always me?”, “Why do I have to sacrifice all the time?”, these are really common complains in relationships nowadays, every relationship has these kinds of complaints, but you know what? In a relationship, two people must be exactly opposite to each other, just as magnets attract opposite poles, sex always attracts opposite one (normally), this is exactly like that, if in a relationship, two people are exactly like each other, they would have repulsed each other, and two people living together must have opposite characteristics. If one is short-tempered, the other must be cold-blooded, if one has a problem, the other must not have it.

Exactly like that, if in a relationship one has ego problems, the other has to be free of ego, s/he must have a sacrificing mentality, that is how it works generally. But there are many issues when you have to let go of your ego and say sorry. Sacrifice from both ends makes the relationship easy going.


Your ego can often make your romantic partner feel helpless. If you always stick with your ego, your love will die with time, your partner will feel vulnerable about the relationship. If you want a happy paired life, you must not make your partner feel vulnerable and helpless, I mean, it is normal, right? if s/he feels helpless even if s/he have you, why would s/he be with you? This often ends up to a breakup or divorce.

You must be sober and a bit sacrificing to your partner. One can never sacrifice his/her ego all the time.

Makes Your Partner Dishonest

If your ego is more important than your love for your partner all the time, your love will start to die. Your partner will feel helpless and depressed and end up looking for people who can support them, adore them. Often it leads to a relationship affair. S/he will start seeing those people who give them support and will be attracted to them with time and most importantly, they will start to lie to you about it. Thus it will lead to a dishonest relationship.


Unhealthy Competition, It Pushes Your Loved One Away

Ego Creates unhealthy competition like, “He is keeping his ego against our love, then why would I sacrifice?? I will keep my ego also.”

These kinds of competition just kill your emotion for your loved one and push him/her away from you. This is not the way you treat your partner, this is not the competition which we expect in a romantic relationship. If you have to compete, compete on loving each other, as in, “who loves the other most?”

I heard a quote about it which said

Break her bed, not her heart.

That should be the relationship goal you must have.

Besides these, there are many more side effects of ego problems in your relationship. I am just trying to give an overview of how dangerous it is for your romantic relationship. So, try to kill your ego if you really love him/her and try to make it a habit. Sacrificing does not mean you are weak, it just means you are strong enough to respect your love for him/her.

We mustn’t live this reality instantly so that you can go with a loving and delighted point out. The greater you subdue and dissolve your ego, the freer you are to experience a great life.

But our heads keep on to analyze one thing to death, developing 30 diverse realities (none of which stick or convey us any peace). And we maintain accomplishing it time and again yet again, cementing our fears, our ‘under’ belief devices and subsequent destructive DNA programming further into our lives.

“Undoubtedly men of small degree are vanity, and Males of substantial diploma absolutely are a lie: to become laid inside the harmony, These are completely lighter than Self-importance.”–Psalms 62:9

The ego is 1-third of Sigmund Freud’s Structural Product of psychology. Freud argued which the Moi is the part of somebody’s psychology that handles the demands from the exterior entire world.

Reply Jorge November eleven, 2011 Alright. I do think you got a great point listed here. “Moi” doesn’t exist, it´s just an idea, it doesn´t do something and as you mentioned just isn’t essential as a concept. “Ego” is just the graphic that I’ve about myself.

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This person may well seem incredibly concrete and rigid, incapable of accepting alter and lacking an inside perception of appropriate from Completely wrong.

The reason I believe they are saying the ego is usually an independent matter is to get men and women to disidentify within the patterns, to understand that they’re something that might be transformed and overlooked.

Your ego normally would like to re-hash and replay the previous scenarios. This is a really intelligent trick with the Moi since it makes you feel that by rethinking the ache you’ll get some answers. Your Moi lets you know it is a vital process

As an alternative to performing on the primal urges of the id, you invest the rest of the Assembly imagining on your own eating a cheeseburger. Once the meeting is ultimately in excess of, you may request out the item you ended up imagining and fulfill the requires of your id in a practical and appropriate method.

Ego can wreck friendships and set a wedge in between relations, much too. For those who have experienced a string of unsuccessful relationships, you’ll want to let go of your respective Moi and take a phase ahead toward real happiness.

When you wish to thoroughly clean up your property and possess some cash to, er, blow, EGO Blower seems like It will probably be a good purchase.

Gentlemen with significant egos are sometimes insecure and take a look at to include up All those insecurities with overcompensation. In truth, the man that has a big ego lacks self-esteem and self-adore.

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