Best Epilators for Legs Buying Guide in 2022

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Are you sick of getting those painful waxing done every month?

Have you tried a razor?

Oh! We understand those skin pigmentations on your legs. So, do you want the best alternative to get silky smooth legs without going through pain and skin issues?

Well, we have covered you up, ladies!

We have the best option for you, and it is the epilator. Epilator is an excellent device to remove sturdy and in-grown hair from the skin, that too without pain. Yes! So, not only on legs, but you can also use it to remove bikini hair, facial hair, and even those gross hair on armpits.

Usually, an epilator comes in different shapes and sizes, serving other purposes and giving desired results in a few application minutes. But remember! You should use some moisturizing cream right after the application for a soft touch.

Buying Guide for the Best Epilator for Legs in 2022

There are different kinds and brands of epilators available. You need to find the perfect one with matches your requirement of using them over legs, which requires good research.

But wait! The best epilator for legs can be found out by using the different types, and you cannot purchase every type and decide the ultimate one. However, we did this job for you.

We tried different types of epilators and found the various considerable things that you should look at. So, grab a look at it.


Why do you need to spend hundreds of dollars on an epilator which can shave only the legs? If you do so, then you have got fooled by the company.

We would advise you to be a wise lady and go for the best women’s leg epilator to be used for different purposes. The other purposes mean you use it over the legs, hands, bikini line, or armpits. Such epilators are available at the same price and same features.

Power Source

What are you thinking? Should my epilator be with cord or cordless?

Well, it is entirely upon you what you choose as both are best on their sides.

With an epilator with a cord, you have to ensure that its line should be long and won’t be affected if the power fluctuates.

On the other hand, with a cordless epilator, you must go through its battery performance and what kind of cells are used. You should also have a warranty on the battery.

However, from our point of view, we would advise you to go for the cordless epilator. With the upcoming time, the brands are offering best cordless epilator after the usage of the customer. These epilators can be used anywhere without electricity. Further, without charging, you can use them for an hour.

Wet or Dry

As you are into shaving your legs, are you used to do these hair removal things under the shower? If so, then how would you be able to use the epilator? As, after using, it is advisable to take a bath.

But wait! We have got you something. It is the epilator that can be used under the shower too. Not all epilators are waterproof, but there are some which you can find for yourself.

However, you should go through its warranty of waterproof technology too. After all, it will be your hard-earned money that you will be investing in this piece of machine.

At What Speed?

Do you know some areas on our legs have stiff hair, whereas some have soft hair?

For the part which has soft hair, you can fluctuate the speed according to the accuracy. However, in the areas where the hair is stiff or in-grown, you can slow down the pace to get perfect legs.

However, this feature to change the speed isn’t offered in every leg hair epilator. Thus, you should look for the speed control factor in the top epilators you have chosen for yourself.

Tweezer Head

Some of us have stiff hair over the entire body, which makes the waxing kit ideal for us. But bearing pain always should never be an option. So, can an epilator be sufficient enough to remove those thick hair in one go? If yes, then how?

Yes, it is possible with a tweezer head. It is said that the epilator is more effective if it comes with more than 50 tweezers. More tweezers mean more area will be covered, and the work will be done with more sharpness.

However, on the contrary, if you want to use the same epilator on your body’s sensitive areas, like the face, bikini line, or armpits, the tweezers should be minimum. As the area is delicate, the epilator with more tweezers will work harshly and create skin issues.

So, while looking for the tweezers in the epilator, think about its other usage on yourself too.

Built-in Light

You might have seen those laser treatments on ads. There is an in-built light that emerged from the device. Well, that is the UV rays.

Here in the women’s leg epilator, the built-in light, which can be seen during the usage, is designed to reveal the hair present in a particular area.  It helps in getting rid of in-grown or hard-to-see hair of the body.

Washable Heads

Just like you wash your razor after every use, you have to clean the epilator too. With the usage, the dead skin and bacteria and germs get accumulated on the epilator, which makes washing necessary.

However, with technological advancement, the available epilators now have cleaning brushes, making cleaning easy and effective.

Which Cap to use?

If you are new to use an epilator, then this feature should be known by you.

Epilators come with different kinds of caps to make their usage easy over other areas. For the sensitive areas, a ‘sensitive area cap’ is available. Similarly, for facial hair, there are ‘facial caps.’

There is an importance of these caps in the epilator. It is to hide the maximum of the tweezers. As the tweezers are now hidden, epilating over the body’s sensitive areas become easy and comfortable.

Massage Technology

Going to expensive spas, you might have got your massage done right after waxing. But you paid a good some there.

Here, right at your home, you are given an option to get your massage done via the best epilator for pubic hair. This technology has been ideal for many epilator users as it provides relaxation and removes hair with 0 pain.

Electric Shaver too?

Well, you might have seen boys trimming their beard with the trimmer, or what you call, ‘electric shaver.’

Do you know you can get this best electric shaver facility in an epilator too?

In simple language, an epilator is used to remove the hair, and an electric shaver works the same. Thus, we can say that an epilator is similar to an electric shaver. However, no one will claim so.

So, taking this as the benefit, different manufacturers sell their product with the specification that it can be converted into an electric shaver, which adds to its pros.

Any Extra Attachments?

Regarding the users’ requirements, epilators come with extra attachments. This makes beautification easy and budget-friendly. However, there is a different kind of extensions available according to varied needs.

Thus, you should consider your needs with the extra attachments available and then choose the following electric epilator for legs.


As you purchase cell phones from known brands such as Apple, the same should be done in other electronic gadgets.

We suggest you go for the epilators of a known and recognized brand so that you shouldn’t be fooled in the future regarding its functionality.


The brand you are considering should offer the epilator under some warranty period. As you know, electric items can ditch you anytime, so the warranty period will help you save your money.

If your epilator gets damaged under the warranty period, then you can claim replacement from the seller or manufacturer.


According to the type, the cost of the epilator varies. As the epilator has more tweezers, falling around 70 to 100, it will cost more. On the other hand, the epilator with fewer number tweezers is available at a low cost.

However, you have to be careful as some manufacturers offer epilators at a high price. So, you should go for the one available at a reasonable cost that cheap but good epilator and with maximum features.

Don’t worry! We are just saying it because an epilator is an electric gadget, and you cannot determine how much time it will work for you. Thus, it’s better to invest a fair amount in a product you know will work for a longer time.

FAQs on the Best Epilator for Legs in 2022

Can I epilate my pubic hair?

Well, we understand your pain that you might bear while getting your pubic hair waxed. Removing pubic hair is one of the main issues of many ladies and men around. Using a razor in such a place can give rise to redness and irritation, after which you will fear using it again.

So, epilator for pubic hair stands for the right alternative.

Well, yes, you can epilate your pubic hair, but this should be done with an epilator with fewer tweezers. You can remove the reduce down the tweezers whenever you would use them in your bikini line. This is because lowering tweezers makes an epilator fit to be used over sensitive areas, causing no pain and skin issues.

Will epilators remove hair permanently?

As said earlier, an epilator is just an alternative to get rid of ingrown and thick body hair with zero pain. They don't guarantee any permanent hair removal from the body.

However, suppose you are interested in getting your hair removed permanently. In that case, you can go for laser treatment, which is quite expensive and can be performed by experienced doctors.

Is epilating bad for your skin?

You might have heard from people that epilating is terrible for the skin. However, it is not so!

People use a cheap good epilator to get rid of such hair, which cannot be removed through razors or waxing. Further, this method is painless. However, you may face some itchiness initially. With time as you become trained in using it, the discomfort will be removed, leaving soft and smooth skin behind, which can stay for a month.

Does epilation eventually stop hair growth?

Just like you might have seen in waxing, as you wax your legs regularly, the hair growth becomes slow after some time. Similar is the case with epilators. However, in it, you won't be bearing any pain or getting strawberry legs.

Well, the best thing you can gain from epilating is that it can be used whenever you want, and using it regularly can make your hair grow at a slower rate.

Does epilating cause skin darkening?

As you know, waxing is done to get rid of dirt, tanning, and dead skin, but the same is impossible with a leg epilator on amazon. Although an epilator helps get rid of hair painlessly, it is not possible with an epilator to remove dead skin and body tanning. Thus, you can face skin darkening in the areas where the epilator is used the most with prolonged use.

How to epilate your legs and why it is better than shaving?

Video Transcript:

I’ve been epilating my legs for a long time. It’s the perfect way to remove leg hair yet a lot of ladies that I speak to say they still shave their legs. Quite often the reason is they’re worried about the pain of epilating and how it works. So in this video, we’ll talk about how to epilate your legs and how to do it without so much pain, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. I’ll also tell you how, or rather why, it gets less painful the more you do it. Let’s get started. What I did… Because I epilate my legs all the time, I’ve been growing my leg hair for two months.

Just to make this video. Once I’d grown a lot of leg hair, I shaved it about a week ago, so now you can see all the hair on my legs. The reason I had to leave it for two months is that I usually epilate and when you epilate you don’t get every single hair follicle coming back all at once as you get with shaving. With shaving, as you can see how I’ve waited for two months, every single hair follicle has got hair. When you epilate, it doesn’t happen like that.

Can you see the hairs – there we go, a lovely crop of hairs. So essentially because I’ve left it for two months and grown every single hair I could possibly grow on my legs, I am going to be epilating as if for the first time. Now when you epilate the first-ever time, that’s the most painful it is ever going to get and as I say, that’s because you’ve got a hair in every single hair follicle. The next time you epilate you’ll have less hair. The next time you epilate after that you’ll have even less hair and so on. Hair has a few weeks growth cycle so it doesn’t all grow back at the same time as it does with shaving.

As you can see, I’ve got really chunky legs. I’ve also had my socks on, so sorry about the lines. So my legs take a lot more epilating than your average leg. If I can do it, you can do it. Nice varicose vein there as well… Gorgeous. So I quickly show you my epilator and then we’ll get started. I happen to have the Braun silk-épil. This is six or seven years old or about that. Before this one, I had a Philips one which I actually think I preferred. My dog actually chewed it up, which was a shame.

Thinking I’ll try something else I got the Braun one. It’s okay. An epilator basically has on the head… It’s not a razor, it’s not a shaver so it doesn’t just cut the hair off as a shaver does. What an epilator does is tweeze every single hair out. So when people say epilating is painful, yes it is. It’s the same kind of pain as tweezing every hair out of your leg. We know when we pluck hair it’s a bearable pain and with epilation, it is really worth it. Your legs are going to be hair free for so much longer.

Like I said, with shaving, and you all know this if you shave, within a day or two you’ve got that horrible stubbly regrowth. With epilation, you don’t get that. You get a little bit of regrowth here and there and it grows back soft. So the hardest thing about epilating your legs is the first time you do it. Every hair follicle has a hair growing out of it. So this is why this is going to be painful because we’re going to be plucking every single hair. Usually, when you epilate you would go at about this kind of speed. Work your way slowly catching all the hairs.

Now here’s my little trick when you are epilating for the first time ever – we’re actually going to move quicker. I’m going to move really quite quickly and only let it grab, a few hairs. That way I’m going to keep the pain to a minimum. I’m also not going to work on one area until it’s completely done. I’m going to skim across an area and then move to another area. And I’m going to avoid this bone down the middle of the leg until last because the bony bits are the most painful bits. These side bits, especially if you’ve got chunky legs like me, that’s going to be easier.

So here’s the epilator turned on. Normally you get two speeds. That’s a medium speed… That’s a high speed. If you’re really worried about the pain just go on the medium speed. Work your way up to the high speed if you want to get the job done quicker. It’s really not that painful. It is exactly like having hair plucked. You watch, okay. Honestly, this really isn’t pain… It’s like a prickly feeling. It almost tickles. You literally just carry on like that. This is not pain. This is just the feeling of having hair plucked. Oh, I forgot to say… You go up to your leg, so against the grain of how the hair lies. So hair lies down that way, that’s why we’re epilating up against the growth of the hair. Sometimes on the side of your leg, you might have hairs that are laying this way… I do anyway.

So… Jeez…I look like a diabetic (laughing). What is wrong with me? As you can see, the hair is sort of laying this way so what we’re going to do is go against the grain of the hair. You’re just going to have to take my word for it because my camera keeps going out of focus. Can you see any hairs on there? OK, that’s enough demonstration because I really can’t get the angles here to show you. If I just hold really still… Right, see all the hairs here where I haven’t done this side yet but hopefully, you can see… Oh, there’s one… Let’s get him. There we go, can you see that that’s now completely smooth – no hair at all and I hardly felt that.

I mean, I’m used to it… The most you’re going to feel is just like having little hairs plucked. So that’s basically it. If your skin goes a little bit bobbly like mine is (I’ve got quite sensitive skin), what I would advise is… I tend to just leave it and let it calm down. I wouldn’t put any moisturizer on for a few hours. Let things settle down. At bedtime or maybe later on today I will put some moisturizer on.

But these little bumps will just go down over the next few hours naturally. What’s nice about epilating is it doesn’t make your legs all dry and nasty as shaving does. As I say as well, when this grows back it’ll grow back little bits and bobs here and there so you won’t get an entire regrowth all in one session – you’ll just get little bits and bobs that you can epilate off. So after you’ve done this once you’ll never have a full leg of hair ever again, unless you leave it. It took me about two months to grow an entire leg of hair back. The other thing I wanted to quickly show you is you can epilate your toe hair.

I’ve been growing this for you. Gorgeous! And epilators… It’s not shaving, it’s not razors, it’s not blades so you can’t cut yourself, so just go for it. Do all your toes, if you like. Look at that. No hair. Oh, my toe is black. I don’t know what that is. I tell you what, I’ve got circulation problems. Look at me. I’m like an old lady. But… I’ve got hair-free toes (laughs). Let’s do the other toes. It’s really no effort at all. You can’t cut yourself. You can run your epilator over anything you like. If there’s no hair on it, it won’t pick the hair up. It there’s hair on it, it’ll grab it. There we go, hair-free toes.

In a minute these legs will be hair free because I’m gonna finish it off what I started. Don’t forget the back as well. Gorgeous. You can even… I don’t ever shave the top of my legs but you can do your knees if you want. So there we go… Really not much pain at all. If I wasn’t talking and mucking about at the same time, I would be able to do both my legs in less than five minutes even starting from scratch. The results will last you basically forever, you just keep on top of any little patches of regrowth. It grows back soft, it grows back sparse. You don’t get that horrible stubble that you get when you’ve shaved your legs and you don’t get dry legs.

You just get that little sort of… In fact, that’s probably already gone down… You get these little… That’s just where a little hair has come out of every single one of those follicles. That will go down in a couple of hours. Just why would you shave your legs when epilators have been invented. That’s all really. You could do your toes like we just did. I’ve even epilated my bikini line.

That will make your eyes water but you know, why not. OK, I think that’s everything. Any questions, just ask in the comments. I’m always happy to help. So if you’re a leg shaver I hope this has made you consider having a go at epilating. I don’t think you’re going to regret it. That’s all for now. See you all soon.

How to use an epilator for the first time?

Video Transcript:

Welcome to my channel today’s video is not gonna be one of my usual hair videos but it’s gonna be something related to hair so to make a long story short I’m trying out a new hair removal system well new to me combin epilator pretty much it works almost like waxing by taking hair straight out of the root but instead of like waxing where you use a strip it is an electric device that has tons of tiny little tweezers that pull hair out really fast so epilator is I’ve heard are really good for the hair it makes it grow back and a longer period of time.

When it does go back it’s thinner and finer and it’s supposed to last I think like for weeks once you get your hair cycles down and under control, so I’m gonna try it I’m a big baby for hair removal of any kind but I figured hey why not try something new so the epilating system that I bought is the Braun silk-épil 7 skin and spa I got this one because I read online through the reviews that it was the least painless or the most famous goodness gracious the most painless because it comes with a massaging system that’s supposed to help with the tweezers.

I don’t know how it’s supposed to help and it also comes with an exfoliating brush which is supposed to prevent ingrown hairs so definitely a plus so here’s what it comes with this is the actual epilator it has two speeds it has a cool little light oh my god it’s so loud that’s sexual later okay this is the exfoliating attachment I already went ahead and exfoliated he was supposed to exfoliate a day or two in advance so I went ahead and said it last night and now I’m going to use the epilator it also comes with a brush a little cloth bag to hold the things in and then, of course, our charger and it only takes an hour.

So all that being said it’s time to actually I believe I’m gonna start off on the lowest setting possible because I’m such a big baby oh my gosh okay here we go this isn’t hurting at all this is so good so I pretty much finished blending my legs and I can say that my first impressions were pretty much true it didn’t hurt throughout the whole thing there were a couple of places like on the upper thigh and like behind on the back of my legs where it was a little more sensitive and on the knee area but even then it was just like a slight tug it wasn’t anything like really crazy so first impressions of epilator pretty good I actually liked it being able to see every little hair that you were getting with the light.

And then just going over the area as a kid and again and so you got all the hairs it was kind of addicting so I can definitely say that I’ll be using this again I think the next challenge is to see how it works on other areas pretty much armpits so I’m gonna be brave and try that right now and we shall see so let me change shirts because obviously I can’t get to them so yeah so I’ve changed and it’s time this is so scary okay so here we go to get better Oh Oh okay so with fine hair that’s on the legs that’s all well and good the coarse hair that’s on the armpits hurts a lot taking this opportunity to clean it out I give my armpits a rest okay the tighter you pull the skin easier.

It is or the better it is I should say still no Bueno because I have bought this for the armpits because I knew like pulling hair out of the roots looks a lot better than just shaving but this is so painful but then again they do say the first time is the worst so you can get to that through anything as you can see it ripped out most of the hair and it actually looks really good there are some spots like right here where I’m really scared I really don’t want to do it.

And I am bleeding a little bit in a few places but like, on the whole, it’s not even done and it still looks better than when I shaved so obviously it works it’s just it’s so painful and I don’t want to do one armpit and then I’m driving doing the second one so I don’t know just to give you guys like comparison this is how the hair looked on my other one before I did the Appalachian and it looks really good just it’s so painful in fact I’m gonna have to take a break and then I’ll come back later tonight and finish it off and I’m just gonna put on a freaking sweater just pretend like this never happened this is okay so final thoughts epilation for the legs great perfect and I love that it’s gonna take three to four weeks for it to grow back.

And I’m off to deal with it that was totally fine Appalachian for the armpits is torture it feels like you’re waxing in slow motion like you literally just like over and over again just pulling out one or two hairs at a time it was so bad but it looks good so will I do it again yes well I finished my armpit yes but not right now I need a break so this was goodbye but um if you have a low pain tolerance like me you might want to something else yeah so thank you for watching this freaking torture film I just wanted to like this video I feel is helpful in any way like comment subscribe and I’ll see you guys later I’m using the freaking epilator it’s so painful you.


Using an epilator is an easy task but can be quite challenging when used for the first time. Still, don’t be afraid to use it! Everything is complicated when done for the first time. It is all about the tips that you apply while using an epilator.

Apart from it, it is a superb alternative to waxing and shaving. It gives a super soft skin with no strawberry legs, and its effect lasts for about 4 weeks, which is similar to that of waxing. Moreover, you can use it in the sensitive areas of your body.

What else do you need?

According to our experience, the epilator has topped our list in the necessary beauty accessory to be carried anywhere. Remember to get yourself the best epilator for legs, which is cordless. It is useful to be used under the shower and can be used even if there is no electricity in the place you are traveling to.

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