Best Anniversary Gifts for Your Husband in 2022

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Is it your first anniversary and you don’t know what to gift your husband?

Do you want to rekindle the spark in your married life?

Are you looking for a lovely gift to give to your husband?

If that is what you are probing for, then your search is over. Choosing a gift for your husband might be confusing, but we have your back. Here, we will tell you what type of gifts you can buy for your husband according to their interests, nature, and lifestyle.

So stay tuned to the last because we might make this your best anniversary.

Buying Guide for the Best Anniversary Gifts for Husband in 2022

If this is your first anniversary or you have already had many parties, you must have one question: What next? So let us first see what you are looking for your husband to make sure that this gift attaches a string to his heart.

Here we have what you should be looking for before buying the best anniversary gifts for your husband.

Year of Anniversary

This may be your first anniversary as a couple, and you need to keep the standards high. Having just a little party won’t be enough (if you prefer to be social). However, if you have spent many years together and want a better celebration than the rest, you must raise the bar.

Whatever your year of the anniversary is, you must search for the right surprise anniversary gifts for husband according to the anniversary year. You might not wish to repeat the same present that you gave given last time. Or maybe give a gift that you first gave to your husband to relive old memories.

An Expression of Love

Remember that this gift is an expression of your love, so it must be up to the mark. ‘Action speaks louder than words,’ and this is the time to prove that. When you are saying that you love your soul mate, you will not just give him anything that you saw and picked.

Same as you won’t expect just anything on your anniversary, you must give something that expresses your love to him. It could even be a sentimental note attached with a gift. Whatever you give, it should represent your affection.

Preference if the Husband

You must remember that the gift that you are buying is for your husband and not a hidden gift for you. With this, we mean that the sole purpose of this gift should be for your husband. So you need to get a gift that will be loved by him even if you do not adore it so much.

You should be selfless while buying the first anniversary gift for husband. This gift should bring a genuine smile to his face when he sees it. When you see him loving it, you will start liking it too.

Importance in their Life

Anniversary gifts are to be memorable and meaningful. It should be paramount in both your as well as your husband’s life. There should be a meaning added to their life when they receive it.

You might be aware of something precious to your husband, and due to some circumstances, he had lost it. Well, it is time to bring that important element back to his life. The same object is not necessary. You can also get its replica and gift it to your husband.


The best anniversary gift for your husband should be memorable in your life. It should be something that you talk about every time someone mentions it.

It should hold some profound memories, which can be done if you attach a handwritten note or even a love letter. You can even prepare a short speech that you can give with the best anniversary gift for husband so that it cherishes in both of your memories for eternity.


If you plan to buy a cliché gift, you can change its style to make it look different. Or you can even bring a completely different object at once. Purchasing a stylish gift for your husband might add to your value in his life. He might have been thinking about it for a long time, and now you have brought it for him.

Styling is not for kids, and now is the time you prove it. With passing years, your love is growing stronger. So style your life that way by adding new ornaments in the form of gifts on your wedding anniversary.

Eradicate Monotony

A black shirt? Look it in a different pattern. A new wallet? Try a new design or fabric. Or even any tiny object that usually strikes your mind to find a new look of it. Monotony leads to a decrease in productivity, and dynamism is essential.

Now your husband might be into new looks, or he might prefer to stay the same. But a change is always good. So you can maybe change colors, fabric, design, size, shape, or even a scent. When you change even the tiniest of detail, there might be a new way to look at things.

A Gift that Adds to Fun

There are numerous opportunities to give meaningful and intellectual gifts. Still, you can add a little spark to your wedded life. You can gift them something fun and exciting too. This can be anything that can make him smile, apart from the emotions.

With a funny romantic anniversary gift husband, we do not mean that you pull some jokes on your husband. It can be one way to do it if you are Blake Lively to your Ryan Reynolds. But if he is reserved, do not try it. Instead, gift him a fun object like mysterious bracelets or even tickets to some cool place.


Just like your marriage, your gifts should also be durable. You would not wish to promise a forever and then your “gift” breaking within a week. That will be super ironic. Instead, when you take another vow of staying together, attach with durable first-year wedding anniversary gifts for your husband that do not break.

Durable gifts can be anything that you are buying, but with better quality. Just don’t accept presents that were on for sake but not sure from where. Look for quality checked gifts that can last longer and be useful for a long time.

Every Day Use

You might be wondering what gifts would your husband like. He might not want anything right now or maybe has already got what he has been talking about for a long time. If you think that there is nothing left that can be bought, you are mistaken.

You can get anything that will improve his everyday life. Starting from the morning coffee, if he has to make his coffee on his own, why not gift him a coffee maker?

Think practically and find ways to save his morning time. This will help him in time management and even relax his tight schedule.


If your husband loves to try new dishes or explore new places, then you know what his type is. He loves to get new stuff and work with a new kind of people. So he might as well love to have a unique gift.

Same old anniversary gifts might seem boring to this person. He would really love to have something different and unique. You can go for something that might make him want to explore more about it or even take it to his office: it could be anything you know will not be a waste and make a useful object to him.


If we know anything about grown men, it is that they like to follow minimalism. Not us suggesting that you should get rid of the furniture and sleep on the floor. But men really want to keep clutter away. So when you buy the best first-anniversary gift for your husband, you must purchase something useful.

It will be useful if you do not buy momentum that will only be kept at some corner eating dust. It could be a machine or even the new play station game that would actually be loved by your husband. Anything that you buy should be useful to him rather than add to more non-useful objects at your home.

FAQs for the Best Anniversary Gifts for Husband in 2022

What gifts do men like?

Men are pretty simple and do not demand much. They don’t complain about anything much and adjust to whatever they have. So the gifts that you might like to buy for your man should be pretty straightforward, just like his life.

Think about something that he has been talking about and mentioned in a few conversations. He would really love to have that as the best anniversary gift from his wife now. Or maybe even something that you know is an updated version of what he already has. You can even buy him something that you think he might like as an add-on to your gifts.

What to get a man who wants nothing?

Now you may have slipped into the conversation something that your husband might like, but he has denied it every time. If this is your husband, too, then you need not worry. Men often say that they want nothing just to avoid any problems for you.

If your husband does not want anything, get him something that he needs. He might have been complaining about any item or service once or twice. So pay attention to what he really needs and not wants, and you might know what to buy for him then.

How can I surprise my husband on our anniversary?

There are various ways to amaze your husband and spoil him with a good treat. But when it is done confidentially, it just adds to the fun. So if you are planning for a surprise anniversary party, we will help you out.

Let us begin with his favorite dish. Make it. Then remember something that he has been complaining about for a long time now. Well, now is the time to change that and surprise him. You can also buy him anything that you feel would make his life better. Combine everything together and have a fantastic party.

How can I make my anniversary special?

Anniversaries are an annual event, and you must not wait to complete a decade to have a beautiful one. If you actually have completed a decade of your anniversary, isn’t it the time you were waiting for?

Special anniversaries have nothing nonchalant like every year. This time, everything needs to be different. Starting from the venue to the first year wedding anniversary gifts for husband. Every little thing should have an essence of specialty in it. And it does not even have to be too expensive. Anything you have done with love and affection will shine thousands of times more than just money and no love.

How can I celebrate my anniversary online?

Your husband might have gone to an urgent meeting abroad and did not get the opportunity to celebrate your anniversary together. This should not stop you from throwing an anniversary party at all. You can have an anniversary party online and give the romantic anniversary gift husband to him once he is back.

Just know the time when he will be free and set up a camera to contact him online. Also, call a few family members over so that he can see them from a far distance and still be glad. Arrange the party like you would have if he were there. Buy the best anniversary gifts for him and give them when he comes back.

What is the surprise gift for the husband?

Video Transcript:

Hi everyone what is up hoped you guys are having an amazing day so far if you are new here welcome my name is Jessie aka rebel aka sassy girl whatever you wanted to call me so anyway as you guys have read in the title I’ll show you guys my gift is on the rate for our anniversary tomorrow is actually our anniversary filming it today he’s at school right now which is perfect he goes to school at night and I go to school in the morning so you know we kind of like miss each other a little bit I don’t know if he misses me but we fight all the time I can’t believe we survived for many years it’s been a very rough road and we are this close of like really you know breaking up.

I don’t know maybe I’m just a psycho maybe I don’t know so anyway every gift that I got for him this is nothing really crazy it’s just like purely fun obviously if I have the money in the world I would buy him a car but until then this is what I can afford right now and I really think that he will like these gifts because this is based on his personality and his style and Yatta Yatta Yatta I just think that he will use it okay if not no he has Susak because there’s no way.

I’m gonna return these items so let’s go ahead and start I hope you guys are fine with it if I don’t share where I got it because Johnny watches my videos and I am not comfortable for him to like know the prices of all of the items that I am gonna show to you guys today okay so let’s go ahead and start so first I got him this really nice shirt that’s terrible what time the first time I saw this I was like that is freaking hilarious I think this is something that he would really wear it during the holidays just to you know he’s like a funny guy John he’s like a funny guy.

But I think I’m funnier he has a good personality but says here that’s a terrible idea what time I got this size medium I’m supposed to get this size small but they ran out of sizes I think a lot of people buy in that store and it’s like a store that has like a lot of statement shirts and I think that this is pretty cute I got it anyway because the make of this one I have like a strong feeling that if you wash this it’s gonna shrink a little bit but yeah this is the first item and then the second item is another shirt and it says now this one is a size small it says here.

I oh my gosh I’m just here for the fish again holidays are coming up I think this would be pretty hilarious and it’s black it’s gonna go along well with a lot of you know his clothing or the bottom or like the pants that he has already so I have thought about that as well before I even buy these items you know something to match what he haul.

What he already had what he already has so I think that is pretty cool and this is not super thick it’s not super thin I think you know it’s just a nice piece of cloth and but I can tell though like the quality it’s not like a hundred percent cotton or anything like that so I’m just going to fold it on the side these are crafted bags okay and these are I think this is six pieces – Eve – yeah this is six pieces you have like three shades of blue right over.

Here I think it’s pretty cool so I’m gonna set this on the side so the next item that I got for him is this really ginormous water bottle I think it is freaking cute says here BPA free which I do not know what that means but I will find out I mean I don’t give it’s not mine but I only bought this because it’s so super cute please agree with me okay and I even like triple check this if it’s in good quality or not like this one if it really closes like super tightly and it does actually and I think people would only buy this just so because it’s cute but you know.

What I think this is really its real water and if you look a little really buckshot so yeah I got this and I think it’s just super cool I love it I actually want one for myself but there’s no pink so yeah I thought it would be a really cool idea if I get him one of these because when he goes to school he would always use like um I think the equivalent of that tumbler is like a glass and a half of water and I think that is not enough I love water so much and that’s just gonna be like one book but for me you know so let me show you the other.

I think out of everything this is the only one that will not fit the paper bag but let’s hope and pray but uh just by the look of it I don’t think you will fit so I’m gonna figure that out let me go ahead and grab it the next item that I got for him should I call this jogger pants okay it’s like I don’t know it’s what guys wear okay to like it’s like jogger pants I think it’s what you call it I don’t know I love fashion but I have no idea what do you call like men’s pants but it kind of looks like jogger pants but it is very stylish no John ray he doesn’t really.

I don’t know he doesn’t buy clothes for himself but I know what he likes though he likes these really nice soft type of clothing that’s the reason why I got him this and I know for a fact that he’s a size small because he is skinnier than me like it drives me nuts so that’s that I think it is really cute as well do you guys agree I know some guys like love wearing like you know jeans but uh Jean Marie loves these so that’s what I got for him.

And then next I have another jogger pants don’t get mad at me okay all right so John Ray’s favorite color is gray got him to eat green pants as well this is in the size small and this is also fashionable I know it’s like you know more of like jogging pants but like I really think it’s really nice and fashionable this is something that he can wear outside I really love these for him too he loves.

These and I love these for him too because I always wear leggings like leggings is my like if you see me wearing pants that are like it rarely happens as I can definitely count the genes that I have really like five I don’t have a lot of genes but if you ask me how many leggings I have I probably have like more than 50 I’m not even lying and some of them if they are not in my closet anymore it means like the crotch part is done it’s gone it’s open and even if you sew.

It not gonna you know like probably because the leggings that I buy is just like five bucks but I really do have like good leggings as well but yeah speaking of leggings I need to buy more like things because that’s those are the only ones that I really really love to wear it’s a good thing that leggings right now they have like different designs but yeah so the next thing that I got for him is actually shoes and this is from the brand Adidas huh I really like it I think the reason why I bought this is because again his favorite color is grey I bought this for him.

Because I think it is elegant and it will go along well with a lot of clothes it’s not hard to pair with but I think the only difficult part with these shoes is that you know to keep them really nice and clean so that’s gonna be the challenge for him he’s probably gonna hate me for this because I got him like a white wine but then again it’s a gift you can’t really choose you to know it does work that way and then lastly guys I got him a wallet now I really love this wallet just so because it already comes in ECAM so it kind of looks fancy but not really it’s from the RAM.

Levi’s and this is what it looks like again his favorite color bray and I was actually supposed to pick like the brown one because it’s like super classy and I saw the gray one and I was like oh I like that it’s different I speaking for like Wally I need a new wallet too but um maybe in the future because if I’m gonna buy a wallet I want to buy like a wallet that I know that is probably like not really signature but like I want it to be like super special because when do you buy a wallet girl you don’t find wallet all the time not unless you’re what Paris Hilton or whatever Kardashian but this is what it looks like it has a lot of card pockets right over here some.

Wallets that they have it kind of has like a plastic that you insert and then you put some of the cars over there I didn’t end up choosing that because we already know like if that slips up it’s the end okay so this is what I picked for him it’s nice because it kind of has this really nice denim inside look it’s super nice and I’m so excited to give this to him just so because I don’t know maybe I’m the only one that likes all of these things but I don’t know I think you will like it because I give it to him so I’m going to go ahead and try to put all of these in the bag right now.

Oh No it’s glued at the bottom damn one paper bag down guys okay we’re gonna tape that doesn’t worry we’re gonna tape that everything’s under control okay you know what it is a good thing that I have these they kind of like want to tape it but like not really causes it’s gonna look ghetto so what I’m gonna do is that I am going to wrap the gift with this so even if there is like a tiny little wall here can’t really see what’s inside guys.

So I was able to fit it in for paper bags I think this is good so that I can use the rest of the other paper bags for this upcoming holiday so that is pretty much it thanks to you guys so much for watching and if you like these types of videos make sure you subscribe to my channel I can’t wait to film more videos for you guys thank you guys for all of your patience thank you guys for always being here and for always supporting me and I’ll see you on the next video bye.

How can I surprise my husband at home?

Video Transcript:

Good morning everybody happy I have no idea it’s the 17th today and it’s like week three like week two of locked down the second lot down in the UK and we’re going strong we’re doing good by the time this video goes up I think hopefully there would be an announcement saying that like lockdown’s gonna be finishing hopefully there’s no extension but who knows whatever is best for everyone’s safety but I hope you’ll keep him well today it’s gonna be just me vlogging so it’s the 17th of November 2022 which means me and my boyfriend have been together for a year don’t know where that year has gone but yeah it’s our anniversary it’s our first anniversary together.

So I’ve planned a few little cute things wanted to vlog it because I want to show you guys what I’ve planned because if lockdown does carry on I feel like some of these plans are cute for lockdown because they’re like contactless things you’ll understand as we go along but basically I’ve got a couple of companies working with me and me that we don’t have to interact at all for them to help me but like I said you’ll see as we go along but yeah I’m really excited to surprise him I’ve actually sent him out this morning so we are currently living together because you might have seen you might have not my nan has moved so we’re currently in the house just us two until the new people.

Who is buying this house move in I think we’ll probably be here to like Christmas but that’s another story for another day so I’ve sent him out brett nelly I didn’t warn him and I was like can you just like go for a run or go to the shops just can you just give me a couple of hours this morning which again very hard because I look down but it’s because of the things I’ve got planned and I just needed the morning to kind of do my thing you know I just it’s a surprise if he’s here it’s not a surprise so he’s out and yeah I actually need to go out in a sec and pick up my first surprise which is some cakes and I am probably gonna not running like so I need to have some breakfast.

And I also wanted to show you I just got an order from my vitamins with some top-ups and some new stuff that I’ve been loving so I’m going to show you that because by the time this video goes up they are having a massive black Friday sale and our discount code is sid and l I will leave all the information on the screen and down below and that code will get you 62 off so I’m going to show you some of my favorite bits in case you have no idea what you want to get from their website but you know by now we love their stuff I eat their collagen pancakes all the time it’s one of my favorite breakfasts and now I actually have a little my vitamins like tablet um pot you know.

When you have it all laid out kind of thing so I’ve actually just been decanting my new pots because I was running out anyway so this is what I do and the red ones are the oh I want to show you so the red ones are the multivitamin gummies they are my fave a current new fave so a current new fave is this spray you spray it into your mouth and like it says it contributes to the reduction of fatigue and it’s a vitamin d spray and I feel like in the winter we all need a top-up of vitamin d so this is one of my favs I got a new one of that and then what else the little.

Yellow gummies are vitamin d3 the white ones are coconut and collagen you know I love them so much and then and then the white one is zinc which a lot of females actually like so that little tablet dispenser pot you know will come in handy I needed one of them and obviously like I said one of the best things you can get from my vitamins is the collagen pancakes they are my favorite they’re Elle’s favorite and don’t miss out on the Black Friday deals it’s the best chance to try new things I think so all information down below I’ll leave a link to their website let us know.

What you get but anyway I need to make my breakfast and run out the door and go pick up these cakes and yeah I’m hoping today might give some of you guys some ideas for date nights or just surprises even for your friends I don’t even have to be for a boyfriend or girlfriend I literally want to plan the things I’m doing today with the girls when we’re allowed to all see each other so yeah you have to let me know how you think I do today but anyway I need to crack on seriously that’s why I run behind because I talk so much okay so I’m at the back of my house I’m going to open the window but I’m not gonna say anything because the man’s down there I think I can’t even see but um I wanna show you what’s going on see if you guys can make any guesses and then.

Once I come back from getting the cakes we’ll see a bit more progression in an empty bedroom right now the perks of moving so if it’s echoey sorry the sunlight is beautiful today but let me give you a sneak peek who knows what’s going on who knows hello my baby oh guys look how cute my daughter is a lot of you are asking my dolly’s going dolly will be living with my nan um her place is a lot more animal friendly and a lot more spacious so I’m gonna be a part-time mom but you love living with nanny don’t you oh my baby, okay another sneak peek quickly from downstairs outside it’s exciting so I was gonna drive to get the cakes but look who pulled up there.

Yeah down here first left and then hold on turn left close no down this next one about to pick up the cupcakes let me see where she lives and I said nan was popping in and she pulled up and basically my car was brought in on the drive anyway from the guy that stands up in the garden so nun said you take me just around the corner I need number thirteen somebody lives around here but can’t wait to see the cakes I’m so excited now this is the same girl that made trees cake very good very very very good not just saying honestly.

We were eating this cake for lay’s tastes so good maybe I’ll get a Christmas to treat and he said oh my god that’s so cute I’ve got nancy guys all right ready look how cute they are open oh my god that is lovely how cute are they so nice they’re gorgeous see it’s nice for someone like that maybe I could send them to everyone for Christmas yeah literally this is such a good idea this is who makes the cakes for meum this isn’t gifted by the way but um she’s such a cutie and makes the best cakes and honestly aren’t they so yummy they look gorgeous.

They are so good that’s nice and so local it’s yet such a good gift but um that’s why I’m doing this video now because I’m saying if you’re in lockdown you can still do cute little gift ideas can’t you even though we’re limited she doesn’t post them you can’t send them through the post-Delaware they get squashed in there no they’d have to do something else you can get like couriers though so I guess if you forgot how much that would cost now I’m heading home and the next delivery I’ve never said this year is gonna be a balloon delivery and I’m gonna have like.

You know like we did for your birthday lets balloons on the ceiling but I’m gonna have to do it all in the kitchen but it’ll be like you walk through to the kitchen through to the garden like a Christmas winter wonderland he has a lot to compete with, to be honest, he has no idea and I think he feels a bit out of his depth yeah right but let’s go home and see where my garden guy’s up to right the balloons have just been delivered and one’s already floated all the way up here so I need to we’ll be able to get that I need to lay them all out and then I’ll show you what’s going on but let’s try and reach this one so over the top these are actually really big.

That’s good because I originally was like can I have 40 to 50 and they were like that’s a lot so I was like oh okay maybe 30. Right let me put them in and I’ll show you, okay guys, I’m pretty sure it’s all in place and it looks so cute oh my god honestly it is not hard to make a little bit of effort if you feel like your relationship needs a little bit of a spark ready so this is what my kitchen is looking like so I have some sealing balloons and then I have these oh my goodness it’s so cute and then this balloon is from Sophie so cute so this is like her family run business and she’s a friend of mine and she threw this one in for me so cute and then.

I went for black white and gold this is kind of the theme that I did for his birthday I’ll put a picture of what we did for his birthday last year this was his birthday was literally two days before we went into our first lockdown we literally just I’m pretty yeah so the Friday feels like Friday the 20th of March we had a booking in London to stay in a hotel and we got to go there but that night they shot all restaurants so we had a book in at hakkasan it got canceled.

Um, we had his birthday party the next day that got canceled the day before so bless him the boy needs um some fuss, and then this little setup here I have the beautiful cakes stunning little cards and then I put some of our little snaps all around which are just recent ones randomly and then our favorite chocolate and then done you think I’m done I’m not done okay so this is my kitchen and then you know we had something going on in the garden oh my goodness I have a dome in my garden let’s go inside because it is unbelievable.

Oh my god guys this is gonna look a thousand times better later because we’ve got the little candles we got some prosecco we have the big screens we’re gonna watch some movies tonight and it’s actually perfect because we’re moving so the telly downstairs our big telly isn’t actually there anymore we’ve only got my little iPad well my iPad’s quite big but not compared to tele and then we have all the seats this is so so cute so this was kindly gifted by wow-factor weddings honestly they came around and set up this morning best job ever and he has no idea.

I think he’s gonna walk through the kitchen and he’s gonna think like the balloons and that and I think he’s gonna be like you’re so dramatic because I’ve been like make sure you don’t come back you’re gonna ruin everything and it’s like that balloon is cute but like it’s ballooned he has not got clue to look so the companies that have very kindly helped me today are wow-factor weddings I’ll put the Instagram on screen as well they did the dome outside for me I have hot party balloons which help me with my balloon arrangement and also cakes by the wonderful let me get Instagram right live bluff underscore cakes her thing is live for cakes which.

I think is so cool but I’m so excited to see what he thinks he thinks I’m over the top as it is but you gotta be got makeup first it’s our first year together and nan’s actually left absolute present which is so cute look I’m not gonna I’m gonna open it on the side so he’s gonna think he’s got a present I haven’t actually got him a present this is his gift no Jacob all this is his gifts but I will try and prop the camera up and show you his reaction like I said I think he’ll come into the kitchen and think this is it so we’ll see and yeah I hope maybe this has given you some inspo for little cute date night ideas like all this can be done that doesn’t have to be for locked down I think this was perfectly fit for lockdown but can do this whenever so excited I honestly.

Cannot wait to watch a film in there later we’ve actually got it for two nights I’ve just found that as well so I’m gonna rinse it literally I’m a Netflix queen and I might even try and see if I can get one tree here in there and watch it like all day tomorrow okay set the camera up and I’ve got him on fine friends so I can see he’s here you think I’m crazy look no come on and take it all in first okay right hang on my presentation yeah that’s from there they can tell you that uh car shops are not essential because.

I was stressing out trying to I had to get that from Vietnam in your card right that’s your card okay and then you’ve got oh my god my character says I love you to look at the cakes how cute wait do you think I’m done close your eyes close your eyes give me your hands I hate this Jesus oh god come on we don’t have to sleep in there either how good it’s actually cozy I know and we put the fire on it gets really hot in there it’s hot in there earlier yep we’re gonna get a takeaway later in here would you love it happy first Annie it’s only gonna get.

Better take it back you said you hope it’s not a tent wait I’ll bring my PlayStation in there and at night you can turn on these on those fairy lights and you turn all these on and he was like and make sure you look at it from above we need to go up to nan’s room yeah and then look down and it looks like an um like an igloo you’re crazy how good did I win okay so we just wanted to have a little moment together and open all the cards and everything properly so he’s just showering now but one card every month we’ve been together cutest idea ever I feel like I have I seen this idea I feel like it’s quite smart from him so 12 envelopes and every single one has.

A month in it, for example, this is September and oh I’ll give you one example they’re very cute this is September when we spent a week in paradise when I realized that holiday review is better than a holiday in Ibiza they are honestly how cute there’s so many I can’t quite honestly and there are some beautiful pink roses I love very good so much so this is a little insight to our anniversary obviously limited with what we can do today we’re just going to chill and have a good day together and then I’ll show you the pod later when it’s all dark and lit up you’ve had such a lovely day and now he’s picking very slowly his dedicated Instagram post to our Annie it’s taking a while but we’ve laid out some piggies and this is the collage give it away it’ll be.

Up by the time this video is up but while you’re doing that while you’re deep deep deep in thought I’m gonna go upstairs and I’m gonna show the aerial view of the pod because it’s dark now and I’ve not even seen it from upstairs yet so I’m excited oh my god winter wonderland I can’t believe it I am blown away it’s so beautiful look how dark the world is and then my garden I smashed it someone’s loving they’re present more than I anyway just say someone’s enjoying it more than I am all the time in here um we are eating ours.

Takeaway did you tell them what we got uh nah so we’ve got nana’s pizza I’ve got risotto prawn and crab well you got just like a meatball pasta quite plain but the best part is garlic bread hang on let me show you that it’s nice it looks boring but it’s so good and then we’ve just put on the film that we’ve chosen the film we want to watch we’ve been saying we want to see this episode on coming away we’ve seen it when it says come out but we want to re-watch it birds of prey and the fantabulous anticipation of one Harley Quinn can you take that.

I’m also in my pj’s loving life and cassis still in his jeans not quite sure how he’s got compound that but yeah we’re gonna finish our food watch a film he’s gonna go put some whatever boys wear his pajamas on and that is gonna be our night wrapped have you had a good anniversary look down day right now you got done yourself I wasn’t I was expecting something but not yes you think I did well really have you been bragging to your friends, yeah but next year I’m gonna have to go harder so game on really and I had all this done within like lockdown restrictions so I reckon that’s an extra four points oh I’ll bear that in mind next year okay so anything.

You do next year like I’ll have to think um but did he have a pandemic in the way, by the way, it’s a little bit out of focus sorry about that but it is the end of the night and I didn’t think I’d make a full vlog out of this but we’ve managed it let me just see if I can focus slightly there we go hope you enjoyed this video I hope it gave you a little bit of inspiration if you’ve got something coming up even if you just want to have a girls night it’s a great idea and please don’t think that you can’t do this in the winter isn’t it warm in here it’s hot in here we might.

Even have to turn the heating off because obviously, you’re in a plastic bubble so the heat stays in but loving life in the bubble kind of don’t want to give it back would love one of these permanently, and my god, and when I’m older joining ship the kids off to the bubble that would be fun you’ve been naughty go sit in your bubble I’d want myself though yeah have a mommy’s bubble daddy’s bubble kid’s bubble anyway goodnight guys thank you for watching and subscribe if you enjoyed giving this video a thumbs up we’ll see in our next video and I’ll miss you in this video um we’ll see you soon bye.


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