Best Bed Frame for Sexually Active Couples in 2022

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Are you tired of the squeaking noise of your bed while having sex?

Want a new bed frame that can fulfill your sexual needs?

Don’t want your neighbors to know about your privacy at bed?

Everyday noises from the bed have always been a complaint from the couples’ side regarding having sex. Thus, choosing the right frame is necessary for satisfactory sex and maintaining privacy even from the family members. Therefore, we have some thoughts that will help you decide on the best bed frame for sexually active couples. Let’s go through it.

Quick Comparison on 10 Best Bed Frame for Sexually Active Couples in 2022

Buying Guide for the Best Bed Frame for Sexually Active People in 2022

The buying guide here will help you know the specs you should look for in your new decided bed frame. So, let’s grab your eyes at it.


Being sexually active, will you go for the bed frames which won’t last long? Definitely NO! Thus, we will let you know about the different materials of bed frames that would best suit your sexual desires on the bed. Usually, there are two types of bed frames available, i.e.,

  • Wood
  • Metal

If your primary purpose is to sleep on the bed, you can go for any of them. There is no special consideration required. But for the sexually active couples, you need a perfect recommendation. With examining both the materials thoroughly, you cannot pick the correct one too.

What you need to refer the first is the durability of the material. Being sexually active most of the time, the bed frame would experience lots of shakes that need to be absorbed. Otherwise, there are chances that it would get damaged sooner than the warranty period’s finishing. So, be it wood/ metal or wood and metal bed frame both, whichever is sturdy and durable for a longer time, will be the best for your nights.


Sexually active people have a desire to do sex in every unique way. So they require the right amount of space, which isn’t available in mini beds. Thus, a double-sized bed is highly needed. It can give you the best sexual experience and enough space to sleep or rest. However, if you can get a much large bed frame, it would be better. After all, a larger area means more sexual plays to be performed. However, your convenience also matters a lot. You can prefer the size you desire or get one specially designed from the known manufacturers too.

Heaviness or Weight

While having your pleasure time on, it won’t be pleasing to hear the scratchy sound every time your bed will shake. Well, do you want to let your other room members know you are having sex? It is better to purchase the bed frame, which is heavy and can hold a fair amount of weight. It would be perfect for finding out about the weight as soon as your seller says, ‘Well! The frame is lightweight. You can pick it up yourself.’ Hearing this statement, you leave the chosen frame better as it doesn’t match your need.


You will find bed frames in different designs and colors. It is all upon you, which types of bed bases you want to choose. You can get the bed frames in king-sized bed designs and even queen-sized bed designs. Others can be tall legs, while some will have short legs. So, a perfect plan as per your mattress and your room’s structure can be chosen easily.


For sexually active couples, the durability of the bed frame matters most of all. While searching, there would be many times that you will find the right kind of bed frame, but what you would lack will be its durability. This is the biggest issue in wooden frames. Due to pressure and weight, there are instances when the wooden slats get collapsed, which were used to support the pressed wood.

On the contrary, when it comes to metal frames, they are the best. They aren’t affected by the climate and also the weight of the people or any additional force. However, if you think that you both together don’t weigh much, then you are wrong. It’s true that one bed your weight won’t matter, but during the sexual activity, the pressure applied adds on to the weight, which may affect the bed frame in some time.


The type of wood used or steal used determines the quality of the bed frame. When you are using the bed frame for one single purpose, and that is sex, the quality you need is enhanced bed frames for heavy couples. After all, you would have never dreamt of your bed’s legs breaking while having fantastic sex. Thus, you should thoroughly go through the quality of the bed frame you have decided for yourself.

Free from Noise

Want to let your partners know about your sexual time? To protect yourself from such an awkward situation, you should definitely go for the best noise free bed frame. This is a must need, especially if you are living in a joint family or apartment. There are numerous bed frames available with the noise-free feature, but some fail the test in reality. And then, you regret your decision when you hear your bed’s noise be louder than your moan. So, how to know which bed frame is noise-free in real? Let’s help you.

You should try finding the bed frames which come with foam padded slats. These types of slats work best to reduce any noise movement made. Apart from it, what you can consider is the anti-slip material of the frame’s legs. The bed frame isn’t able to move with it, so it can’t make enough noise.

Protection by Anti-slip Mattress

Sex is something where you and your partner may undergo some vigorous activities, some of which may face the bed’s falling mattress situation. But that doesn’t mean you will never have sex again. The mattress now comes with anti-slip technology.

This protection keeps the mattress intact in its desired place. It prevents them from falling and creating an embarrassing situation for the couple while having sex or sleeping in an undesired position. Many mattresses come with wrapped material to prevent slipping, while others have a lip placed at the frame’s edge. However, some beds available are the ones that do not have anything as anti-slip protection. So, be aware of it while you choose one for yourself.

Headboard and Footboard

If you are willing to have an attached headboard and footboard on your bed frame, make sure, they aren’t connected loose. The boards that aren’t connected securely can make enough noise while putting pressure on the bed through squeezing or swaying. Also, you have to ensure that their placing has to be at a distance from the wall as while having sex, it may hit the wall hardly even though it was an accident.


Warranty plays a significant role in such products to be purchased. It is not because you can exchange the product, but because the warranty products are mostly right and guarantee customer satisfaction. So, if you can find the desired bed frame under the warranty period, then it’s the best thing. Otherwise, you can go for the bed frames of a known brand.

Should It Be Expensive or Not?

Well, in bed frames, the quality ones are pretty expensive for your pocket. However, you shouldn’t worry at all. Many brands are offering bed frames at a marginal price, looking after the income of the purchasers. But, if you aren’t satisfied with the quality of the marginal priced ones, you can go for the expensive bed frames. They will not only fulfil your desired need but also offer the quality that will be superb.

Top Variants for the Best Bed Frame for Sexually Active People in 2022

Choosing the bed frame alone can be tricky for you. So, we are here to help you. Look at the following bed frames, and then go for similar structures for your final choice.

1. ZINUS SmartBase Zero Assembly Metal Platform Bed Frame– (Best sturdy bed frame for active couple )

Best sturdy bed frame for active couple Here we have a superb option for those who want to experience daily sex at a comfy bed. Well, our choice here isn’t for exactly a bed frame, but for SmartBase, which fulfills the need for the box spring.

You won’t require a headboard with it, and this sturdy bed frame for active couple is just a perfect bed if you are looking only for sex. But don’t worry, we know you might be thinking about its sturdiness. Although you might not check its hardness and durability online, we can assure you of its accuracy with our personal experience.

Further, as we said that there is no need for the spring box, it is correct. It’s because of the platform of the bed frame. This sturdy king bed frame is quite durable and hard, after which you won’t require using the box spring at all. You can easily relax your spring mattress or the memory foam on the platform offered. Okay! So, now you have known much about it. But the main thing still remains! What’s it? Well, it is the weight it can handle indeed! This bed frame has been able to handle about 1500 Lbs. to the maximum starting from 750 Lbs.


  • Assemble – No extra tools are required to assemble them.
  • Design – There comes a compatible format.
  • Types – This sturdy king size bed frame comes in different styles, like queen size or king size.
  • Protected Legs – The legs are protected with a plastic cover to avoid any scratching with the floor.

Customers Feedback:

I love this sturdy bed frame and simple bedframe! I purchased the mattress, bedding, rug, and lamps in the picture all from Amazon and I couldn’t be happier with all of it. The frame is really cool because it collapses down. In a matter of minutes, the frame is only 2 inches thick and can be carried out easily by one person. That would be great for home staging but I use it all the time. Totally worth the price and, if you shop strategically on Amazon, you can get a really high-end look for pennies on the dollar.

So I bought this sturdy king size bed frame with a bit of skepticism. I wasn’t expecting a very sturdy bedframe for the low cost BUT I am pleased to say this was a wise purchase! It does not squeak or make noise even if *ahem* a little woohooing is going on. There’s enough room under to fit the typical under the bed storage containers and putting it together was SO easy! I got the queen and it came as 2 twins to be set together. They unfold and fold back up for storage or easy moving which is great and even with my BeautyRest Euro Plush mattress, I have had zero troubles with the sturdiness of this frame. If you’re undecided — do eht!!!

2. AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame– (Best bed frames for active couples)

Best bed frames for active couples Just as you may need – a noise-free and comfortable bed frame is here in front of you. This frame is a rich quality manufactured bed frame with an ability to handle 250 pounds.

Though this frame is used by the sleepers, This best bed frames for active couples is so perfect for every sex couples. It comes with a full-sized platform specially designed to be noise-free, supportive, and quiet nights to the sleeper. It has enough space that is a must for the couples to play on their pleasure dreams and sleep peacefully utilizing the entire area.

Now, what special thing that comes in this best bed frames for couples is its ability to get folded easily. You can fold its other half to make portability a bit easy than before, especially in low spaced areas.


  • Spring box – There is no need for a spring box in this bed frame.
  • Size – It is a full-sized bed frame.
  • Additional Feature – The under-the-bed storage space is also available. Along with it, there lies the vertical clearance, which is 13 inches overall.
  • Accessories – No additional tools are required to set it up.
  • Material – This black metal bed frame queen is made up of highly durable steel.

Customers Feedback:

Came quickly and set up easily. You just unfold and you have a perfect platform for your mattress. It was easy to bolt them together to form a queen-sized bed. Due to our age, we no longer want a super-tall bed, so we opted not to put our boxed spring back under the mattress. This black metal bed frame queen provides great support and makes the bed the right height to to be able to sit on the edge of the bed to put on shoes, yet is high enough to easily get into and out of bed. It feels very sturdy – not cheap or flimsy! We have new hardwood floors, so I bought rubber feet to go under the legs for added protection.

It’s a great bed frames for couples overall. It works exceptionally well with the Milliard Tri Folding Mattress. A perfect solution for a guest. It’s much better than an airbed. As other reviewers mentioned, the mattress does slide a bit. So here is how to fix it. All you need is metal flat brackets, screws, nuts, and washers. All of that I bought on Amazon. The holes are already in the frame, so no drilling needed. Just attached the brackets to the frame and they will hold the mattress in place. When you need to fold the bed, you can simply fold them down. Please see the pics for references.

3. WeeHom Metal Platform Bed Frame– (Best full size metal bed frame)

Best full size metal bed frame In a princess bed, do you want to have kinky sex? If yes, then here we come with a twin-sized bed frame. This frame is manufactured with enhanced quality steel, which makes it durable and sturdy.

Further, this full size metal bed frame detailing is done in such a fantastic way. It is free from noise, stable, durable, and has an excellent holding capacity. When assembled, it has a detailing done on the headboard of the Victorian style. Further, the base platform is sturdy enough that no spring box is required.

And when we have to assemble it, this California king metal bed frame has clear and easy instructions for the same. Now, when we come to the under-bed storage. There is immense space available for the under-bed storage, so you can store any stuff in that area quickly.


  • Noise – It is free from making noises.
  • Size – It is a twin-sized bed.
  • Extra storage – The storage space is available under the bed.
  • Assemble – Its parts are easy to assemble.
  • Spring Box – The spring box isn’t required.
  • Material – This gold metal bed frame is made up of durable steel material.

Customers Feedback:

As a single mom with terrible joints, this california king metal bed frame was more difficult to assemble, my 13 year old daughter did help hold the metal level to assemble it easier. They give you an allen key and the flimsiest wrench to assemble to 20 something metal pieces, screws, nuts and washers. The allen key is great I’ve used many opening the oxygen tanks at the facility, the wrench you have to find the nut then hold it against the metal for leverage to spin the allen key around the screw. I love puzzles though so I laid everything out and put a number by it to access it better, it was kind of like putting together a giant 3d puzzle that hurts your joints if they are bad lol. But honestly great bed, tighten the screws in well in the right places and that baby is beautiful and sturdy.

We bought the gold metal bed frame in the twin size for our toddler. It is easy to assemble if you have put tother other furniture before. I assembled it by myself with toddler’s help. The instruction is understandable enough that you might make minor mistakes which are changeable. It’s sturdy and does not make any weird noise when my toddler and I played on the bed. I think it is a good bed frame on a budget. We store her toys under the bed and it helps the room looks so much cleaner and organized. I personally like the hight of this bed frame because you can see underneath and clean very easily. It’s not sleek because the knots and bolts are silver and bed is white so you can see the engineering part of the bed but it’s not ugly either. I think if your expectation is right, you will be happy with this bed frame.

4. Zinus Judy Upholstered Platform Bed Frame– (Best king size metal platform bed frame)

king size metal platform bed frameWe have a whole new better option from the brand, Zinus. They are offering the bed frame of the design, which is desired by many people nowadays. The most pleasing thing about it is that you complain regarding its friction or noise whether you have the kinkiest sex ever.

This king size metal platform bed frame is available in different styles, but we have chosen the queen size for you. Its headboard is constructed in an asymmetrical style with a grey color tone and a cozy look. It has foam padding, which adds more comfort and longevity to the bed.

Now comes the need for the spring box. This metal bed frame king is designed in such a way that it doesn’t demand the need for a spring box. You can easily place your mattresses on the platform offered. But remember, this twin bed is liable for holding about 350 Lbs of weight only. More weight will add to the noises made and more issues that will decrease your bed’s durability. The other styles offered in this bed may provide you with an opportunity to hold about 750 Lbs.


  • Assemble – All the parts and tools to be required are efficiently packed in a box. Thus, it is easy to assemble the bed frame.
  • Warranty – This bed frame comes with a 5-year warranty. So at some time, you don’t feel satisfied with the quality, give the structure for an exchange and get a new one.
  • Material – This king size metal bed frame comes with quality wooden slat support.
  • Sturdy – Its design is sturdy and stylish.

Customers Feedback:

My wife tells me there are fake reviews all over, so this one isn’t. I bought two of these beds because I was so impressed with the quality and assembly of the first. Assembly is ridiculously easy after 3 days of dreading. Instructions are perfect. Think opposite of ikea. The king size metal bed frame took me 45 mins, mostly tightening the Allen key bolts. The bed is very sturdy. The second bed I put together without the instructions. 20 mins. Zinus got this right. Visually looks stunning. If you’re thinking about it, it’s a great one. I did a lot of research. Got both queens at 209 + tax.

I bought the metal bed frame king for my son and his girlfriend. Their combined weight exceeds 600lbs. I was worried about the bed sagging or just not being stable enough. i bought a warranty on it just in case. However, it doesn’t look like I am going to need the warranty. This bed is great. It shipped in one heavy box. It was easy to setup. Most of the supplies is actually hidden within a hollow area within the headboard. This is a great idea for moving, too. The bed is sturdy. Slats are close together; there is a center support bar. The bed has been setup for 5 months with no issues. I would recommend this bed. The bed is modern and tasteful. Quality far exceeds the price.

5. zizin Queen Bed Frame for Box Spring Heavy Duty– (Best queen metal platform bed frame )

Best queen metal platform bed frame
queen metal platform bed frame

A very efficient bed frame has come up for you now. This bed frame is indeed the best choice for couples who are into sex every time. It comes with a 3000 Lbs weight handling system.

This much weight gives excellent support for the spring box. Though this queen metal platform bed frame has a heavy-duty, it is easy to assemble. The tools and every accessory is readily available with the product, and fixing it in position can be done within 10 minutes through the manual.

It comes with leg support of 9 legs, which gives it a sturdy look. This queen size metal bed frame is quite durable, and it is not easy to break it. Further, it is easy to port it when it comes to a parcel. You can carry this frame through the stairs up and down with zero difficulties.


  • Warranty – It comes with a 5-year warranty period.
  • Easy to Move – The frame is easy to move through the doors and stairs.
  • Storage – This queen size metal platform bed frame comes with a space of 6 inches under-bed storage.
  • Box Spring – You can use a box spring according to your need.
  • Style – It comes in different types of bed frame like a king, full, and queen beds.

Customers Feedback:

What can I say about this black metal bed frame queen. Just unbelievable best money we ever spent on a frame. Had other frames that we’re steel and bad way to much for them to break and bend when you make love lol. But not this one it’s really sturdy and I love that it has 9 legs. It’s really easy to move when you need to move it around your room. It only took me an 1 1/2 to put it together because I didn’t read the instructions like I was supposed to. But hey guys don’t really like reading instructions lol. But seriously a great buy.

This queen size metal bed frame was a unique bed frame (queen size) and was an interesting take on what a standard bed frame would be. It comes as a bunch of shorter pieces and the legs actually screw in to solidify the frame. Works quite well. The width is adjustable (for about 1″) so you can really snug up the box spring. Only very minor complaint: the center legs on the frame seem to be perfect “midnight toe obstructions” as they are right on the outside edge of the frame..but it’s just going to take some quick learning to remember where to put your feet when climbing into bed. If you ever had to disassemble the frame, it’s quite compact compared to a standard frame.

FAQs of Best Bed Frame for Sexually Active People in 2022

How to stop a bed from squeaking during sex?

Preventing the squeaking sound during sex is quite essential. It not only ruins the mood but also interrupts the privacy of the couple. So, there are a few tips that help you prevent the sound. First, you can adjust the mattress. When the mattress's pressure points are disturbed, it starts making an unusual sound. So, it becomes mandatory to relocate them in no time. It can further affect the spring of the mattress.

Secondly, what you can go for is fixing the metal platform bed frame. You can tighten up the screws and nuts with the help of the screwdriver and make it suitable to use as it was before. Lastly, what thing that can be fixed is the box spring. Just as you have adjusted the mattress, you have to adjust the box spring to relocate the pressure points. If it's still making those irritating noises, you can either place a piece of wood or a book to stop the unnecessary sound.

Is Wooden or Metal bed frame better?

Well, the right bed frame can be chosen only if you know the purpose. If you want the bed frame for more sleep and less sex, you can opt for any bed frame, whether the wooden or the metal one. But if your primary purpose is just sex and less sleeping, we would suggest the metal bed frame full . Metal bed frames are durable as compared to wooden structures. They don't make noises other than the wood when it talks about the situation after a few years. But, when you talk about comfort, look, design, and style, then the wooden frame is the better option. Hence, it is all upon you what factor you will look for in your bed frame.

Are the metal bed frames comfortable?

You might think that the metal bed frames may not be comfortable as compared to the wooden frames. But you should know that they are equally comfortable. You might have been using the wood and metal bed frame over the years, then you may not find the metal bed frames to be a perfect choice among them. However, if you wish to try them, they will not let you down. You can have your relaxed sleep and sex in them, adjust them in any way you want to, and lastly won't waste enough time to get assembled.

Should I purchase the bed frame which can handle the right amount of weight?

If you are afraid of your bed's squeaking regularly, then this is the best thing you can do for. Although it might appear stupid to you, it's a superb option to go for. Try on purchasing the frame which can handle a fair amount of weight.As you know, sex requires pressure, which may affect the bed frame if it is more than the weight it can handle overall. If you want to be saved from this worst part, opt for this simple option.

Do all bed frames need a spring box?

Earlier all frames needed a spring box for better support of the mattress. As time is moving and technology is enhancing, there are bed frames available that do not need a spring box. They come in such a design that the mattress can relax peacefully on the offered platform.

How to Assemble a Queen Bed Frame?

Video Transcript:

Hey, guys, I’m Justin with our sleep guy calm today what I’m going to do is I’m going to show you how to assemble a queen size in the loose frame this is going to be your seven-legged frame which is important because you’re going to have seven points of contact to the ground a lot of frames are only going to have four or five so obviously seven is going to be a little bit better for the more supportive surface for your mattress as you can see I’ve already taken it out of the box and what we’re going to have we have three main pieces here where you’re going to have your set of support in your two side pieces.

How you’re going to brown the legs to see you just very easily just pop these on sometimes I like to flip this over and just call them down a little bit then we can open this up and the one thing about this is how you know you’re going to be into a queen-size it’s the farthest one out so you have your queen here your full here and your twin size here so it’s very simple that way and then we’re going to do this other side I already got the legs on here we’re going to pull this outcrop that in and if you watch I connect this you just find the little hole and there are pieces of steel.

Little knobs that pop out here and you just pull it tight locks into place so now we got that side completed you line this over here the better I know you can’t do it from that angle but you can see that I have that in place sometimes to be able to square the frame up what I like to do when I’m assembling these sometimes I go all the way to the wall thanks me easy and you’ll just square it up because sometimes when you put it together it will be shifted to the right or the left this just helps you square it up so then we’re going to be ready to pick one of the legs on so this is one it cut it’ll end legs that come in the middle and you’ll see when you have this frame nice and tight.

There’s a hole right in the top and you’re going to use this bolt where it goes through and we just screw that in there because it takes a minute to kind of find those threads but what you’re going to do that you just spin this leg to tighten you’re not going to need a tool for this you can tighten this down nice music same thing with this end each here to make sure this is tight across you can line that up you have a hole in there just pop that bolt in and tighten that up and when you hand tighten it and you’re actually using the leg you can just really wrench it down and make it nice and tight which is important now for the last piece you’re going to have this better support bar and you just line it up to the line that up here’s where you will need a tool now this one loop piece.

This is going to come from China so you’re going to use the ten it’s a metric system so you’re just going to use this wrench sometimes I would just suggest this using a just bull wrench or crescent wrench that might be easier for you you have this top bolt it slides it in this hole here very easy there is going to be a nut and washer on the bottom side and we’re just going to tighten that up just get it snug where it’s hand tightened here and take your wrench and just tighten that up you may not want it to tighten it as tight it can be until you get the bolt through the other side.

That way does need to just shift it or adjust it just a little bit it makes it easier and then we’re going to come back towards the end and we’ll tighten everything down one final time we got that washer on the bottom side you’ve got that nut just thread it on you can hear me tightening that take your rich like laughing down I know some of them you don’t have to use a wrench each which can be convenient but you know I got to tell you if you are using an actual bolt enough to really get this nice and tight it does help where the frame is it going to have any shifting.

Sometimes you’ll have this where it’s just floating on the inside that Center support beam and you know through up shifting your mattress or your frame you’re moving it around a room sometimes they can shift and they’ll start to thin because it’s not in there as tight as it should be so I actually think you know it’s a few extra steps when it takes a little bit more time but in the long run its actually an authentic lock your frame in place and have it nice and tight so there.

You have it this is your Maloof Stefan legged frame this is the assembly portion for the queen-size and it’s just as easy as that so for other information go to our sleep guy comm also go to this review page and we can have a nice written review for you for this frame and then some places where you can click over and buy a tilt thanks, guys have a great day.


Finding the best bed frame for sexually active couples will become easy for you now. But you should choose the frame wisely because it is mostly about having sex on that bed rather than sleeping. Thus, such structures differ a lot in every way. Apart from it, we know you can get the best frame for yourself—lastly, all the best for your purchase.

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