Cheating in Long Distance Relationship – How to Resist?

If a romantic couple living within the same city got to deal with cheating and fail at times, just imagine what two people living oceans away from each other most likely go through!

The physical absence of the other half makes cheating really hard to resist. Furthermore, with shaky trust within the relationship, one would think that the other’s already cheating (of course without telling you) so you might as well cheat yourself.

Cheating within a long distance relationship will always be around. Now the question is: would you give in to the temptation? If you firmly believe that trust and faithfulness are things you cannot risk, there are certain things which you can do to resist cheating when you’re miles apart from each other.

1. Diversion to Maintain Devotion

One way to fight off the temptation to cheat, even in its earliest stage, is to find something new that will keep you diverted at all times. I said something new – and not someone new to fool around with! It could be a new hobby or skill you wanted to learn all this time. Perhaps set up a small business of your own for that extra source of moolah.

2. Steadfast Support System

Nothing else could cheer you up better than being surrounded with people who are willing to understand what you’re going through as the other half in a long distance relationship. When longing turns up and cheating seems more and more appealing, go and run to your family. However, if your support system is composed mostly of your buddies, be wary – going to a singles bar with them seems not a pretty good idea!

3. Prevent Being Privately Alone with a Person

Being alone with someone else in a private setting spells “temptation”. Try to stay in groups as much as possible, just for you to be constantly reminded that someone can see each move you make. Now don’t say it’s just a best bud or a co-worker of the opposite sex, and it’s unlikely you will be tempted to do some private time with them. A loved one being miles away does nasty things to your lust.

4. Walk Out on “What If” Thoughts

The more you think about it, the more you might want to have it. So as soon as thoughts about cheating show up, drop it right away. Having elevator sex with a stranger? Inviting your gardener for tea wearing your lingerie? Being alone with your hot boss in the workplace? Thinking about something is the first step to doing that something.

5. Talk, Talk, Talk and More Talk

A good way to ward off cheating is to openly talk about it to your loved one from halfway ‘round the world. Let him or she know what you are going through. No, it will not harm the relationship, but it will help the two of you understand further the difficulties long distance relationship impose on you. Besides, wouldn’t it be nice finding out he or she too is having the same problems but opted to remain faithful to you instead? If that doesn’t make you fall deeper in love further and fend off cheating, I don’t know what else will.

As you are on this page reading this post, it tells me that you are really having some long distance relationship problem. If so, I wonder that you might also be interested to read about some long distance relationship advice.

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