Best Couple Costumes for Halloween in 2022

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Do you want to do something fun with your couple this Halloween?

Do you wish to dress up with your couple on a spooky day?

Want to make your first Halloween memorable with your bae?

If we are on the same page of the book, then this article is just for you. Halloween is considered a day of the Hallows, but it never stops the fun. It is the perfect day for you to dress up with your significant another half in vibrant shades and designs. So why not buy the best couple costumes for Halloween and surprise your love with some fun? Well, it’s a superb idea to enjoy your day to your fullest and never miss a day to look alike. But what kind of costume to purchase? This question is quite puzzling for all. Before sticking to an outfit, we suggest you get all the information you might need. Sowe has already come up with your needs for the right apparel.

Shortlist of Top 10 Couple Costumes for Halloween

Buying Guide for the Best Couple Costumes for Halloween in 2022

Getting the right costume might sound like an easy task but requires lots of attention. Above any fun is the comfort and cosiness of the two. So before buying any product, make sure you buy the right size and fabric. Also, try to indirectly ask your partner whether he/she likes such fun or not. This will make sure that your entertainment is going in the right direction or not. Now that you are confident about it, let us begin with the apt features:


Above any other feature, the most important one is the quality of the product. If you spend some amount on a product, you expect to get a good grade in return. This is why it is imperative to have the finest quality at a reasonable price. The fabric or any other element which makes the costume complete should be of good quality. They should not be loosely attached or challenging to carry. It should preferably be as light as it can be. The couples halloween costumes should also not be a one-time-use. Although not many people desire to repeat their fashion, it might come of use later.


When we talk about size, we mean the dimensions of both male and female costumes. The size of the male and female should be as personalized as it could be. The most preferable costumes are the one-size costumes. This is because these costumes can fit on any person regardless of their usual sizes.

Otherwise, the best Couple Costumes for Halloween should have a different size category for all the genders. There should also be a size chart mentioned for the people to measure according to their convenience. This way, the customer can have the right size and never fear the costume being too tight or too loose.


What is a Romeo without its Juliet? Or a pizza without its toppings? But a Juliet with some toppings? It doesn’t just add up! This is why it is essential to have a significant correlation in the couple’s costumes. The unique couples halloween costumes should have a match with each other and should add meaning to each other. Having the same shape and size doesn’t matter unless there comes a sense out of the costumes. So you can just spend the night with your forever and make the best out of each other.


Halloween calls for a Halloween party for obvious reasons. And being too careful whether you spill something on your costume would not feel like a party after all. So why remain ultra conscious when you can have an easy to wash costume? The right outfit should come with an easy to clean fabric.

So even if you spill a whole glass of Pumpkin juice on your outfit, you shouldn’t worry about it. You could just wash up quickly and enjoy the rest of the party happily. Even if the good couple halloween costumes fabric does not allow an easy cleanup, a better alternative should be in the next corner. The costume should have such a design or perhaps a color that even wine spills should go unnoticed.


The material or the fabric of the costumes should be comfortable to wear for the customers. It would be difficult to find a suitable outfit with a unique design made out of the right fabric. And not just that, it should also be able to fulfil the satisfaction of not one but two people. Every type of costume fabric is preferred for this occasion. From cotton & silk costumes material, every material or fabric serves in its way in looks and comfort. Some people even use polythene, fishnets, potato sacks, etc., to add uniqueness to their costumes. Therefore, any type of fabric is recommended as long as it makes the customer happy.

Easy to Wear

Imagine buying an extraordinary costume for your other half and yourself and spending the whole day trying to wear it. Can you imagine struggling with your outfits and wish to get to the party sooner? Neither would you want to imagine spending a long time inside the washroom with lots of people banging on the door?

If only your costume was comfortable to wear! Well, let us just keep it to our imagination only. Because nightmares and Halloween may relate to each other, but they shouldn’t do so in your life. This is why a couple’s costume should have an easy zipper or lace by which you can wear your outfit in no time.

Unisex Costumes

So the costumes are amazing, the fabric is right, and it is also comfortable to wear. But what’s with the fuss even still? Is it because you and your partner want to become the same character? But apparently, there’s only one of it available between the two unisex halloween costumes? Well, what is a couple if they do not believe that ‘Sharing is Caring.’ But is it even possible? It is when the costumes are unisex! This means that there is no gender preference for either of the costumes. Any partner can wear either of the costumes, and it will fit them just nicely.

Extra Accessories

Couple costumes are all cool until the most colorful and the most accessorized couple shows up. And everyone loves this couple, and you know it. So why not be this loving couple and hype the game? To do so, try to buy a couple’s costumes with extra accessories that enhance your look.

These accessories may include funky stickers, extra laces, shimmery tinsel, etc. These accessories may also have matching earrings or matching bracelets, which should be noticeable to keen eyes. These add-ons might not be on your checklist, but they would make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.


Would you like to spend thousands on the costume which you can wear once a year only? Well, it’s not a good idea to do so. After all, next year the trend may change or maybe your weight. So, blocking a lumpsum amount in the best funky costumes isn’t a worthy decision.

In such a moment, we would suggest you go for the outfit available at a reasonable price, but of rich quality. Don’t worry! Many brands are offering the same as they understand their customer’s situation. So, you now have an excellent opportunity to go for your desired dress of good quality and perfect fit.

Top Variants for the Best Couple Costumes for Halloween in 2022

With the quick knowledge of the factors, you can now quickly figure out which couple costume will be the best for you. So, keeping that in mind, we provide you with a list of Top 5 couple costumes for Halloween. These costumes will be in pair for your partner and yourself, and the rest is upon you to decide:

1. Fancy Me’s Couples’ Shrek and Fiona Halloween Dress– (Best couples halloween costumes)

Best couples halloween costumesFancy Me is well known for its outstanding collection of Halloween costumes. They make costumes not only for the adults but for the little ones too. Out of this fantastic collection is these best couple halloween costumes for any kind’s of couples.

If you follow the link mentioned above, you can overview the vibrant shades of the outfit. If you and your partner are a huge fan of Shrek: The Movie, then this piece is just for you. So why not dress up as Shrek and Fiona this year? Shrek and Fiona’s Halloween dress is a stunning costume that doesn’t need much work on these couples halloween costumes.

This unique apparel will make the people believe that the couple is genuinely in love. Shrek and Fiona did not only show the symbol of love, but also a great understanding. This dress consists of the apparel, wig, and face mask to give the Shrek couple a good look. Here are some distinctive features of this Shrek and Fiona costume.


  • Apparel Purchased – There is one dress for each couple.
  • Comprises of – Men’s costume consists of a top, trouser, hands, and mask.
  • Comprises of – Women’s costume consists of a dress, ears, and wigs.
  • Material – The cloth is a polyester material of these easy couple halloween costumes.

2. Rasta Imposta Store’s Oreo Couple’s Adult Costume– (Best couple costume ideas)

Best couple costume ideas
couple costume idea

How would Oreo make sense if it will lose its ‘re’? Or how would it make sense if the scenario is vice-versa? This pure representation of true love should be seen in your lively couple as well. Rasta Imposta presents one of the loveliest couple costume ideas from its collection.

The chocolate cookie ‘Oreo’ in its two pieces shows the togetherness in the cookie. Just like the cookie, the couple wouldn’t make much of sense if seen alone. The cookie couple will be chocolaty and sweet and will bring happiness to the party.

All they have to do is stick to each other’s side, and no other word is required to make people believe in their love. Here we come up with some of the impressive specs of these amazon halloween costumes for couples listed below. This will let you know what the outfit holds for you and your partner.


  • Kind of Outfit – It’s a couple dresses for any season of the year.
  • Dress Type – The costume is unisex, which means it can be worn by any couple.
  • Color – There is a color availability in the costume of black, white, or multicolor.
  • Design – The costumes consist of half cookies with cream on one and ‘Oreo’ mentioned on the other.
  • Durability – It’s a durable couples halloween costume ideas.

3. Fun World’s Tacky Adult Tourist Costume– (Best funny couples costumes)

Best funny couples costumes
funny couples costumes

Who can ever be more romantic than the old couple resting by the beach? There is no denying that it is the most adorable couple who want to spend the holidays with their darling. They are the valid symbol of enjoying life to the fullest with your life partner.

These funny couples costumes can be presented in your match too. This cute costume holds up the notion of together forever and a happy go lucky couple. The fun and frolic representation through this costume will be enough to show any person that the couple shall always last.

So you can enjoy the party with the rest of the freely. This freeness will be because nobody can steal your guy/girl. Do take a quick review of the components to see what you get in these funny couple halloween costumes .


  • Size Availability – It is readily available with its actual size.
  • Comprises of – The apparels consist of a matching jumpsuit.
  • Material – These funny adult couple costumes have a super soft cloth with a wire on the waist to precisely hold the outfit.
  • Comfort – It is comfortable to sit and walks.

4. Spooktacular Creations Store’s Loofah and Soap Costume– (Best cute couple costumes)

Best cute couple costumesLet us go on and have some fun on Halloween now. Already tried all the spooky and gothic collections? Then let us go to our happy hours’ couple’s costumes. ‘Spooktacular, ‘well known for these fun and festive cute couple costumes, never disappoints.

The fantastic outfit looks like a ‘forever until death does us apart’ look. Just like soap and loofah go hand in hand, the couple cannot be parted either. These charming & cute funny couple costumes will show the carefree and happy-go-lucky side of you and your partner.

The cheerful shades of the outfit give a very flattering look. These cute couple halloween costumes consist of a male and a female costume, which would probably make no sense if parted. This is a clear depiction of true love completing your life with your other half. More features about this costume are at this moment listed below.


  • Kind of Outfit – The couple’s outfit is a jumpsuit of a soap bar, preferably for a male.
  • Includes – The other costume consists of a loofah jumpsuit and a shower cap.
  • Additional Accessory – Other accessories available include bubble balloons and stickers relating to the shower (rubber duck, hairbrush, fake bubbles).
  • Material – These cute diy couple halloween costumes is a durable polyester cloth.
  • Safety – The balloons come with double-sided Velcro for a tight grip.
  • Suitability – You can go for a cold wash with no bleach.

5. Hauntlook’s Beer and Lime Halloween Couple’s Costume– (Best easy couple costumes)

Best easy couple costumes
Easy couple costumes

Does anyone know what time it is? I think it’s Beer O’Clock! Hauntlook presents one of its extraordinarily funky and raw couple’s costumes. If you wear these easy couple costumes, there is every point in believing that this couple cannot stay apart.

Now how do we do that? The answer is, when life gives you lemons, you bring in a beer! This exclusive costume for the real lovebirds is one of the best Couple Costumes for Halloween. These easy cute couple halloween costumes tell a tale of a beer and lime together. The lovely combination depicts the companionship and togetherness of you and your love.

So, it’s just as you take your bottle of beer, the lemon will be right next to it in all the highs and lows. Here are a few features of the costume listed.


  • Inclusive of – The costumes include both lime and a beer bottle.
  • Costume Type – It is a unisex costume, i.e., it can be worn by either of the couples.
  • Type – These cute adult couple halloween costumes is wrinkle and shrinks free costumes.
  • Suitability – You can handwash the cloth in cold water.

FAQs of  Best Couple Costumes for Halloween in 2022

How do I choose a couple's costumes without telling my couple?

It might get challenging to find the most appropriate couple's costumes. It is pretty essential when your lovely companion is always the one selecting everything. But you need not worry when you have to choose the best couple halloween costumes this time. Because this time, you can do it without them.

and even better, surprise them with it. Start with having a conversation and slipping it into the conversation. Make sure that they are comfortable with the idea. Next, ask their favorite character or couple, and your work is complete. All you need to do is get home with the same vision and have a Happy Halloween!

How do I use my previous year's couple costume again?

You might not wish to buy another pair of couples' costumes or save a little on your apparel. So you must look at other alternatives that you would have. These include dying your old clothes, which will give them a new look with colorful hues. You can also buy new accessories to add to the ancient costume, making the cute married couple halloween costumes is new kind of outfit. Or you can also exchange a unisex costume with your partner and change the character of this time. This way you don't have to spend a lot of money on the outfits. And you will also get a new costume without doing any hard work.

Where else can I use my couple costumes from Halloween?

There are many other places where you can wear your Halloween dress other than on the day itself. No wonder it is a one day show. And letting go of the fantastic dress would just be too hard. There are many other places where you can dress up and use the couple costumes, and no one will ever notice.

They can be used in some role-playing in theatre clubs where you can dress as the character itself. They can even be used in the theme parties where you can dress up with your couple. They can also be worn at baby shower parties and role-plays.

What signifies wearing a costume at Halloween?

It is a common belief that the spirits of the deceased ones come and roam on the Earth. So people as well as dress up as ghosts or spirits as a disguise. However, in recent times, Halloween is a mere celebration where people dress up to have fun.

From kids to old people, everyone enjoys dressing up as a character that suits themselves the most. People dress up and do makeup in the way that pleases them the most, and yet there is a sense of spookiness in it. This is why the best couple halloween costumes are worn by everyone during the autumn season.

Do couples have to match their costumes on Halloween?

Matching couple dresses have been in trend for a few years and is still preferred by many people. But many other options are now available for the best couple costumes for Halloween. The couple's costumes do not have to be of the same design or shape. The outfit can consist of male and female costumes, according to the preference of the couple. They can be about different characters of the same series or referring to a common interest. They need not match, but they can always align with each other.

How to chose a Best Halloween Costume?

Video Transcript:

Hello, my love of rosebuds and welcome back to a brand new video so as you guys can tell by my pumpkins and my scary pillow I am so excited for this Halloween season it’s also when my other favorite seasons which is Libra season because it is my birthday month so this is like the most festive month of the year for me anyways to kick off this Halloween costume video series I am starting off with costume ideas for couples so you guys could do it with your best friend your girlfriend your boyfriend a stranger if you want I don’t know just any other person works.

If you guys are new to my channel welcome my name is Norma rose and don’t forget to subscribe down below and hit the notification bell which you would want to do because I’m gonna be posting a lot of Halloween videos so stay tuned and also if you guys are returning and you guys are wondering why don’t this is my intro is not my intro I officially cannot use that song anymore so I’m going in trouble is until I figure out what I’m gonna do yeah I think that’s all I have to say let’s jump into this video okay so we’re gonna start off with one of my favorites witches Ariana grande and NASA so for those that don’t know Ariana has a very popular.

Song called NASA so I thought this would be a perfect couples costume Connor is wearing a NASA astronaut outfit that we got on Amazon I think it was like 40 dollars and I’m of course dressed like Ariana grande so I’m wearing an oversized and NASA hoodie that I got from Old Navy some thigh-high boots and of course you’re not Ariana grande without a very long Ari ponytail this costume idea is just super simple and I feel like you could also use the clothes even after Halloween well I mean except for the astronaut costume because you’re probably only gonna wear it once oh and Connor also had NASA vans which was a perfect addition to this costume next up we have my favorite couple from some of my favorite horror movies you know the contrary and Annabelle and you know movies like that so here we have Edie and Lorraine Warren and of course you guys could see.

Connor does not know how to carry a haunted doll-like you can’t be swinging everywhere like that it’s gonna haunt you Connor is in a gray suit because Edie I don’t know he kind of just wears suits and just that formal attire I’ve tried to match Lorraine to outfit as best as I could so I’m using a blue colored shirt with a black dress over top and some black booties and you know I just look like a 90 schoolteacher but it’s fine and of course you can’t forget the Annabelle doll which by the way a fun side fact the real Annabelle doll was actually a Raggedy Ann doll so that’s why we decided to go with this one versus the one from the movie because the one from the movie is really scary and I just didn’t want that in my apartment just sitting there you know.

I accept we have the costumes from the movie us if you guys haven’t watched it yet it’s definitely a good one to add to the list especially for this Halloween season so for the costume it’s super easy honestly you’re just wearing a red jumpsuit one brown glove and you’re just holding gold scissors we got everything from Amazon so you know.

We got that good two days shipping and you know don’t be fooled guys this jumpsuit was so hard to find in my size for someone that’s like 5 foot so I definitely had to resize it and if you guys have to do that too then I’ll show you guys how the first thing I did was cut off the sleeve and then from the side seam I marked 2 inches up from the edge I added pins to keep everything in place so that I could cut a straight line down and I definitely overdid it with the pins like this is just way too many pins but you guys get what I’m doing you know I cut along the line leaving a half-inch of seam allowance from there I sewed along the line with a straight stitch to make my new side seam so the crotch was way too low so I brought up the crotch as well and instead of making.

The line goes all the way down to the ankles I just gradually tapered down the line towards the leg from there you’re gonna do the same thing pin it in place and then sew along the line so if the jumpsuit is still too long for you like it was for you could also remove the space in between the two buttons and that exactly what I did so I just folded up the empty space and then I pinned it down in a place I did this to both sides in the front as well as the back once you feel like the fit is pretty good you could go ahead and top stitch it with a straight stitch also sorry guys if I’m zooming through this tutorial bits because it’s a twirl within a tutorial and I already did a whole video on how to resize your jumpsuits and another video so I will definitely link that up at the top and down at the bottom if you guys want to watch that one as well also reshaped the sleeves because it was.

Still too big so I removed space from the bottom and I also redrew the sleeve opening at the very top after I redrew my sleeve I cut it out and then I sewed the bottom edge to make my new sleeves seam I’m gonna wear this costume once so free touching the sleeve isn’t too technical for me I’m just gonna totally eyeball it all I did was place the sleeve on top of the body and then I just redrew a new armhole shape from there I cut it out I put the sleeve into the hole and then I matched up the edges and pinned everything together once everything is pinned I sewed with a straight stitch to make my new seam and you know that’s pretty much it this costume is so simple and so easy I love that a big group of you guys could do it I feel like if there’s a big group just holding hands wearing red jumpsuits it’s just so creepy and I feel like everyone in 2019 will know.

Exactly where this and lastly from one of my new favorite shows we have Sabrina and Nick from the chilling adventures of Sabrina as Nick Connor is just wearing an all-black outfit so he’s wearing a black turtleneck a collar jacket slacks and some shoes and then for me I am wearing a red long-sleeve top with a lace collar top that I put underneath and I also thrift to this one I’m wearing black skirt tights and some booties the book of the beast is optional.

But if you guys wanted to see it on your own here’s a quick tutorial so all you’re gonna need is a large book I picked this one up from the thrift store for only $2 you’re gonna need some cream and brown colored acrylic paints a mini Styrofoam ball gold foil paint and some black paint as well paintbrushes and a glue gun first take off the book cover prep your book whatever and then you’re gonna paint all over the book with some brown and reddish paint I actually mixed a few paints that I had because one I’m just too lazy to go to the store and actually get brown-red paint and two I already had the paint so might as well so at first, I painted the book with a regular.

Flat paintbrush and then I switched over to an old makeup brush that I had and I swirled the paint onto the brush and actually liked the way that this looked better than the original paint brush it just kind of made it a little bit more splotchy and had that antique vintage look but you guys are free to do whichever one you want to do while that’s drying you guys can cut your ball in half blue one half of the ball to the front of the book you’re gonna glue on the very center but a little bit more towards the top of the book I also added hot glue around the edges of the ball just to blend everything together than with a pencil you’re gonna draw a circle around the ball.

And then draw an upside-down star within that circle then for that 3deffect you’re gonna add glue to the top of the pencil markings so if you guys google the book of the beast it kind of looks like a ribbon clay type of thing but you know your girl doesn’t have that she has hot glue though but if you guys wanna be a little bit extra then you could also pick up some clay from the craft store and use that instead next you’re gonna draw a border along the edges of the book and then carefully paint that border with your gold foil paint for the little corner designs actually just eyeballed them and kind of freehand at them because it seemed pretty easy enough it’s just little curves and little s shapes but feel free to draw it out with the pencil first if you guys want to be more precise guess I forgot to film this part but you guys want to poke a hole in the center of the ball with a toothpick to make that little white circle then you’re going to add a small strip ofblack paint.

To the center of the eye with your brown paint cover any unwanted pencil markings and then add eyelids to the top and the bottom of your eye I mixed white paint and the red of brown paint that I already had together and with a toothpick I added veins to the side of the eye finally paint your star with some gold foil paint and that is pretty much it as you guys can see from the final clip I actually painted some areas with a darker paint that way you could give it a little bit more of a vintage look so for Sabrina and Nick’s costume honestly you guys could wear whatever you want it doesn’t have to be exactly what I was wearing because they are kind.

Of just wear normal clothes just with a color scheme so as long as Nick is wearing black and white with the semi-formal type of outfit you’re totally fine and then Sabrina always just wears black and red so as long as you incorporate those colors into her outfit you can have a Sabrina costume sorry I just really love my Annabelle pillows I hope you guys don’t give my video a dislike for that however if you guys did enjoy it please give this video a big thumbs up to let me know that if you guys want to connect with me all my socials are at that Navarro’s I hope this helped with some costume ideas and I will see you guys in the next Halloween costume video bye.

How to try the worst couples costumes?

Video Transcript:

boys today a return uh a comeback a part two a sequel this is the hunger games mockingjay part two to the hunger games mockingjay part one do you know what I’m saying we bought a bunch of couples costumes me and cutie cinderella and now it’s time to put them on let’s see how sexy.

I look in whatever the this is make sure to blur that out 10 minutes at 1 40 exactly I will be down there I will be ready I’ll be ready in five minutes whenever you want to come down that’s fine with me the only rule is no peeking well you just said whenever.

I want to come down it’s fine with you but what if I come down and you’re not ready I’ll be ready before you every time here’s the thing about women all right fellas ever going to dinner with your girl and you’re like hey reservations 8 30 and then 8 25 rolls around you’ve been ready all right ended your game of valor ant cooter was fragging to get ready real story and then can you just let me imagine for a moment we’re in a goddamn pandemic we don’t go to restaurants a lot.

I’m just I’m imagining if we weren’t in a pit you’re complaining about a problem that doesn’t exist anyway let’s put on our costume uh the lost boy we’re cheap we did not buy the actual brand of peter pan we bought a unbranded lost boy costume does it not come with pants oh no they’re in here these are the pants oh no no those aren’t pants wow this doesn’t seem what’s the word for it like legal.

I think she got a size too small for me all right I guess this works I’m peter peter pan is peter pan a pedophile if he keeps trying to date girls his age we don’t talk about this enough think about it he doesn’t age but he is getting older I don’t know where cutie is yet when she comes in I should try to scare her that sounds like something peter pan would do I feel like I look short practice shot sorry.

I’m gonna scare you I missed what’s up tink how’s it going I have a cute tutu on it hey look at this merch is tomorrow dropping do you look you look pretty tank look can you fly or something no but it’s just like the lights are cool is that uncomfortable it just looks like a corset oh yeah yeah.

I also have problems with that yeah I can’t bend over I am wearing shorts for the record I am wearing shorts I look like a oh you can see my shorts I would recommend wearing I feel like I look like an understudy in a high school play of peter pan this took two people to squeeze this on me really yes who helped uh slime and his friend that’s so nice yeah is it comfortable no I can’t make me fly.

I can’t bend over well that’s close to flying yeah actually you could probably squat in this it’s good back support yeah well you know when you squat high weights you have a bell well you could wear this I think that’s not the best one really well it just it’s lacey it is so crazy like it’s literally laced imagine I’m in public I don’t want to you mean without the shorts or with this one without the shorts with the shorts.

I wear this to the sorority party and I’m like hey boys you don’t wear that destroyer no this is idea that’s trash and I go hey boys oh that’s trashy not classy you just you’re pixie that’s what I would say that’s a trashy tinkerbell I’m not tinkerbell’s if you had no shorts and wore that to a sorority party stop doing the thing don’t do that hey boys off tink why are you role-playing real quick because.

I’m in position someone asked you to roll when I assumed the role at the costume I assumed the role uh chat one out of ten what do you think you wanted to write a short yeah but I love bouncing in it why because look at this oh cause the sparkles yeah wow a lot of seven it’s kind of rude I think seven’s apt I give this well we’re not just reading yours all right can you include us as a couple.

I’m sorry mine is just so much better than yours well I know you’re the one who got this one this is your idea I love it pay chat you go switch costume stop showing off your butt leave I hate tinkerbell stupid small tinkerbell always makes things fly I will return shortly he probably doesn’t kick that’s the other guy right hey here’s a question why use sword when you could simply use gun more effective in longer range.

I’m going for it I swear that never happens to me ask cutie that’s never happened this must be defective or something honestly stick to sword what’s something someone would say wearing this costume use your twitch prime guys smash it what the f did you say to me you little I’m a virgin that’s obviously not a quote from the character or from ninja I kind of like this costume to be honest the only problem.

I have with it is the line that I drew for the the blade looks like like I’m terraforming earth because of my chest hole it looks like a topological map as opposed to the giant slice of a sword but outside of that top notch let me hold up let me set the mood in case she comes yeah I’m ready come in whenever oh hey nami.

I didn’t see you there I was just sharpening my blade why are you making this like a porno intro what do you mean luffy’s in trouble so we’re the only ones protecting we’re the only ones protecting the ship well I know one thing that one sea monster that might attack this ship at any moment stop it how do you feel about the costume oh my gosh yeah.

I got a tattoo holy you have the tattoo is that like a temporary or like uh it’s real wow I’d be at the sorority party and I’d be like stop with the sorority party thing what do you think about my costume am I sexy I think I don’t think you put on the wig what he has a middle part it’s like a kid brother it’s like hey hey bro did you just friend zone me yeah boa hancock’s hotter anyway real ones no oh well if that’s true hey let’s just say arlong shouldn’t have missed you can just throw away the statue right if uh just throw this away if you think somebody else.

I think you’ll want to put that back all right all right I think next costume all right chow buy not by now wait chat one out of ten oh yeah move to the left a bit what’s an anime pose she would try to touch her elbows to her back that’s her thing you sound like my uncle oh god okay never mind anyway keep that costume just in case you get like a wendy’s gig or something be right back it’s been the zany sidekick here in action bringing you call of duty gameplay and now.

I’ve got to go to do things so you heroes get back to what you do you get you get them go get them tiger that cub turned into this the zany sidekick would be proud you’re not a tiger you’re a lion yeah yeah I guess I didn’t realize they’re different animals true got me there kind of a nerd though so got you there idiot wow he’s so scared.

I brought toto the the dog why does he have a jimmy john’s costume on no he’s a basket it says jimmy john’s there’s no place like home oh it doesn’t say jimmy john’s my dog now dorothy and this whole time I’ve been with the wizard and we don’t like you we’re leaving take your flying monkey or should.

I say flying sack of I’m sorry it’s very cute though what does the lion do he doesn’t have a courage you could sing the song oh okay um hey dorothy we’ve been hanging out a while and you know it just feels like we get along great so yeah okay.

nothing stupid far behind [Music] maybe dinner oh so now the lion has courage no it’s stupid dinner by myself I was asking if I should eat you look nice today dorothy you look great as a lion stop why was I the cowardly lion I should have been like the chad lion man what a scam this is the picture that they give you and then this is the outfit it’s just this hey smelly luigi my brother mario so much more successful than.

I am oh yeah he does have a mustache yeah come in yeah hell is real two thousand four hundred what’s up with the hair I wanted to be rainbow wow oh hold up let’s role play okay oh god step lakitu I’ve fallen and I can’t get up help me please help me step lacka too oh oh my gosh I think you might need to come down here step like it too I’m not gonna be able to get up on my oh my god.

I’m stuck in your cloud now is this cumulonimbus I never knew you had such nimbus thighs step lack or two that was so heroic and mogul moves merch too and scene very creative costumes I like it I would have preferred to be peach but I guess this is fine I think this is better okay rate it one through ten everybody.

I look beautiful you look great laka too stop calling me lakitu you know who hits the skip mario not you everyone likes mario all the kids peach likes mario bowser even likes mario more than luigi do you know that ludwig and luigi are the same name from different languages yeah and no one likes ludwig either you’ve never had a standalone game lack or two and you never will wow luigi number one.

I think is it was it was it inflated by something yeah what was inflating it a fan oh did I break it yeah oh I thought it was just like a poofy skirt oh I’m sorry I feel bad oh I’ll give you the merch what’s our next costume the last one is that the firefighter firefighter ah it’s gonna be such a bad one uh I’m gonna keep it a buck this ain’t the best look for me that I’ve ever had look.

I’ve been a firefighter for 15 years but recently we’ve been having a problem too much gear too many people catching off fire so we thought we’d not only be eco-conscious but fire conscious and cut down on some of the cloth so this is our new year’s uniforms oh hey how’s it how’s it going new year’s firefighter costumes we’re trying to cut down a material and save the earth and whatnot yeah and the fishnet that is fireproof fishnet right but only on the fishnet part where your skin is exposed like a fire was here would burn your skin oh so you haven’t heard a chain mail rookie yeah okay so you got any fires or what no no.

I i don’t okay well that water can help you if you do just so you know what you pour it on there think fast throw water doesn’t matter what the fire is okay always use water yeah I just came back from the p.o box and I got more bought that’s what I was doing the great yeah.

I was up in the country unfortunate that this is what happened when I came down here it’s unfortunate that I’m saving america what do you mean what one more stop stop it this is like it’s just form fitting there’s so much have you heard of seal blubber it protects them from the elements same thing here right this is what firefighters need to do with what firefighters need to do so again it’s fishnet firefighter need to do this it’s like chainmail all right well you know what I’m gonna go okay.

I’m just gonna hey I’m just gonna get out of here but you call me if you have a fire no no I’ll just call the real fire fire police why 9-1-1 when you could just dial good good me you look good feel better cutie come in and show me your firefighter costume because we have to put out fire together okay I just want to say really really quick I just want to say I was walking upstairs and I just saw her.

I couldn’t I couldn’t go past her I i just wanted to go upstairs after talking to you ludwig and then this happened so that’s I’m just I just work here man god you’re supposed to be a sexy firefighter underneath what the is that scam you didn’t say I had to wear I think I ripped it your pillsbury doughboy costs.

I’m deflating at a restaurant deflating at a rapid pace you scammed me sure I got you oh where’d you get that my mine came with a skirt I want a skirt sorry yours didn’t come with a skirt these new firefighting costumes save the earth by having less material used per costume while also remaining fireproof and the pillsbury doughboy costume is so no one knows we’re firefighters yeah if there’s a fire who do you call that’s right ludwig ogren on anyway boys that was all the costumes what was your favorite costume by the way if you are on youtube real quick make sure you subscribe to my channel if not I will light your house on fire that is a promise not a guarantee.


Here is everything you need to know about the best couple costumes for Halloween. Couple’s costumes will add up to the spice of your romantic life with your loved one. This way, you can have fun with them while choosing to say no to anyone else. It will make you officially reserved for your love and them only.

Couple’s costumes also hype up the game as you don’t just get dressed up alone. You have the right person next to you to enjoy the party and act according to the character you dressed up. And if not dress up at all, you can sit with your couple and enjoy the night.

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